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Ecobank Transfer Code: How To Register And Use Ecobank USSD (2023)

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Did you know that there is an easy way to send money to friends and family without having to go through the hassle of a third party? All you need is your mobile phone and the Ecobank Transfer Code.

Ecobank, over the years, has remained committed to Africa as a continent for at least 30 years with banking operations in over 30 + countries in Africa.  It is one of the leading banking groups in West Africa and an African pan bank 

This article will teach you how to register and use the Ecobank transfer code. So, let’s get started!

Ecobank Transfer Ussd Code

Have you searched for a way to access your ecobank account without stress when you want to make a transfer, buy airtime, pay bills, or contact customer care service without needing to go to the bank? If yes, I would like to assure you that your problem has been found.

The unique Ecobank USSD code for Nigerians is made up of 3 main digits. The ecobank transfer code is *326#. It is easy to remember, and this USSD code can be used without difficulty.

The code can help you perform the above-listed transactions whether you have a smartphone or not; all you need to perform this transaction is just a mobile phone to carry out these activities from the comfort of your home.

 The solution to your problem is to assess the ecobank USSD code that helps perform any bank transaction. Ecobank transfer code combines some digits you can dial to perform a transfer, buy airtime, pay bills by using this ecobank code. 

This ecobank USSD code gives you numerous options in accessing your account with or without an internet connection

Ecobank transfer code doesn’t need a smartphone or a mobile app to work.

All you need is just a mobile phone, and by dialing this ecobank USSD code in a few minutes, you can carry out different transactions.

You may see this as a regular code, but this unique Ecobank transfer code has so many features to make banking easy, and I’ll be listing some below. 

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Advantages Of Ecobank Transfer Code

  • You don’t need to access the internet before dialing the transfer code
  •  It is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • There’s no time limit to using the ecobank transfer code; you can access this ecobank code any time of the day.
  • Your transaction is well secured because you need a pin always to approve all your eco bank transactions whenever you use this USSD code.

I hope you have seen more reasons why you always need to use the ecobank USSD transfer code for all your transactions with the above advantages.

Ecobank USSD code

Below I will show you how to activate the ecobank transfer code with these easy steps. As far as you know, the basics of a mobile phone the steps to follow are simple and easy to access.

How to Activate / Register Ecobank Transfer Code

So, you can activate the ecobank transfer code on your mobile phone. There are a few requirements you need to perform this action. Listed below are the requirements:

Requirements On How to Activate Ecobank Transfer Code

  • You need to have an account with ecobank before setting up your ecobank transfer USSD code.
  • A mobile phone for registration with or without an internet connection.
  • A debit card that is linked to your account.
  • Ensure your phone number is registered and linked to your account.

These are the major requirements needed before setting up your ecobank transfer code. 

Steps On How to Activate Your Ecobank Transfer Code

  • Dial the ecobank transfer code, which is *326#
  • A Menu will pop up with the different option 
  • You will need to connect the debit card associated with your account
  • Enter your eco bank account number and proceed
  • Create a four-digit pin that can be used to authorize any transaction that is to be carried out on your mobile phone, and ensure your pin is something you can always recall
  • A confirmation message will pop up to congratulate you on successfully registering for the eco bank USSD transfer code

This process above is carried out when your phone number is not connected with your registered account, but most time, once your account is connected with your registered number and you dial the eco bank USSD transfer code, which is *326#, you don’t need to go through this registration process again 

 All you need to do is set up your pin and put your account number, and you’re good to go.

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How To Transfer Money Using Ecobank Transfer Code

Below are the steps to transfer money from Ecobank to Ecobank or from Ecobank to other banks

  • Dial *326# 
  • Select Transfer from the menu
  • Input receiver’s account number
  • Select the bank
  • Input the amount 
  • Confirm the amount and name 
  •  Input your pin for confirmation

How To Buy Airtime Using The Ecobank Code

  • DIal Eco bank USSD code *326#
  • Select airtime from the option
  • Input the phone number you want the airtime to be credited to 
  • Input the amount
  •  Input pin

How To Check Your Account Balance Using the Ecobank Code

  • Dial ecobank USSD code *326#
  •  Select account balance
  •  Input your pin
  • Account number Will display either as a flash message or in your inbox

How To Use The Ecobank Code To Pay Bills

  • Dial ecobank USSD code *326#
  • Select Pay bills 
  • Select the type of bill you want to pay
  • Input the amount you wish to pay
  • Input your pin
  • Wait for a message to show the transaction is successful

How to create an account using the ecobank ussd code

Apart from all the features listed above, you know you can also open an account from the comfort of your home using this same ecobank USSD code without any need to stress yourself going to the bank? if not, here is the process

  • Dial the ecobank USSD code on your mobile phone *326#
  • Select open account
  • Input your first name and last name and follow the prompt


The Ecobank USSD code is a convenient way to conduct transactions on your bank account without using the internet or a mobile app. Still, I’m sure by now you’ve known all the processes involved in making significant transactions using the ecobank transfer code.

You can reach out to Ecobank Nigeria if you have more questions by calling +23412772904 or sending an email @ [email protected]

Have you tried using the Ecobank USSD code? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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