How to transfer airtime on Glo, Activate Glo Transfer Pin, and Data

There are times when we have more than enough airtime, and we wish to share with others. Other times, it may just be a show of love or a surprise gift for a special event. The Glo transfer PIN enables Glo users to share call credit and data with their friends and loved ones. There is a limit on your daily share; this limit is imposed to guarantee the user’s security. The feature that enables you to share credit is called Glo EasyShare.

Before we talk about activating a PIN, you must first create one. This blog post will explain how to transfer airtime on Glo, how you can create a PIN, activate it, share airtime and data, and how to retrieve your PIN when you forget it. 

How To Create The Glo Transfer PIN

Every Glo SIM card has a default transfer PIN preregistered on it. After purchasing the SIM, the initial settings need to be reconfigured. Some card vendors will help you with this, while many will not. Or, perhaps you had a PIN before, and now you want to change it, but you do not know how to.

To create a new PIN

  • dial *132* your old pin * your new pin * your new pin #
  • When it’s a new sim, the old or default pin is 00000.
  • dialing in the codes, it will be * 132 * 00000 * your new pin * your new pin #

Your selected PIN will become associated with your number and can be used to authorize transfers. 

In a case where you cannot remember your old pin, you will have to retrieve it before applying for a change of PIN. This will be discussed in the next section of this article. 

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How To Retrieve Glo Transfer PIN

You might be looking to retrieve your pin because you have forgotten the one you created. Or, someone close who knew the previous PIN might have done a change without informing the user. Ask your friends and family if anyone has done that, and try to keep your PIN private. 

The only way to retrieve your PIN is by contacting Glo customer service. A customer support service representative will attend to you and guide you on how to resolve the issue. To contact a support service representative, dial *121# and follow the call’s prompt.

How To Activate Glo Transfer PIN

Glo’s airtime and data-sharing service are very simple and easy to navigate. Perhaps, that’s why this service is referred to as EasyShare. After purchasing your Glo SIM card, only one activation is needed, and the process of creating a new pin is sufficient. So long as you remember your PIN, you can share data and airtime with your friends and loved ones whenever you wish. 

However, if you can no longer recall your PIN, you must contact customer care by dialing *121#. They would help you get your old PIN then you can reactivate the transfer PIN by following the steps given above.

 Note: you would have to select a new set of numbers as your PIN. 

How To Transfer Your Glo Airtime/Call Credit To Another Glo User

You can share Glo airtime with another user, and they will be credited in a couple of minutes. 

Before you can share airtime, it must be from your main balance. That is, you can not share airtime from a borrowed or bonus balance. 

There are two main ways to go about this. First, you can dial the code straight away, and the transaction will be processed, or you can take it step by step. 

Suppose you chose to use a straight code, dial *131*phone number*airtime amount to be transferred*pin #. The amount will be credited to the recipient shortly after. Delays may occur where there are network issues. 

An alternative is dialing *131#. A prompt will be displayed where you will fill in the log number of the recipient. Then another prompt to authorize the transaction, here you will type in your transfer pin. And that’s it. The airtime will be sent to the user, and you will be debited. 

Glo transfer code

Sometimes, this process may fail, and it’s best to try again after some time. Also, confirm you have enough in your main balance to make a transfer. When it still does not work, contact customer care, and they will help you make the transfer and resolve any underlying issues. 

Note: you will be charged a small fee for every transfer you make.

The minimum amount that can be transferred is 50 NGN, and the maximum is 1000 NGN per transfer. The daily transfer limit is 5000, so you would have to wait for 24 hours to make another transfer whenever you hit this limit. 

 How To Transfer Your Glo Airtime/Call Credit To Users of Other Networks(MTN, Airtel, Etisalat) 

All banks allow account holders to buy airtime directly from their accounts. The airtime can also be credited to the lines of their loved ones. This can be done by using the USSD code of the banks. For example, First Bank account owners can buy airtime by dialing *131# and then following the prompts they would be shown. Other banks have their codes. 

Aside from buying from the bank, other apps can be used to send airtime to your friends and family. All you have to do is create an account, fund it then applies for airtime transfer. Examples of such apps include Palmpay, Kuda, and Barter by Flutterwave. 

How To Transfer Your Glo Data To Another Glo User

Transferring Glo data is as easy as transferring Glo airtime. You can do this by dialing the shortcode. 

The shortcode for transferring Glo data is *777#. Prompts will be displayed in succession where you will select the network you hope to send, the recipient’s number, the amount of data, and PIN for confirmation. It usually takes a few minutes.

How to transfer airtime on Glo

How To Transfer Your Glo Data To Users of Other Networks(MTN, Airtel, Etisalat) 

This is impossible. You can neither share nor transfer data to another network. But, where you wish to gift someone, you can use the services of resellers or buy from your bank. Inquire about your bank code from your bank’s customer service representative. 

How To Share Your Data With Glo Users

Many people mistake sharing data for transferring data, but they are entirely different. When you transfer data, the recipient only has access to the amount of data you sent to them. However, when you share data or add people to your share list, they would have constant access to your main data balance till it expires. 

To add someone or a group of people to your share list, dial *127*01* the receiver’s number#. Alternatively, you can send “Share (friend’s number)” as a message to 127. People who buy bulk plans can share their subscriptions with their family and friends. 

Whenever you wish to remove someone, follow the same process. Dial *127*01* the number# or send “Remove (the number)” as a message to 127. 

Conclusion: How to transfer airtime on glo

How to Activate Glo Transfer PIN & Transfer Credit on Glo is one of the easy things to do with the Glo network. Glo transfer code makes it very easy to help a friend or family member out in a time of need. With the EasyShare feature, you are good to can easily share transfer Glo credit to family and friends.

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