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Polaris Bank Transfer Code – Airtime, App, and Loans

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With the updated Polaris Bank Transfer Code (USSD Code for transfer), and the Polaris USSD Code, it’s easier to use the self-service. Bank codes give you the freedom to send money, receive money, pay bills and carry out all kinds of transactions. Many banks enable this feature on all accounts, but Polaris is one of the few that stand out.

Do you already have a Polaris bank account? Are you aware that there is a Polaris bank code for every kind of transaction? Would you want to configure the shortcode on your mobile to enable online banking? Alright, keep reading.

This article is a detailed guide that will walk you through the processes involved in carrying out transactions with your Polaris account using your mobile phone.

How To Open a Functional Polaris Bank Account

To carry out online and offline transactions using your mobile phone, you need a Polaris bank account. If you do not have one, creating an account is very simple. The signup code is *833*1#. After dialing the code, follow the prompt by filling in your name, address, and date of birth.

The account is created instantly. You would receive a message that contains your account number and other things to do to complete the account creation process. However, with these, you can carry out basic transactions.

Note: You may be required to present the documents to your local bank branch for verification:

  • Form for opening a bank account that has been signed
  • BVN
  • Passport photo
  • a valid means of identification (if applicable)

How To Register For Polaris Mobile Banking

You do not have to worry about getting your Polaris bank account number, and it will be sent within the shortest time frame. Possible delays may be due to issues with your network service provider.

The main thing to worry about is registering for the Polaris mobile banking feature. The good news is the processes are simple; hence there is no cause to worry.

Note: There is still some form of verification that needs to be done before your account can fully function.

What is the 833 CodePolaris Bank Transfer Code

If you scroll back, you will see that the code used in opening an account contained 833. Virtually all activities available on Polaris mobile banking make use of the code. So, what is the 833 code?

Polaris bank USSD Code

 All banks have USSD codes peculiar to them and the services they render. The 833 code is the USSD Polaris bank chose for mobile transactions and activities. Then, what bank uses 426 as its code? 426  is not a code belonging to Polaris bank; and instead, it belongs to another financial institution known as Diamond bank.

How To Activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code

All Polaris bank accounts are registered and eligible for Polaris Mobile banking. However, the account owner needs to carry out a few steps to activate the bank transfer code before carrying out transactions.

Select the sim card you used in opening the account and dial *833#. A menu will be displayed with several options. Select the sixth option, which states ‘check account balance.’ Fill in your account number on the following display and select a pin. This pin should be four digits and something easy to remember as it will be used for all transactions. Your account balance will be shown to you, and this is a confirmation that you have been registered for Polaris Mobile Banking.

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Polaris Bank Transfer Codes and the Transactions They are Used For

There are specific codes used for different transactions. This section will explore all the codes available and the kind of transactions you can use them.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Paying Bills

When you want to pay bills like your DSTV subscription or light bill, dial *833*2#. Next, you will be asked to select the account to make the payment if you have more than one account. Then, you click on the bill that you want to pay. A couple of prompts will follow to ensure you confirm your details. Then you can enter the amount you wish to pay and your four-digit pin. This is the pin that was selected during the account creation process.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Transferring Money

There are two ways you can transfer money with Polaris mobile banking.

The first approach is to dial *833* the amount to be transferred* the recipient’s account number #. So, for example, if you want to send 4000 nairas to 0123456780, dial *833*4000*0123456780#. Then you will be asked to confirm the recipient’s account and bank name. Next, you select the account funding the transfer and input your pin. Do not forget, the sim and pin are the same as the one used to register the account.

The second approach is to dial *833*3#. A new menu will pop up to select the account from which the money will be sent. Next, select the recipient’s bank name and enter the account number. Another menu will be displayed to confirm the details of your transaction. After confirmation, put in your four-digit pin and execute the transaction, and it will be processed immediately.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Blocking a Card

We can never be careful enough, so it’s essential to have this code at our fingertips. Some months back, my friend’s bag was robbed, and all her money was taken along with her card. The bag was found after a long search, and the card was gone. The thieves were on their way to empty her account. Anyone in such a situation will surely panic. Our saving grace was that someone from amongst us knew the code for hotlisting a card.

