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MTN Data Plans and Internet Bundles Prices and Codes

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Are you looking for MTN data plans and internet bundle prices and codes? If yes, then this article is for you. As one of the most used mobile networks, MTN offers numerous data plans and internet bundles. 

With so many MTN data plans to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. However, each plan and bundle comes with different prices and codes. So, in most cases, knowing the plans and bundles is not a problem, but the price and codes are. 

However, by knowing the available plans, their codes, and prices, you should be able to find a plan that suits you perfectly. Well, you don’t need to stress yourself looking for MTN data plans, internet bundle prices, and codes, as we have covered you in this article.

How to check MTN data balance 

There are two ways to check MTN data balance, the first is using USSD code, and the second is through text message. 

To check your MTN data balance using the USSD code, dial *131#. It will bring many options, select 4 from the option, and a text message containing your data balance will be sent to you instantly. Alternatively, you can dial the direct code, which is *131*4#.

And to check MTN data balance through text message, you need to follow some steps. First, open the messaging app on your phone and create a new message. Then, type 2 as the message body and send it to 131. Don’t worry; it is free. Once the message is sent successfully, you will receive a new message with your data balance.

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How to activate internet browsing on MTN

In some cases, you may have enough data on your MTN SIM, but the internet will not work. This happens most especially to new phones. When that happens, you need to check and activate or reconfigure the internet setting on your phone.

In case you don’t know how to do it, we have explained how to do it below;

 Go to settings on your phone and select networks. Then reset your access point names or create a new one with the following details;

Account name: MTN GPRS

Access point name (APN):

IP Address:

Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)

Username: web

Password: web

The above method is the manual method to activate internet browsing on MTN. However, you can use the automatic method by SETTINGS to 3888. 

MTN Monthly Data plans, prices, and codes

MTN has various monthly data plans with different prices and codes. If you are interested in purchasing an MTN data plan, the table below contains a complete list of MTN data plans, codes, and prices;

MTN Data planPrice Code Duration Bonus 
1.5GB Data Plan₦1000Text 106 to 13130 days2GB for youtube 
2GB Data Plan₦1200text 130 to 13130 days600mb weekly youtube
3GB Data Plan₦1500text 131 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
4.5GB Data Plan₦2000text 110 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
6GB Data Plan₦2,500147 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
10GB Data Plan₦3000text 148 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
12GB Data Plan₦3500text 107 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
15GB Data Plan₦3000text 162 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
20GB Data Plan₦5000text 116 to 13130 days4gb youtube 
25GB Data Plan₦6000text 153 to 13130 daysNIL
45GB Data Plan₦10000text 117 to 13130 daysNIL
75GB Data Plan₦15000text 150 to 13130 daysNIL
120GB Data Plan₦20,000text 149 to 13130 daysNIL
200GB Data Plan₦30,000text 111 to 13130 daysNIL
30GB Data Plan₦8000text 119 to 13160 daysNIL
100GB Data Plan₦20000text 118 to 13160 daysNIL
160GB Data Plan₦30000text 138 to 13160 daysNIL
400GB Data Plan₦50000text 133 to 13190 daysNIL
600GB Data Plan₦75000text 134 to 13190 daysNIL
800GB Data Plan₦90,000text 115 to 131180 daysNIL
1TB Data Plan₦100,000text 135 to 131360 daysNIL
2.5TB Data Plan₦250,000text 136 to 131360 daysNIL
4.5TB Data Plan₦450,000text 137 to 131360 daysNIL
MTN Data Plan Prices

MTN weekly data bundles, codes, and prices

MTN is unquestionably a company to think about if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable data plan. With their weekly plans, you can get a respectable amount of data for a very affordable price. Additionally, if you need more data than the plan offers, you can always upgrade for a small fee to an extra gigabyte or two. In general, MTN is a fantastic choice for those looking to stay connected without going over budget.

Check the table below for complete MTN weekly data plans, prices and their codes 

MTN Data planPrice Code Duration 
350MB data plan₦300text 102 to 1317 days
750MB data plan₦500text 103 to 1317 days
2GB data plan₦1,000*131*105#7 days
1GB data plan₦500text 142 to 1317 days
6GB data plan₦1,500text 143 to 131 7 days

MTN Daily data plans, prices, and codes

MTN offers different packages of daily internet bundles and most last for just 24 hours. If you fail to exhaust the data within 24 hours, it will expire. Particularly, there are some plans for 48 and 72 hours, but those packages are few.

The table below contains all MTN daily data plan and their prices, codes and durations;

MTN Data planPrice Code Duration 
40MB Data plan₦50Text 114 to 13124 hours
100MB Data plan₦100Text 104 to 13124 hours
200MB Data plan₦200Text 113 to 13172 hours
1GB Data plan₦300Text 155 to 13124 hours
2GB Data plan₦500Text 154 to 13148 hours
2.5GB Data plan
MTN Data Plans

Cheap and Night MTN data plans

MTN night data plan starts from 11 pm – 6 am, and the data only work within that period. However, to make use of the MTN night plan, you must migrate to MTN pulse. You can do that by dialing *406*1#. Once the migration is completed, you can then dial *406# and select the available night data plans.

