How To Transfer Data From MTN To AIRTEL Network- 2023

Are you looking at How To Transfer Data From MTN To AIRTEL? You’ll agree with me that data is oxygen. Imagine how useless our phones can be without data. 

Almost everything we do online with our phones requires the internet to function properly. Are you curious about how to transfer data from mtn to Airtel? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Mtn data gifting presents a unique opportunity for data sharing; you can practically send data from your mtn line to your family and friends.

That’s not all; you can even request from them too. Cool right? Chill, by the end of this post, you’ll understand everything about mtn data gifting and know if you can share data from your mtn line to Airtel.

The joy of having and enjoying a smartphone is data.

 You may have data in your mtn line and want to transfer it to your airtel or to a family member or friend who uses Airtel. There are a variety of reasons why you might find yourself in this awkward situation. 

How to transfer Data from MTN to Airtel

It may not necessarily be from your mtn line to your personal Airtel line; it may be from your MTN line to a family member or friend who uses Airtel and is in an emergency.

 But the question is, can you transfer data from your MTN to Airtel? 

Well, I know this may come as a shock to you, but I’ll tell you anyway: the answer is NO.

 It’s practically impossible to transfer data from your mtn line to your Airtel. This is because the mtn data gifting platform allows only MTN-to-MTN data transfers.

 What this simply means is that you cannot transfer data from your MTN line to, say, Airtel, Glo, or 9 mobile users. You are disappointed too, right? Don’t worry; I know how that feels.

 I felt the same way when I found out during my NYSC orientation that I had to buy new Airtel data bundles. The most painful part was that the remaining 3 GB of data on my phone expired. 

But wait—do you know you can transfer data from your MTN line to another MTN line? 

Chill, I want to walk you through how to transfer data from mtn to mtn line. It’s very simple to do, trust me.

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How To Transfer Data From MTN To AIRTEL Network

How to send data from MTN to MTN

I know we’re disappointed we can’t transfer from MTN to Airtel, but we have to move on regardless, and hopefully sometime in the future mtn will make it possible.

 Mtn Data Gifting Services provides you with three data gifting options:

Mtn Data Transfer: The topic we are currently discussing is Mtn Data Transfer, which allows you to share data with other Mtn users.

Buy Data for a Friend: With this service, you can buy as much data as possible for your family and friends. To activate this service, you must have an airtime balance that will allow you to purchase the data. To proceed with this, simply dial *131*7*2# on your MTN line and follow the instructions.

Request Data from a Friend: Imagine a situation where you are stranded and you have this particular friend that you know is never short of data. 

Well, that’s where requesting Data from a Friend comes in; with it, you can ask that special friend to share or buy data for you. Simply dial *131*7*3# to gain access.

Now that I have highlighted the three services rendered by Mtn Data gifting, let’s concentrate on our issue of discussion, which is the first one, which is Mtn Data transfer, or how to give data from Mtn to Mtn. Before we continue, you need to note the following:

  1. You must have a minimum of 50 MB on your active MTN sim before you can transfer.
  2. The minimum amount of data you can share with a friend is 50 MB; you cannot share less.
  3. A total of 1 GB of data can be shared per day. Once you finish sharing the 1 GB, you’ll have to wait until the next day before you’ll be able to share again.
  4. Bonus data cannot be transferred. So anytime you buy data intending to share with friends, just know that only the actual data is transferable. Mtn wants you alone to enjoy your bonus.
  5. You can only transfer Data twice a day, after running two transfers, you’ll be ineligible to transfer till the next day

Mtn Data Gifting is available to all Mtn users, regardless of sim card age or Mtn platform subscription.

Now that you’ve noted some key points on how to transfer data from your MTN to your MTN, let me now walk you through how to do it.

For you to share data, there are three different processes; we are going to highlight them below.

  1. You can share data by visiting your MTN app and following the instructions.
  2. You can also access MTN data gifting by dialing *131# and selecting the number 7 option, which is the data gifting option. After choosing 7, select 1, which is the transfer of data option. After that, you’ll be asked to enter the recipient’s number, input the number you want to transfer to and make sure it’s correct. You’ll be given data values to share. Option 1 is for 50 MB, Option 2 is for 100 MB, Option 3 is for 200 MB, and Option 4, which is the last, is for 500 MB. Choose one and send it. A confirmation message to indicate the success or failure of the transaction will automatically appear. To make this option shorter, dial *131*7*1#; this process will automatically take you to input the recipient number, thereby bypassing most of the processes mentioned above. Alternatively, you can dial *131*phone number*Data amount# for more direct transactions.
  3. The last process is through text message, and you can use the following format to complete the transaction: Transfer (give space) Add the recipient’s phone number, then another (space) data amount, and send to 131

I know by now you must have seen how easy it is to transfer data from MTN to MTN.

But wait, don’t you want to know how to transfer airtime from mtn to mtn using a USSD code?

 Data may be oxygen, but remember that you need airtime to power that oxygen. Without taking most of your time, let me just summarize how to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN.

How to transfer airtime from mtn to mtn using the USSD code

It’s simple to share airtime with your MTN number; simply dial *777* the recipient phone number* the amount* your PIN#, then send. Let’s assume you want to send 2000 MTN airtime to 01234567890. Simply dial *777*01234567890*2000*1111# and send. 

A confirmation message will be sent to you upon completion. 

The minimum amount transferable is N50; you can transfer as much as you want in a day. So what next? I hope you’re satisfied. I believe it is time to conclude; I hope you had a good time.

How To Transfer Data From MTN To AIRTEL


I’m sure you’ve figured out how to transfer data from MTN to Airtel by now. 

In the course of this post, we found out it was impossible to transfer to Airtel from MTN. I further showed you how you can do data transfer between MTN lines. 

I hope you are ok with everything we discussed here. Don’t worry, if MTN starts transferring to Airtel, we’ll be the first to update you.

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