USSD Code for Loans in Nigeria

USSD Code for Loans in Nigeria 2023 (Get Instant ₦‎400k)

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Are you interested in knowing the USSD code for loans in Nigeria to borrow money online today?

The use of USSD codes for loans in Nigeria is now common. USSD codes aren’t just for sending money or purchasing airtime. Any phone in Nigeria can use USSD codes to acquire a loan.

USSD Codes, often known as “Short Codes” or “Quick Codes,” are communication tools that allow mobile phones to communicate with mobile network operator computers.

USSD codes are used to accomplish tasks such as mobile money, loading airtime and data, menu-based information services, location-based content services, and even network configuration.

It only requires a cellular network; there is no need for an internet connection, and it must be done from a phone number linked to a bank account.

As a result, we’ve created a list of USSD codes for loans in Nigeria and USSD codes for telecoms, banks, and other utility services available in Nigeria.


USSD Codes for Loans in Nigeria

USSD Codes for Loans in Nigeria

All hope is not gone for people who want to apply for a loan on their phone; with these USSD codes for loans, you don’t need a high-end phone like an Android or iPhone to apply; you may apply for a loan simply by dialing the lender’s Loan USSD number.

You can get loans using these USSD code loan services even if you have a basic or CDMA phone; all you need is a working SIM and a phone with signal/network connectivity.

Type the code into your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to apply for a loan via USSD. The following are some loan-related USSD codes in Nigeria:

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Mobile Banking USSD Code

• *322# Heritage Bank

• *822# Sterling Bank

• *533# Keystone Bank

• *326# Ecobank

• *945# Wema Bank

• *426# Diamond Bank

• *737*51*51# GTBank USSD loan code

• *779# Unity Bank

• *909# Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash loan

• *833# Polaris Bank

• *329# FCMB

• *901# Access Bank

• *120# Standard Chartered Bank

• *770# Fidelity Bank

• *826# Union Bank

• *966# Zenith Bank

• *919# UBA

• *894# First Bank

Mobile USSD codes for Loans

• *389*755# AB Microfinance bank loans

• *606*4# Mtn cash loan code

• *901*11# Access Bank Loans

• *322*1*04225701*Amount# Glo cash loan code

• *561# Airtel quick cash loan

• *322# Interswitch loan

• *561# Etisalat loan code

• *572*6# Accion MFB

• *329# FCMB loan code

• *322*6# Quickteller loan

• *737*51*51# GTBank’s loan code

• *322*6# Fairmoney loan USSD code

• *903# Aledin nano

• *329# FCMB loan code

• *903# Smart Airtel Cash loan

• *322*1*04359701*Amount# Paylater USSD Code for repayment

• *322*6# Ferratum loan code

Kwikmoney/Migo Loan USSD Codes

• Dial *561*1*1*1# to get a loan

•  Dial *561*1*2# to repay your loan

• Dial *561*1*3# to check your loan balance

• Simply dial *561*1*4# to extend your loan

•  Dial *561*1*5# to get terms and conditions

• Dial *561*1*6# to recommend a friend

Other Financial Services USSD Codes

• *242# – Paga USSD Code

• *569# – Payattitude  Code

• *322# – Quickteller USSD Code for MTN, Airtel & 9mobile, for Glo users *805#

• *540# – Trader Mobi  USSD Code

• *322*60# –  Verve ECash USSD Code

Network USSD Codes For Airtime Loan

For you to be able to borrow credit from all telcos in Nigeria, these are the codes you can use:

• *620*1# for Etisalat international bundles

  • *222* PIN NO# Etisalat Recharge code  

• *126*PIN# for Airtel Recharge code

• *789# for Airtel International Bundles

• *123*PIN# Glo Recharge

• *124*1# Glo Credit balance

• *232# 9mobile credit balance

Other Financial Services USSD Codes

• *242# – Paga USSD Code

• *569# – Payattitude  Code

• *322# – Quickteller USSD Code for MTN, Airtel & 9mobile and for Glo Users *805#

• *540# – Trader Moni USSD Code

• *322*60# – Verve ECash USSD Code

USSD Code for Loans in Nigeria

How to Apply for Loans Using USSD Codes

The steps in applying for a loan using USSD are straightforward.

  • Know which loan provider you’re borrowing from. 
  • Get the USSD code
  • Meet all specified requirements
  • Dial the code
  • Follow the prompt
  • Get your loan

The Advantages Of Using USSD Codes For Loans In Nigeria

The benefits of utilizing USSD codes for loans in Nigeria are significant. They help the country’s financial inclusion by providing residents with quick access to credit. People no longer need to stand in long queues or even go to a bank to execute a transaction or acquire a loan.

One of the fascinating aspects of USSD codes is that they do not require internet access. Although there have been some worries regarding the security of USSD, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Final Thought- USSD code for loans in Nigeria

On the list of USSD codes for loans in Nigeria, you have indeed found many ways to get a loan. Gone are when you had to go to the bank to secure a loan; now, you can get a loan in Nigeria using USSD numbers.

When you need urgent cash or want to bypass the strenuous physical process of securing a loan, using USSD codes to access loans is ideal. They ask for very little, and if you meet all of the requirements, you should acquire your loan in minutes.

A loan is a financial product that helps companies and people meet their financial obligations. However, the majority of borrowers require some security or collateral as an assurance that the loan will be repaid before it is approved.

Not every Nigerian has collateral to offer as security for a loan; more than 80% of Nigerians lack this form of security.

As a result, no-collateral loans are tremendously significant to the general public. Thankfully, business owners and organizations in Nigeria can apply for instant internet loans with no collateral.

To acquire an online loan, you must meet certain standards, which goes without saying.

You’ll need to provide the following:

  • • Your name
  • • your BVN
  • • your account information
  • • your address, and more

It will also help to keep in mind that each loan lender’s interest rate is different. Furthermore, if you do not want your credit history to be harmed, you must be willing to repay the loan.

Have you used any of the USSD Codes For Loans In Nigeria? Let us know in the comment section.

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