High Income Skills in Nigeria

12 High Income Skills in Nigeria to Acquire – 2023

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The year has just begun, and many of you are already looking at which new skill you should acquire before the year finally comes to an end, right? These High Income Skills will help you to get jobs around the globe. You can get online jobs when you acquire most of them. We have prepared some guidelines on the 12 High income Skills to Acquire in Nigeria in 2022, and you will get to see them as you read on.

There are so many high income skills in Nigeria one can learn this year. When looking at the high paying skills in Nigeria, one also needs to look out for high demand skills in Nigeria. This agrees with the economic law of demand and supply, which states that the higher the demand, the higher the supply.

To be successful this year, you must learn several skills in Nigeria, but you may struggle to figure out which one is a profitable skill so that you’ll not waste your time on a non-profitable one.

Learning a skill is one of the first stages toward becoming an entrepreneur or successful business person.

The skills you wish to learn will largely depend on your area of interest, don’t forget, but it can go a long way towards becoming a source of income and financial security in the not-too-distant future. Keeping this in mind, it all comes down to determining which abilities are the most profitable and suited for you.

Find the best skills to acquire in Nigeria and the various profitable skills to learn in Nigeria below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About High Paying Skills to Acquire in Nigeria by 2022

We know that when it comes to high income skills in Nigeria to Acquire, there are a lot of questions that can trouble one’s mind, and by doing so, if those questions do not get answered, we may get it all wrong. So, if you have some questions bordering your mind, we have carefully picked the most asked questions about high paying skills in Nigeria and have provided answers to them below.

What skills are in high demand in Nigeria?

When it comes to skills that are high in demand in Nigeria, it entails skills that many people are in search of. This, therefore, means that those skills searched for are highly profitable and not skills that are no more patronized or skills less needed.

High demand skills in Nigeria

After conducting my research, I found some of the high-demand skills in Nigeria, and I will share them with you below. Don’t forget; these are high-demand skills and high income skills in Nigeria.

What are examples of high income skills?

One needs to understand the two differences between skills high in demand and a high-income skill, and they are two different things. Skills high in demand are simply the skills most searched for and wanted by people, while high income skills are highly profitable in monetary value.

Now let me show you the top 6 examples of high-income skills in Nigeria; these skills have a nonspecific hierarchy; it all depends on how an individual handles and understands it.

·        Video Production/Editing

·        Digital Marketing

·        Freelance and coping writing

·        UI/UX Design (web design)

What is the highest-paying skill?

Since there are many high paying skills available that one can acquire in Nigeria, we cannot expressly state which one is the highest paying skill since it depends on many variables. But be it as it may, based on our suggestion, we think that Blogging and Software Development are the current most paying skills to acquire in Nigeria.

What is the most profitable skill to learn?

Most profitable skill here has to do with a type of skill that has a lot of ways you can earn from it. Such skills are few, not one, not two, and not three. From the above high-demand skills, we believe that content writing and copywriting are the most profitable skills one can acquire in Nigeria and make money in many ways.

High Paying Skills in Nigeria

Let me shock you a little, internet marketers, bloggers, funnel designers/sales page creators, affiliate marketers, digital marketers all depend on Content Writing and Copywriting.

See the top profitable skills to learn in Nigeria in 2022. These are also known to be the best skills to acquire in Nigeria this year.

The Top 12 Skills to Acquire in Nigeria by 2022

1)   Digital Marketing

Using the internet and other digital technologies, such as desktop computers, mobile phones, tablet computers, and other digital media, to promote products and services is referred to as digital marketing.

Connecting sellers with buyers interested in their products and services is the goal of this type of marketing. The internet has made it easier for buyers and sellers to interact in recent years.

Hence, digital marketing promotes goods and services through digital media and electronic devices in exchange for a fee.

Some Top Digital Marketing Platforms

  • ·        Bytensize,
  • ·        CKDigital,
  • ·        Dodo,
  • ·        Street Toolz, and
  • ·        Wild Fusion

These are just a few of the best digital marketing platforms. Resources for learning and improving this talent are available on these platforms.

2)   Coding

The thing is, every business in the digital age now needs an attractive and functional website and mobile app. Do you agree with me? Of course, yes! You’ll also need coding skills to create a website or an app.

The ability to write code is essential for careers in software development. Learning to code is a simple way to get a foot in the door to a wide range of employment opportunities.

Nigerians may learn various high-earning skills on their smartphones, such as website design, copywriting, and funnel building. You can learn how to code from Udemy or codeacademy

3)   UI/UX Design (web design)

What does UI/UX Design mean? UX design is a technical computer language interpreted to mean “user experience design,” while UI stands for “user interface design.” If you know how to design a website, either through CMS or coding, you can earn a living with it and also train people on it for a fee. As a web designer, you can work for a design agency, work as an in-house designer, freelance web designer, start your agency, start a design blog, sell themes or templates.

