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How to Use First Bank Transfer Code – First Bank USSD Code for Transactions [2023]

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Are you looking for how to use the First Bank Transfer Code? The first bank transfer code helps you send money from your account to other banks with your phone.

First bank is one of the biggest and largest financial institutions in Africa. They’ve been around for a long time and are well known for providing excellent service.

They have created a new banking technique to simplify their subscribers. Customers can effortlessly transact with the help of the first bank transfer code.

The top bank in West Africa, Nigeria’s number one bank brand, and the leading financial services solutions provider in Nigeria is First Bank of Nigeria Limited (“FirstBank”) founded in 1894.

First Bank offers the following services: money transfer services, loans & advances, cards, money deposits, distributorship financing, channels, guarantees, cash management, and foreign trade service.

This post will focus on how you can successfully transfer money from your First Bank account to another bank, recharge your line, check your account balance, pay utility bills, and other functions via the First Bank transfer code.

First Bank Transfer Code Benefits and Features

You can use the First bank transfer code whether you’re at home or on the go, thus allowing you to recharge your phone without accessing the internet.

 Some of the benefits and features are:

  • It is a very easy form of banking
  • You’ll have quick access
  • It is safe, secure, and reliable
  • It is very convenient
  • Internet connection is not needed to access its features
  • You can open up a bank account
  • You can use it to make airtime purchase
  • You can send money right to other banks
  • You can check your bank account balance with this first bank code
  • You can pay your utility bills

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First bank transfer code

What is The First Bank Transfer Code?

Before we go deeper into what the First Bank transfer code is and the various transactions you can use it for, let’s quickly look at what mobile banking is.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking, generally identified as USSD banking, is a way to complete all of your bank transactions right from your comfort using your mobile phone. In Nigeria, mobile banking has flourished, and most Nigerian banks have gladly welcomed it.

Mobile banking has reached a degree of simplicity, bringing together all of your bank commands in one location, allowing you to check bank account balances, make transfers, and conduct other financial operations.

First Bank Transfer Code

Now that you’ve understood what mobile banking is, it’s time to reveal to you the First Bank transfer code, or the First Bank code, as people often call it.

The first bank transfer code *894#, which the bank refers to as “Quick Banking,” allows registered users to do all bank operations using their phones.

You may transfer money from one bank to another, recharge your phone, and so on using the First bank transfer code.

To put it another way, First Bank transfer code, also known as First Bank Quick banking, is a service that allows First Bank account users to top-up their mobile lines effectively and quickly by dialing *894*AMOUNT# from their phones.

When the numbers are dialed, two options are given:

 Quick Banking: For First Bank account users only, follow the prompts to access the specified services.

 • Firstmonie: For electronic wallet transactions. Both non-account holders and account holders can use this.

Requirements For First Bank Code

Before you can make use of the transfer code, you’ll need the following:

  1. An active First Bank account
  2.  A registered mobile number
  3.  A phone number linked to your First Bank account
  4.  A mobile phone
  5.  A linked debit card to your FirstBank account
  6.  A profiled phone for SMS alert

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How To Activate/Register First Bank Code

Mobile banking is straightforward, easy, and faster in Nigeria without an internet connection. You only need to open an account, and you’re ready to go.

Follow the instructions below to register for the First Bank transfer code banking service:

  • Dial *894*0#
  • You’ll get a list of masked debit card numbers that are linked to your account on the display
  • Choose your preferred debit card
  • Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the choosing debit card
  • Create a new PIN – which will be your First Bank transfer pin.

A notice stating that your registration was successful will be sent to you. “Congratulations, your First Bank Quick Banking service has been successfully activated.”

Please, it is recommended that you use a transfer PIN that is very easy to remember.

How To Purchase Airtime with The First Bank Transfer Code

Follow the steps below if you want to purchase airtime from your First Bank account to your mobile number:

  • Dial *894*Amount#, click on the send button
  • Enter your transfer PIN
  • Press the send button
  • Follow further instructions which will be displayed to you on the screen to purchase the airtime

If you want to send 1000 Naira airtime to your phone number, say 08160400001, use this code: *894*1000*08160400001#.

It’s important to note that you must use the same phone number you used to sign up for the First Bank USSD banking service.

Do you want to buy airtime to another phone number from your own First Bank account? If yes, then follow these steps:

  • Dial *894# on the phone number which is connected to your First Bank account
  • Select the amount you want to recharge the number and press send
  • Input the phone number where you are sending the airtime recharge to
  • Enter your transfer PIN

You can as well dial: *894*Amount*Phone Number#. After that, you will need to enter your transfer PIN. The airtime will be credited to the phone number if everything goes well.

Please be aware that customers of First Bank can make daily transfers of up to N100,000.00 and recharge airtime for up to N10,000.00.

How To Send Money Using First Bank Transfer Code

Follow the steps below to transfer money using the First Bank code:

  • Dail *894#
  • Input the amount you would like to transfer
  • Enter the account number of the bank you are transferring the money to
  • Select the bank name
  • Enter your transfer PIN

Wait for a message indicating that your transaction has been completed.

Other First Bank Transfer Codes

To register: *894*0#

Airtime recharge: *894*Amount#

Airtime recharge for others: *894*Amount*Number#

Money transfer: *894*Amount*Account number#

To check airtime: *894*00#

Mini-statement: *894*Account number#

Frequently Asked Questions about First Bank Transfer Codes

What is 894?

894 is a fast, convenient, safe, and simple way to conduct financial transactions (Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Check Balance, Pay Bills, and more) on your First Bank account from any mobile phone without the need of an internet connection.

What Services Are Available On 894?

With 894, you can transfer funds, check bank account balances, acquire airtime for yourself and others, make purchases, pay utility bills, set up an account, and much more.

Who Can Use This Service?

Individual bank account holders who enrolled their phone numbers in the Bank’s SMS alert systems. This feature is not available for joint, corporate, or multiple signatory accounts.

How Secure is the 894 Mobile Banking?

894 is fully secure because all financial transactions require registration and PIN authentication.


The First Bank transfer code is a shortcode that enables you to conduct important banking operations and transactions without the need for an internet connection or any prior knowledge.

With the first bank transfer code, you can do various transactions, including money transfers, airtime recharges, balance inquiries, account opening, taking out loans, purchasing data, and utility bills payment, among others.

For more information, visit the First Bank website.

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