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How to load Glo airtime/credit card (Glo recharge code)

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Are you looking for how to load airtime on your Glo SIM (Glo recharge code), then scroll down to find the Glo recharge codes used to load your card recharge PIN on your mobile device.

In this post, I will analyze the Glo recharge code for various cases. I mean that recharging or loading your Glo network these days is not only by using the regular short code ” *123*XXXXXXXXXXXXX# ” where ” XXXXXXXXXXXXX ” is the number.

I will not only talk about how to recharge in Glo using this regular code but also analyze Glo recharge code for other cases like bonuses, recharging from your bank, recharging directly for data, and using the easiest and fastest mode of modern airtime recharge.

How to load airtime using the Glo recharge code

Like I said earlier, most people use the popular *123*XXXXXXXXXXXXX# ” where ” XXXXXXXXXXXXX ” is the number to recharge Glo SIM. Now let me explain how to use it step by step.

Step-by-step guide on how to use regular Glo recharge code:

  1. Go to your phone dialer
  2. Dial the code *123*XXXXXXXXXXXXX# ” where ” XXXXXXXXXXXXX ” (i.e., if the code in the recharge card is 5543 5664 6777 5565, it should be in this format *123*5543566467775565# )
  3. Click send, and you will receive a notification to confirm your recharge.

How to load your airtime with Glo recharge code for a bonus

Frankly speaking, the Glo company always keeps surprising their subscribers. And one of these surprises is unexpected and fantastic airtime and data bonus from time to time. Surely, If you’re an active Glo customer, you should understand what I am saying.

They have introduced this data bonus which they tag as the ” Glo 5X Recharge bonus ” or ” Amebo Tariff plan. ” It means that when you use the Glo recharge code for this promo to load your airtime, you will get 500% of the airtime you should have gotten if you used a regular recharge code.

Though it has a downside, which is that the recharge is limited; if you use this bonus Glo recharge code, the airtime will only be valid for 14 days or 30 days, depending on the amount you recharged. For example, if you recharged 100 or 200 Naira, it will be valid for 14 days. But if you recharge 500 naira and above it will be valid for 30 days.

Glo recharge code


Step-by-step guide on how to recharge 5X data bonus using its Glo recharge code

1. Locate your phone dialer

2. Dial the code ” *555*XXXXXXXXXXXXX#, where  ” XXXXXXXXXXXXX ” is the recharge code. In real-time practice, it should be in this format *555*5543566467775565# ( where is the recharge PIN )

How to recharge airtime in your Glo SIM from your bank using Shortcodes

If you want to recharge your Glo airtime from your bank, here are shortcodes for different popular banks in Nigeria. Recharging from banks these days is faster and economically advisable. I believe this made many use this pattern rather than normal buying of paper PIN recharge cards to load with regular Glo recharge codes.

There are two ways of recharging your Glo or any other network in Nigeria from your bank, one is using a normal banking app, and the second is using the bank’s USSD code. In this post, I will explain the two methods which work fall all banks and networks in Nigeria, not only Glo.  

Step-by-step guide on how to load your airtime on your Glo network

1. Go to Google Playstore and locate the app for that specific Bank mobile app (Take the First bank, for instance, their app is called ” Firstmobile ” )

2. Download the App and follow their guide to enroll your ATM and encrypt your account number to your card

3. After all necessary encryptions, locate But airtime option

4. Enter your number

5. Enter the Account to debit and the amount to buy

6. Enter your PIN or any means of identification, then click send.

How to recharge your Glo directly for data

You might wish not to recharge your purchased recharge card to airtime but to data directly. The steps will be explained below. Unfortunately, this does not work for bank top-ups.

Steps to recharge your Glo directly to data

To recharge your Glo for data directly, dial *223*RechargePIN#. Glo network will credit your data balance with the equivalent value for the amount you recharged.

How to load airtime from your bank using shortcode

To use a bank short code to recharge your Glo SIM or any other network, you will need to register or encrypt your account to that SIM for USSD transactions. Just dial the official code for that bank, then follow the necessary steps to encrypt your SIM. You can ask bank customer care for their official USSD code (e.g., the First bank is *894# )

Step-by-step guide on how to recharge your Glo SIM using a bank short code ( not a regular Glo recharge code)

How to recharge your Glo SIM using First Bank Airtime

To recharge your Glo SIM with the first bank, dial *894*amount#. For instance, for 500 naira, you have to dial *894*1000#.

Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge code

To recharge using Sterling bank, dial *822*Amount#. When the amount is 1000 naira, dial *822*1000#

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Glo Recharge Codes

How to recharge using Skye Bank Airtime Top-up code

To do this, dial *833# from your bank-registered number, which you have encrypted for USSD transactions. Next, follow the options and instructions to select the number representing Airtime recharge. Then, choose the amount you desire to recharge them and send them.

How to recharge from Zenith Bank using their shortcode

Firstly, dial *966# from your Glo SIM, which you have encrypted for the USSD transactions phone. Then follow the options to select the number representing Airtime recharge. Finally, type the amount you desire to recharge and send.

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How to recharge your Glo SIM from other Banks using their shortcode

I can’t analyze all the banks in Nigeria in this post to avoid making the post too lengthy. But for any bank you want to recharge your Glo SIM with, just ask their customer care for their official USSD code. Then after encrypting your number for USSD transactions, dial the code and choose the required option to purchase the amount of airtime you need.


I believe you have learned all you need to know about the Glo recharge code. Take note that direct data recharge and 5X recharge work for only purchased recharge cards, not bank recharge.


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