When Does Airtel YouTube Night Time Start

When Does Airtel YouTube Night Time Start? – 2023

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Do you ever wonder when does Airtel YouTube Night Time Start? There is no doubt YouTube is one of the best social media platforms out there. With millions of users, a lot of people keep getting addicted to YouTube. 

Am not exempted though, like seriously, I breathe YouTube; most of the things I learned today were as a result of YouTube.

 It’s a great place to learn or get entertained; you may want to get yourself engaged with different TV series on YouTube; there are so many there; you may equally feel you want to learn one skill or the other; you’ll get to see all that on YouTube. 

But the problem is, you have to buy data bundles to be able to access YouTube, and if you decide to buy normal data bundles, it can be really expensive, so expensive that you might not have all the chance in the world to watch your favorite YouTube content. 

Never to worry, that’s why we are here; with YouTube Night Time, you’ll be able to watch all your favorite Youtube videos at night with little or no cost by the time we are done with this topic. 

When does “YouTube Night Time Start”? You’ll know exactly when to start, and we’ll equally discuss all the various Airtel YouTube plans out there and give you tips to make the most of them. Just keep scrolling and make sure you read to the conclusion; it’s going to be value packed.

What is Airtel YouTube Night Time?

Airtel YouTube Night Time is a type of promo given out by Airtel to customers who may want to watch videos on YouTube. 

The Airtel YouTube Night costs little compared to a normal data subscription; sometimes you even get it for free when you buy a normal data subscription. The Airtel YouTube Night is also called YouTube Video Packs. 

With the YouTube video packages, be sure to watch your favorite YouTube videos at a very affordable price. The YouTube nighttime video packs are divided into two parts:

1. YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs

2.YouTube Plus Packs

Let’s briefly discuss these two different YouTube packages.

The YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs

The YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs are special subscription that gives you access to only YouTube content. 

What this means is that when you subscribe to either the weekly or the monthly packs, you’ll only be able to use them for YouTube; if you had intentions of using them for other things, sorry, this plan is just for YouTube alone. 

The weekly package expires after 7 days, while the monthly package expires after 30 days. Later on in this post, I’ll tell you more about it, including how to subscribe.

The YouTube Plus Packs

The YouTube Plus Packs are quite different from the weekly and monthly plans; the YouTube Plus Packs are an incentive given to customers who purchase a regular data plan. 

What this means is that if you buy, say, 1 GB of data for N500, Airtel may decide to compensate you with a YouTube Plus Pack of 500 MB. 

Unlike the weekly and monthly plans where you directly buy YouTube bundles, here you are gifted YouTube Plus Packs because you purchased a normal bundle. 

We’ll discuss the different pack bundles as we go on, but now let’s look at how to access the different YouTube nighttime.


How To Access Airtel YouTube NightTime

Accessing and using both YouTube Plus Packs and the YouTube monthly and weekly plans is not difficult at all; all you have to do is get these bundles on your phone, activate them, ensure to be awake during the night hours, login to your YouTube application on your phone, and start watching your favorite videos. 

I will tell you how to activate your YouTube night mode; just keep scrolling.

How To Activate Your Airtel YouTube Night Time

Remember we talked about two different types of YouTube nights: the weekly and monthly nights and the YouTube Plus Packs nights. 

Now that we are going to discuss the different ways to activate these two-night plans, it’s important to note that generally, YouTube night plans are activated with *323#, but requesting for a particular night time requires twisting of codes, and we’re also going to discuss how that’s done.

When Does Airtel YouTube Night Time Start

Activation Codes for YouTube Weekly and Monthly Night Packs

The codes in the table below are the activation codes, the validity period, the price, and the volume for YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs. 

These Packs allow you to watch videos non-stop on YouTube during their validity period. Now that you’ve seen all the YouTube nights. 

PriceValidity PeriodData VolumeActivation code
N1507 Days300MB*323*22#
N40030 Days600MB*323*11#

Activation Codes for Airtel YouTube Night Plus Packs

These codes in the table below allow you to enjoy yourself on YouTube non-stop during their activation period. 

You can watch any kind of YouTube video of your choice during the activation period and time.

PriceActivation codeValidity PeriodNormal Data PriceYouTube Plus nighttime

Now that you’ve seen all the YouTube night time subscription details, we’ll now answer the question of when Airtel YouTube Night Time starts.

When does Airtel YouTube Night Time start?

The official YouTube Airtel nighttime starts at exactly 1 a.m. and ends at precisely 5 a.m. What this simply implies is that you cannot use any of the Airtel night plans before 1 a.m. You must wait until the time is right to start using it. 

Also, once it’s 5 a.m., the Airtel nighttime service stops working. Now that you know when your Airtel YouTube Night plan starts, permit me to give you tips that’ll ensure you make the most out of the various nighttimes.

Tips for using Airtel YouTube at night

Set up your alarm

Sometimes it’s difficult to cheat nature, but you can set your phone alarm up so that it wakes you up and reminds you of your date with YouTube.

 I remember sleeping off for a few minutes until 1 am while waiting to use my YouTube Night Time, and I know you wouldn’t want such

Use a stable internet connection: 

To help you get the most out of Airtel YouTube at night, I’ll encourage you to use a phone with a strong internet connection; it’ll help encourage smooth playback so that you’ll enjoy your night watching your favorite videos.

Explore YouTube More

Since you’re spending little or nothing on your YouTube Night Time, why not use the opportunity to check out new YouTube channels and see if you will gain more inspiration? There, seeing new videos will definitely be a way to enjoy yourself. 

Well, there are a lot of questions being asked on this issue; make sure to read our FAQ in the next paragraph as it’ll further give you some information.

When does the YouTube night time start?

Frequently Asked Questions on Airtel YouTube at Night

How do I use YouTube Night Time? 

Once you activate YouTube Night Mode, wait until 1 a.m., turn your phone data on, and start enjoying your YouTube videos.

Can I use YouTube Night Time on my Chrome or other browsers?

No, the answer is no. The Airtel YouTube Night Time feature can only be used on your YouTube Mobile app. You cannot use it through browsers.

When does the YouTube night time start?

The YouTube night practically starts from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., which means that you have just 4 hours to enjoy your YouTube night.

Can I use my YouTube night mode during the day?

The answer is no; if you want to access YouTube during the day, you might want to use normal data plans. YouTube Night Time is only for the night period.


Airtel YouTube Night Time is a very cost-effective opportunity for those who enjoy watching videos on YouTube. I will encourage all YouTube lovers to take advantage of this offer.

 It’ll help you watch your favorite YouTube videos and discover new channels without using your main data. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this offer now.


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