For Polaris bank, the code for hotlisting a card is *833*4#. A couple of prompts will be displayed, and after that, the card becomes invalid. You can do this to secure your account when you find out your card has gone missing, was stolen, or has passed its validity duration.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Checking Account Balance

Rushing to the bank every time you wish to know your account balance does not sound so feasible. Thanks to Polaris mobile banking features, you can check your account balance whenever you use your mobile device. However, it comes with a fee of 10 NGN. But, it’s nothing compared to the convenience it brings.

With the line registered with Polaris bank, dial *833*6#. A menu with a list of options will come up. Pick option six and enter your account details. Lastly, enter your pin to authenticate this action. The balance is delivered almost immediately. Delays are uncommon and happen only when the server is overwhelmed, or your network fluctuates.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for e-commerce

Polaris bank has a myriad of merchant features on its merchant account. This makes it easy for business owners with merchant accounts to receive payments from customers with Polaris bank accounts.

Suppose you have gotten the MasterPass code of a merchant and want to pay for some goods or services, dial *833*7#. A menu will be shown to enter the MasterPass code and the amount you wish to pay.

The final step is selecting the Polaris account you wish to pay with and entering your pin to confirm the action you are taking.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Airtime Recharge and Transfer

With the Polaris bank code, you can transfer airtime to your phone number or a third party’s phone number.

Dial *833*airtime amount # using the Polaris registered number to transfer airtime to your phone number. The transfer is instant. If you wish to transfer airtime to your second line that is not registered with Polaris, you will take the third-party transfer option.

To transfer airtime to a third party, dial *833* airtime amount * the recipient’s phone number #. Type in the number for your second line where the recipient is you. You will be asked to select the recipient’s phone network and the account to be debited. Then you will enter your pin to complete the transaction.

Here is an alternative way of buying airtime for a third party or yourself. Dial *833#. A long list of options will be displayed. Option 8 reads as airtime top-up; select it. You will see two options, top-up for self and top-up for the third party. Pick the desired option. Select the account to be debited, then confirm the network of choice. Next, enter the phone number, airtime amount and validate the action by inputting your pin.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Applying for Loan

Polaris bank transfer codes cover a long list of basic transaction needs. When applying for a loan, there is no code to carry out this process. You will have to go to the nearest bank branch around you and speak to the person in charge, and they will walk you through the process. The services the codes cater to are restricted to account opening, money transfer, bill payment, blocking cards, and checking account balances.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code for Changing Pin

You cannot rectify the situation yourself when you forget your pin or alter it by mistake, and you would have to reach out to the Polaris team to get the help you need. But, if what you want is to change the pin, here are the steps involved.

  • Dial *833# and select ‘option 9’ from the menu displayed.
  • A new menu will pop up; pick the first option.
  • Confirm the account.
  • Input the current pin and click okay.
  • In the next menu, fill in the new pin.
  • Try to write the new pin down and have it saved somewhere.
  • Enter the new pin for the second time.
  • This confirms your action, and the pin is changed automatically.

Benefits of Using the Polaris Bank Code

The Polaris bank code can be used without data, but you need a sufficient airtime balance. Those who value their time know how efficient and cost-effective these codes are. The time spent walking to and from the bank is eliminated, and you don’t have to stand in a queue either. Any mobile phone can use the codes so long as it can perform USSD operations.

All account owners can carry out multiple transactions daily at a limit of 50,000 nairas. Airtime top-ups have a limit of 5000 nairas per day and 20,000 nairas per month. Where transactions higher than that must be carried out, the account owner should visit the bank.

Summary of the Polaris Bank Codes

Here are the direct codes for Polaris mobile bank transactions.

Account opening dial *833*1#
Payment of bill dial *833*2#
Money Transfer dial *833*3#
Blocking a card dial *833*4#
Checking your account balance dial *833*6#
Using MasterPass dial *833*7#

Summary of the Charges on Polaris Mobile Bank Services

Every transaction carried out with the Polaris bank code has an affiliated charge. The codes will not function if you do not have a sufficient balance for the intended transaction.

Charge on balance inquiry N10.50
Charge on transfers within Polaris N10.50
Charge on transfers outside of Polaris N52.50
Charge on payment of light bill and a TV subscription N105.00
Charge on other services N00.00

Conclusion: Polaris Bank Transfer Codes

Now that you know all the Polaris Bank Transfer Codes, you can start making transactions.

We are not affiliated with Polaris bank rather we are only giving an informational post. Visit the nearest bank for further information about your banking need.

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