How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel – 2023 Ultimate Guide

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel – You can borrow it through Airtel Extra Credit when you run out of airtime. This is an excellent way to replenish your phone with airtime for emergency calls. It also allows you to borrow airtime that can be used for any Airtel service that is charged.

Except for the N25 loan, which includes a service charge of 20%, you pay back the loan on your next recharge with a 15% service charge.

If you’ve arrived at this page, that means you are looking for information on how to borrow Airtel airtime. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect place to receive the knowledge you require.

This article will teach you everything you need to know on how to borrow airtime from Airtel and code to borrow airtime from Airtel. These also cover the eligibility requirements, procedures, and anything else you should know.

Brief Information About Airtel

Airtel Networks Limited is a significant telecommunications provider based in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial heartland. With a client base of more than 50 million as of December 2019, Airtel is among the top three mobile service providers in terms of subscribers.

2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, Home Broadband, and enterprise services are among the company’s product offerings.

Airtel Networks Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airtel Africa Plc, a pan-African telecommunications firm operating in 14 African nations.

Airtel Africa is driven by offering inexpensive and innovative mobile services to everyone, and its major shareholder, Bharti Airtel, is behind it.

Its services include cellular voice and data services across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, as well as mobile commerce through ‘Airtel Money.’ At the end of March 2020, Airtel Africa had over 110 million users across its operations.

Through its Corporate Social Investment programs in Nigeria, Airtel Networks Limited is deeply interested in and committed to supporting worthy causes.

It has spent both financial and material resources assisting numerous communities and improving poor people across Nigeria, leveraging its award-winning Touching Lives program, Adopt-a-School effort, and Employee Volunteer Scheme.

Its many CSR programs have benefited Nigerians in the communities where it operates, both directly and indirectly.

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

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How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel – Airtel Extra Credit

We’ve all run out of airtime without a way to recharge at some point. It’s possible that the network is down, and you can’t get a recharge from your bank. On the other hand, you may be stranded somewhere without access to the internet.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to know how to top up your mobile phone number right now. You do not need to be worried; Airtel Nigeria has solved this issue.

code to borrow airtime from airtel

Airtel now allows users to borrow airtime. Extra credit is the name given to this service. Using the airtel extra credit code, you can borrow airtime or data and pay it back when you recharge. Except for the N25 loan, there is a 15% service charge.

Additionally, you can borrow data to use on the internet. Isn’t this fantastic?

However, it’s crucial to note that you must meet certain criteria to qualify for this loan.

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel – Eligibility Requirements

Airtel Extra Credit is a credit loan program that allows qualifying consumers to borrow airtime on credit and repay it when they reload their phone. To qualify for the airtime credit:

  • • Your SIM card must have been activated for a minimum of three months.
  • • Each month, you must recharge a minimum of N250. This is because your monthly recharge frequency will be taken into account.
  • • You must not have any outstanding talk time loans to qualify for this loan.
  • • To borrow Airtel airtime, you’ll need to know the code.

Code To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Dial the Airtel borrow code – *500*, then ‘#,’ followed by the quantity of airtime you want to borrow. For instance, if you’re going to borrow N100 Airtel credit, call *500*100#.

You can also dial *500# and then follow the prompts.

You should receive a notification indicating that your request is being handled shortly after that. If you meet the prerequisites, you’ll be able to do so. If you don’t, they’ll give you a message notifying you that you need to recharge more to qualify.

You will be credited with N85 once the processing message has been received. This is due to the elimination of the 15% service charge.

Code To Borrow Data From Airtel

Apart from borrowing airtime, Airtel subscribers can also borrow data to use on the internet. If you run out of data and cannot subscribe to another for whatever reason, you can borrow data and pay it back later by following these instructions.

*500# is the number to dial.

A prompt will appear after that. To borrow data, respond with 3.

If you’ve done everything correctly, they’ll show you a list of data bundles that you’re eligible for. It could be as little as 10MB or as much as 1TB.

Choose your preferred bundle. And they’ll activate your data plan of choice in no time.

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

How Do I Repay My Borrowed Airtel Data Or Credit?

The payback procedure is easy to follow, and all you have to do now is top up your line with the credit or data you’ve borrowed. After you’ve done this, Airtel will deduct the money you borrowed automatically.

If you run out of airtime or data and don’t have any cash, you can use Airtel’s Extra Credit Services. This loan can be accessed without the use of an internet connection. All you have to do is dial the unique USSD code, and they’ll credit your line in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions– How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Who is eligible for this service?

You must have been a subscriber to AIRTEL for at least two months. You must also be a committed and persistent subscriber who spends an average of N200 every month.

Why is it that Airtel won’t let me borrow airtime?

You won’t be allowed to use the service again until you pay the total amount outstanding. Furthermore, it will have a negative impact on your Advance rating, which is required to qualify for bigger sums in the future.

Conclusion: How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Airtel Extra Credit is a credit loan program that allows qualifying consumers to borrow airtime on credit and repay it when they reload their phone.

You will be required to transmit a request via a specified short code, *500#, which will supply you with all available airtime denominations. Dial *500*amount# to receive particular denominations.

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