There are always two-night plans for MTN users; the first is the N25 plan, while the second is the N50 plan. You will be given 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50. However, both plans are only valid from 11 pm to 6 am. 

Although MTN night plans are cheap, but can’t be used during the day. In the absence of that, you can use MTN’s cheap data plans. Just like other plans, MTN’s cheap data bundles also come in different forms. Well, to check the available cheap data plans, dial *121#. It will show many cheap data options for you to choose preferably. Unfortunately, some SIM may not be eligible for the offer. 

MTN Social bundle prices and codes

MTN social bundles are basically for social media. An event-based data bundle offers unbeatable prices for people to access their preferred social media apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Eskimi, WeChat, YouTube, and TikTok.

MTN Social bundles have different packages and can subscribe just for specific social apps such as Facebook or generally all social media apps. The packages are as follows;

  •  ₦25 for WhatsApp — text WAD to 131 (last for 24 hours)
  • ₦25 for Facebook — text FBD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦25 for Ayoba — text ABD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦100 for Instagram — text INSD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦25 for WeChat — text WCD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦25 for Eskimi —- text ESKD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦100 for youtube, Instagram, and TikTok — text YIB to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦50 for all social media — text ASD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦25 for Facebook and WhatsApp — text WFD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦50 for TikTok — text TBD to 131 (24 hours)
  • ₦200 for Instagram –  text IGD to 131 (3 days)
  • ₦200 for all social media – text SMD to 131 (3 days)
  • ₦100 for social media – text ASW to 131 (7 days)
  • ₦250 for all social media – ASM to 131 (30 days)

There are still many other social media packages that may be available for you. To check those packages, dial *131*3#. 

MTN Always-On data plan/bundle

offers various always-on data plans for lower and higher prices. generally, always-on data plans are always cheaper than many plans.


Is there MTN unlimited data?

Yes. MTN has unlimited data plans with different packages. The package was designed for small and medium enterprises, small office Home offices, Home users, and those who stream videos online and probably download BIG gaming files on the internet.

How many GB is MTN unlimited data?

It is called unlimited data for a purpose. There is no specific amount of data that can be considered unlimited. Unlimited data are measured in time, either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The thing is that they will only work for the particular time you subscribed for.

How much is MTN 100GB?

100GB MTN data is always N30,000. However, there are some data plans that will give you 100GB data at a cheaper price, but unfortunately, those plans may not be available for everybody.

How much is MTN 1TB data plan?

1TB on MTN is N100,000, and to subscribe for 1TB; you can Text 135 to 131. You should note that the MTN 1TB data plan is a yearly package.

How do I get 50gb data on MTN?

To get 50gb data on MTN, you will need to make use of MTN Data Offers 4ME by dialing *121#. Although, the offer may not be available for you. 

How long will MTN 20GB data last?

It is hard to say the actual time 20GB MTN data will last. It always depends on how you use the data. The more you use it, the faster it finishes. Perhaps, 20GB of data is a monthly data plan which only lasts for 30 days. 

How can I share data on MTN?

MTN allows you to transfer data from your existing data to another person. However, there are two methods to transfer data on MTN. The first is through USSD, and the second is through SMS. 

Firstly, dial *131*Phone number*Data amount# or open a messaging app on your phone, then type Transfer (leave a space)  Phone number (space)  Data amount and send it to 131. You should note that the maximum amount you send is 1GB.

MTN Always-On data plan

This plan comes with different packages which are cheaper than the regular data plans. On this plan, your data will be limited to some certain period. Let, for instance, if you subscribe for always-on data of 45GB, you will only be allowed to use 1.5GB every day until it finishes. Once you use up to 1.5GB a day, the remaining data balance will stop working until another day. 

 Some always-On data plans are

  • 200 MB Daily & Night Plan
  • 450 MB Weekly & Night Plan
  • 15 GB Always-On Monthly Plan
  • 45 GB Always-On Monthly Plan

Conclusion for MTN Data Plan and Internet Bundles Prices and Codes

The best MTN data plan depends on your needs, but the most important factors to consider are price, data allowance, and speed. If you need a lot of data and can’t afford to pay much, then the Unlimited Data plan is a good option. However, if you want faster speeds, then you should consider one of the other plans. Whichever plan you choose, make sure to do your research so that you get the best possible deal.

In conclusion, the MTN data plan is a great way to get affordable and reliable internet access on your mobile phone. With the above-listed plans, you can surf the web, stream videos, and stay connected with your friends and family without worrying about overage charges. So if you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to stay connected, MTN data plans are definitely worth considering.

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