Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2023 + Benefits

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In this article, you will learn more about the code to migrate to airtel smart connect, the Airtel Smart Connect plan, and its benefits. Smart Connect plan is an Airtel tariff plan that gives an airtime bonus and a data bonus on every recharge.

In Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria offers its prepaid customers a variety of tariffs depending on how much data or voice calls they want.

What is Airtel Smart Connect?

Airtel Smart Connect is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid customers which offers 800% or 8 times more on every recharge. It’s one of Airtel’s tariff plans customized for its prepaid customers.

This plan offers users an instant 100% bonus on every data bundle purchased during the first three months on the Airtel “CONNECT”. 

  • Just buy a new Airtel SIM Card.
  • Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  • Insert the SIM into your phone.
  • Recharge to start enjoying Airtel Smart Connect bonuses.

Therefore, once you recharge your new Airtel SIM, you will immediately start enjoying the 8x bonus and exclusive data bundles with up to 90 days validity period.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect

  • 8x bonus on every recharge.
  • 100% bonus on every data purchased.
  • 15Mb weekly free data on recharges from N200.
  • 7 Hours of night call between 11 pm and 6am at 11k/sec.
  • Up to 90 days data validity period.
  • You can put in up to 10 family and friends mobile numbers and enjoy a N300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.

How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

  • Go to a nearby Airtel shop.
  • Buy a new unregistered Airtel SIM Card.
  • Get the SIM registered at any Airtel SIM registration center.
  • Insert the SIM into your mobile phone.
  • Recharge your new Airtel line with at least N100 airtime using the code *126*PIN#.

 Your Airtel smart connect is activated.

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How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect on an Old SIM

The Airtel Smart Connect is also available for Old Airtel SIM, you can migrate to Smart Connect and start enjoying the plan.

Dial *311# and reply with 1 in the dialogue box that displays to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect.

You can also go through this process or way

  • Dial *121#
  • Reply with 5 (Billing & Tariff)
  • Reply with 1 (Smart Connect)
  • You have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Connect.

How to Add a Number to Family and Friends

You can register your family and friends to join you and enjoy the family and friend’s bonus on every recharge you make.

Dial *311*2*Airtel number# to register number.

Dial *311*3*Airtel number# to delete the number.

Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect plans

8x On Every Recharge

Recharge Main Account CreditBonus Credit VoiceBonus Credit DataTotal Credit

Bonus is valid for 7 days, Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE

Airtel Smart Connect Bonuses

800% bonus on every recharge is just one of many bonuses that you get on the Airtel smart connect tariff plan.


• Subscribers can also enjoy INSTANT double data on their data purchases *

• Applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5000.

Airtel Smart Connect Airtime Bonus Offer

Data Bundle (NGNStandard ValueSmart Connect Data Bonus (100%)Total Allocated Data VolumeValidity (Days)

Airtel Smart Connect Data Bonus Offer

Data Bundle CostStandard ValueSmart Connect Bonus Total ValueValidity (Days)

How to Check Airtel Smart Connect Bonus

To check your bonus balance on Airtel Smart Connect, dial *123*1#, and a pop-up stating the bonus balance you have left will instantly appear on your phone’s screen.

You can also dial *123*2# or *223# to check your bonus balance for both data and airtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Connect?

Smart Connect is Airtel’s default prepaid plan. The plan has just been enriched with additional bonuses to give additional value to our customers.

Who is eligible for Smart Connect?

All new prepaid customers on the Airtel Network and old time users are welcome.

What will I now enjoy on Smart Connect?

You will enjoy Double Data on every Data bundle purchased and 8X the value of your Recharge amount of N100 and above.

How does the Double Data Offer work?

You will enjoy Double Data Bonus for every Data Bundle of N100 and above purchased in addition to 8X the value of your recharge amount for 90 Days. 

How Do I activate Data Bundle?

Dial *141# and send.

Do I keep enjoying my 8X bonus on Smart Connect?

Yes, 8X bonus continues to apply for 90 Days See table above for full details of your 8X bonuses

Can I make International Calls with my 8X Bonus?

International calls will be charged from your main account balance

Can my bonus validity be accumulated?

No Bonus validity cannot be accumulated.

What will happen to me after 90 Days?

After 90 Days the Double Data bonus will stop and you will get the actual value of the Data Bundles you purchase.

What if I migrate out of Smart Connect?

If you migrate out of Smart Connect, you will no longer enjoy these amazing benefits.

Does my main account balance expire?

Your main account balance does not expire.

How do I get the most from my Smart Connect SIM?

The following tips tell you how to get the most from your Smart Connect SIM:

· Insert your new Airtel SIM into a data-enabled device.

· Recharge your line to get 8X the value of your recharge to call ALL NETWORKS

· Activate Data Bundle by dialing *141* and follow the steps to enjoy double Data offer

How do I recharge?

Dial *126*PIN#

How do I Check My Balance?

Dial *123#

For Bonus Balance Dial *123*1#

How do I check My Data Balance?

Dial *140#

Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

Conclusion: Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

Airtel Smart Connect is one of the most beneficial tariff plans on the Airtel Network with its 8X bonus, monthly free data bonuses, and free calls. Use the Code To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect traffic plan to enjoy the above benefits.

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