MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi: Which Is Better?

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In this post, we will be comparing MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi and give a final verdict of which is better. When analyzing or comparing whose Mifi is better between Airtel and MTN, there are a few things to take into consideration. And these few factors will serve as the basis for this comparison. 

The use of Mifi among Nigerians and other African countries has been on the increase in these recent days. According to Statista, the percentage of internet users in Africa has noticeably increased, with Morocco taking the lead, so internet users are in search of better and faster means of accessing the internet.

Airtel and MTN being among the most popular networks in Nigeria are the nearest options for internet users that need a good Mifi and a fast internet connection. MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi is a hard comparison to justify because they are both good, though there will always be the better and the best. Let’s go straight into the comparison of these gadgets to know which is better.

What is a MiFi 

MiFi, which is a small, portable device that gives you the ability to connect to the internet wherever you are, is now one of the most popular gadgets among internet users. It’s like your own personal hotspot, giving you a secure connection that you can take anywhere you go. 

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MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi: Design 

One of the main features to watch out for in a Mifi design is its weight, as a result of the fact that portability is a key feature. Most of the popular MTN Mifi weigh 0.14 kg, while those of Airtel weigh around 0.2 kg. So in this aspect of the MTN Mifi vs. Airtel Mifi comparison, the Airtel is better for being lighter in weight than MTN Mifi.

Comparing these two devices based on their design, you can say that they are both similar in their slim and portable designs. But our research on the available Airtel MIFI devices shows that they’re always more lightweight than MTN, even though it’s not a pretty noticeable difference. And therefore, Airtel takes the lead on this comparison basis.

Airtel Mifi Vs. MTN Mifi: Maximum number of users

In this comparison of MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi, another important feature to look out for is the maximum number of users each Mifi can accommodate at a go. When Mifi was first produced, it was mainly for one of a few people. But in recent times, it’s been a different case.

As the need for Mifi has increased in this recent days, people are now going for Mifi, which can take a lot of people at a time, so I believe the maximum number of users should be a key factor for this comparison.

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi

We went on a tour to Konga and Jumia just to check out the latest Airtel Mifi and MTN Mifi to find out facts on which we’ll base the maximum number of users comparison. From our discovery, the average number of people the Airtel Mifi can serve at a time is 30 – 32, while MTN can allow about 30 – 35 users to connect at a time. This is a good margin, so if you need a Mifi for multiple users, then MTN Mifi is a better option.

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi Performance: Speed, User interface, and battery

Another important feature to check out in our Mifi is its performance. Talking about performance, we mean its browsing speed, user interface, and, most importantly, the battery charging and draining speed. Now let’s take them one after the other.

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi based on browsing speed

All Mifi reviewers will always say something like “If you’re looking for blazing-fast internet speed, you’ll want to check out the MTN Mifi. This portable hotspot device provides users with speeds of up to 150Mbps, making it perfect for streaming movies, downloading files, and gaming online.” But are all these Mifi devices of the same speed? The answer is surely no.

This speed comparison will be based on Mifi in the same price range. According to our research, one of the fastest Airtel Mifi sold for 20,000 Naira on Konga has a speed of 150 Mbps which is pretty good. Then going for MTN Mifi in the same price range, they also have the same speed of 150 Mbps.

One fact about Mifi speed is that it increases with respect to the availability of good network coverage. So I suggest that you choose MTN Mifi over Airtel if the MTN network coverage is better in your location. Otherwise, the Airtel Mifi will be the most suitable for you.

Airtel Mifi Vs. MTN Mifi: User interface

How the user interface of these devices looks also plays a major role in determining which is a better choice. Our observations show that MTN Mifi has a straightforward interface. In other words, you can easily find your way around connecting and setting it up for browsing very quickly.

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi

In contrast, after taking some time to test the Airtel MIFI, we found out that getting a grasp of how it’s used can be an issue. Especially when you’re using the device for the first time, but that’s not to say you can’t get a grasp of how it works on time. In fact, the device also provides a very good user interface. However, it’s not as comprehensive as the MTN device.

Without a doubt, MTN Mifi definitely takes this, even though Airtel is doing its best to improve in this aspect. 

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi: Battery performance

When it comes to comparing the battery life of MTN MiFi and Airtel MiFi, there is no clear winner. Both devices have their own unique set of features and benefits that make them stand out. However, when it comes to battery life, both devices seem to be on par with each other.

Both devices offer a long battery life, which is perfect for those who need to be online for long periods of time. However, the Airtel MiFi does seem to have a slight advantage over the MTN MiFi when it comes to battery life.

The Airtel MiFi is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of talk time and about 300 hours of standby time. The MTN MiFi, on the other hand, is powered by a Lithium-polymer battery that offers up to 8 hours of talk time and around 200 hours of standby time.

So, the Airtel Mifi will also be considered better again in this aspect, apart from being the best in design (i.e., lightweight feature ).

Let’s look at some other important information that can help you compare these devices and make a better choice. The diagram below shows important features of both MTN Mifi and Airtel Mifi.

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi
WiFi & LTE networkWiFi & LTE network
3G / 4G LTE4G LTE / 2G / 3G
Up to 150 MbpsUp to 150 Mbps
2.4 Ghz2.4 GHz / 5 Ghz
2,000 mAh15,000 mAh

MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi Pricing 

The prices of MTN Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi in Nigeria starts from N15000 – N20000 for different models.

Airtel MIFI Data Plans

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code 
N5,00015GB30days*370# on your smartphone
N10,00040GB30days*370# on your smartphone
N15,00075GB30days*370# on your smartphone
N20,000110GB30days*370# on your smartphone

Airtel MIFI Ultra Plans

Price (N)Data Vol (GB)Validity Days
Ultra 1000040GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Ultra 1500075GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle30days
Ultra 20000120GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle

MTN Broadband MiFi Offers: ·

  • FREE 10GB data (valid for 30 days) upon purchase and activation.
  • Nursery data bonus within the first six (6) months of activation
  • Internal battery for mobility
  • Connect anywhere across the country, in 3G and 4G coverage areas, at fast speeds ·
  • Dedicated MiFi bundles (below) and access to our mobile data bundles

DescriptionPlan NamePrice (N)Data AllowanceCumulativeValidity
Capped Data Plans2,0006GB30 Days
4,00012GB30 Days
8,00030GB+ 5GB YouTube30 Days
11,00045GB+ 5GB YouTube30 Days
15,00075GB +5GB YouTube30 Days
Unlimited Data PlansSilver20,000150GB; (5GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle)30 Days

Mifi Vs. Airtel Mifi Final Verdict

Based on our findings in this comparison between MTN and Airtel Mifi, we’ll advise you to go for an Airtel Mifi. It’s lighter, built with a more powerful battery, and of the same speed as MTN Mifi.

However, you can choose the MTN Mifi if you have better MTN network coverage in your location. You may also go for MTN Mifi if you’re hoping to get one for a lower price — MTN sells their MIFI devices for a lesser price, and their cheaper and their data plans are currently much more affordable compared to Airtel MiFi.

Meanwhile, if you are taking into consideration the portability, weight, and battery performance, then Airtel Mifi is a better option though they have a more expensive data plan.

Now you know which one is the overall best. Keep in mind that this is solely based on our research and use of those two devices. 

Do you have something to contribute? Let’s know in the comment section.

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