A good web designer with 1 to 4 years of experience earns at least 300 to 500 thousand Naira monthly if hired by a firm. And as a freelance web designer, the money is endless as you will have the freedom to design for as many clients as possible at your rate.

You can start from Fiverr.

4)   Database Development/Management

Digital Product Management is another skill not exclusive to software development but is extremely valuable. With the continuous rise of Software as a Service, Product Management will become an increasingly vital part of the technology sector.

5)   Business Consultancy and Development

Experts in any field can make money by consulting. It implies earning an income doing what you enjoy. It is for individuals who have faced numerous problems, overcome them, and teach new firms in their sector. Simply put, consulting is providing clients with value-added services.

No industry is too small to become an expert in. Many industries offer consulting possibilities, including education and health. You can offer as many professional services as you like, and consulting provides work security, flexibility, and diversity.

If you have experience, skills, research-based knowledge and can implement innovative ideas, you can work in business consulting.

6)   Video Production/Editing

Every marketing strategy is now centered on video production and marketing. Every business pushes video content since it catches the user’s interest rapidly.

Video content is more popular than ever among today’s youth because of the rapid use of cell phones in today’s globe. It’s no longer just a way to pass the time anymore; it’s also a potent marketing and lead generation tool, especially social media.

Video editing

There is a shift in how video content is seen due to the arrival of TikTok and Instagram features like reels. According to a Hubspot study, more than half of consumers prefer video content from brands. Video production and marketing have thus become one of the most sought-after digital marketing abilities of this decade. This is a high income skill in Nigeria; you should not joke with this. It’s highly recommended.

7)   Sales/Marketing

In Nigeria, the selling of products is a very lucrative field with high earnings potential. Digital marketers earn anywhere from N150 000 and N450 000 daily. Do you have a product to sell? Do you know that you can make a lot of money by selling information products online? If you have the skills to advertise your products or an affiliate product through social media platforms like Facebook, instagram etc, you can make a lot of money from it.

You can earn a lot by selling information products like eBooks (PDF), video tutorials, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

8)   Video Animation

If you’re a company, you may be interested in using an animation object or image to convey your message without having to reveal your face!

You may learn how to design animation images and videos on YouTube for free and boost your chances of gaining a job in some of Nigeria’s highest-paying companies.

The best part is that you can learn how to make video animations with your smartphone and become an expert within a month. It’s a great skill to have if you’re trying to establish a side business while in school.

9)   Real Estate Brokerage

The majority of real estate brokers make their money in commissions. Real estate brokers receive direct fees for services done during the sale or purchase. A commission is typically calculated as a percentage (%) of the property’s sale price. In the same vein, it can equally be calculated as a flat fee depending.

From research, the average monthly salary for a Nigerian real estate agent is 294,000 NGN. The lowest salary is 144,000 NGN, while the highest is 459,000 NGN. So being a real estate brokerage is indeed a high profitable skill.

10)     Project Management

If you want to develop digital products and services quickly and cost-effectively, project management is an essential component. SCRUM and AGILE are two methodologies that will stand out on any resume. Managers of digital projects must have a strong knowledge of the entire creative and development process, from the initial concept through the final product or service.

11)      Social Media Management

They’re good locations to work because of the prominence of web-based social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many people rely on these platforms to run their businesses. What if I told you that your office could be made out of this media? You can do this by overseeing the social media accounts of a well-known corporate organization or corporation. Make a lot of money by working with these prominent businesses, financial institutions, and bloggers.

12)     Freelance and coping writing

It is the practice or profession of writing for advertising or marketing. Copywriting Writing that tries to promote brand recognition and encourage someone or a group to take action is known as copy or sales copy.

It’s incredible how many people have a built-in passion for writing. This interest can be turned into money in the contemporary technology era.

Writing good copy and selling it to potential customers is the essence of copywriting. It is possible to use copywriting to promote a brand or write about a specific product or service, and there are many different types of writing for which one can be compensated.

Direct response copywriting, social media copywriting, public relations copywriting, SEO copywriting, and more are all examples of sorts of commonly used copywriting.

The following portfolio websites may be helpful to someone who wants to learn this skill: Squarespace, Carbonmade, WordPress, Pressfolios, Writerfolio, and so on. These websites provide access to helpful information and the opportunity to develop the abilities needed to be a successful copywriter.


So far in this article, we’ve been able to provide solutions to the 12 High Paying Skills to Acquire in Nigeria by 2022. What are the most profitable skills to learn in Nigeria and the most in-demand skills to learn in Nigeria have been covered.

As a Nigerian citizen at home or abroad in the Diaspora, If you want to improve your financial status, I strongly advise you to take action and learn one of these high-income skills in Nigeria.

Don’t forget that going to school and obtaining a higher degree does not guarantee the elimination of financial hardships and depression; it is the skill you have that matters in today’s world.

Finally, you would be able to employ other people and reduce unemployment globally.

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