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Zenith IBanking- How To Setup Your Online Access [2023]

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Are you looking for how to use Zenith ibanking? Zenith Bank has made banking easy by assisting its customers in transferring funds, managing finances, and making card settlements by introducing Zenith ibanking, also known as Zenith internet banking.

Zenith Bank Nigeria has provided quality services over the years and innovative products; they also provide access to your account anytime if you are their customer.

If you have been searching for how to utilize Zenith banking with ease, below are steps you need to follow to carry out the zenith ibanking without stress. But first, you need to fulfill some requirements.

Zenith Internet Banking

Zenith Ibanking allows customers to get real-time balances of their accounts, view and download account activity, request checkbooks, exchange dollars between their accounts, pay utility bills, and other uploads.

Mobile banking is just a little out of the ordinary for digital banking at Zenith Bank. Get access to your credit card 24 hours a day from any location as soon as you sign up for any online and mobile banking.

Zenith Internet Banking is different from Zenith Mobile banking; Zenith Ibanking requires the use of data for an internet connection to the process, whereas Zenith Mobile banking uses simple USSD code for transactions with no internet connection.

This can be done with the use of a sim card linked to your bank account with the help of a mobile phone (mobile, android, or ios).

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Requirements To Setup Zenith Internet Banking

Below are a few requirements needed to be able to access the Zenith ibanking 

  • A personal computer or a smartphone
  • Web browser 
  • Internet connection
  • An account with zenith bank

Zenith bank offers two major types of Internet banking, and below are the types and their features. 

Zenith Internet Banking

Types Of Account For The Zenith Ibanking 

  • Personal Internet Banking

This platform gives individuals access to request checkbooks, transfer funds and pays utility bills.

  • Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate gives you access to carry out the following.

  • Secured transactions in administering payroll 
  • Secure online payments 
  • Pay import duties 
  • Issue draught 
  • Confirm and stop the cheque

Features & Benefits Of Zenith Internet Banking 

below are some of the features of using the zenith ibanking

  1. Ability to make transfers within Nigeria and to any beneficiary account worldwide 
  2. Account monitor and report your daily activities and transaction 
  3. Your staff can be paid electronically
  4. You can print receipts and make import duty payments
  5.  Confirm cheques online 
  6.  Receive mail notifications

The benefits of zenith ibanking are listed below:

  • It makes i-banking available daily without limits 
  • SMS and email notifications are guaranteed
  • it can be performed anywhere from the comfort of your home 
  • It saves you from stress, time, and energy

How To Process The Zenith Ibanking

  • Download the application form, which is usually in pdf format.
  •  Ensure you fill the form with the correct information 
  • Submit to the nearest Zenith Bank branch close to you.

A pack containing your login details will be delivered to you within two days or less. 

This package includes your account number and password. The package will be sent to you, or you can receive it personally or through the customer care relations officer.

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How to Activate Your Zenith Ibanking

Using the following guidelines, you can activate your zenith ibanking from anywhere

  • Visit the zenith Ibanking page
  • Log on to the zenith ibanking by using your username and password or using the access code, or you can use a token and your account number.
  • Once you can access your zenith ibanking, your zenith Internet banking has been activated automatically.

Zenith Online Banking Transfer Limit

You can make up to a daily transfer limit of three (3) million to Zenith bank and one (1) million to other banks.

Zenith Bank

How To Download The Zenith Ibanking App 

Suppose you’ve been searching for how to download The Zenith Internet banking application. In that case, you can download the Zenith Bank app from the Google Play store or apple store after you finish setting up your Zenith ibanking profile.

After downloading and installing the app, you can log in with your Zenith Bank internet ID.

 How To Create A Zenith Pin

You can create a pin using the  Zenith bank internet  banking with ease and without stress; this person is important while using the zenith ibanking app; all  you have to do is to click here

How To Receive The Zenith Bank Token 

One can request the Zenith bank token using the Zenith ibanking app; all you must do is go to other services on the zenith ibanking and select the token request on the side menu.

 This token usually comes for a fee of 3,500 Naira. This token is usually secure because of the encryption technology used to safeguard whatsoever information is being transferred.

 One can also get this token by requesting any Zenith Bank branch close to you, and you will be given a form to fill out and submit.

How To Activate Ussd Code Zenith Bank

Zenith ibanking can also be helpful most times, but when you cannot access the internet or do not own a smartphone, you can use the Zenith bank USSD code.

The code can give you access to a few of the features that the zenith Ibanking gives you. The only difference is that you do not need an internet connection or a smartphone. If you have any of the above listed, it is an added advantage

Once you have a mobile phone without an internet connection, you can perform your transactions from the comfort of your home; the unique code is *966#.

Requirements For Setting Up The Zenith Bank Ussd Code

Have you been searching for how to access the zenith bank ussd code if you do not have the zenith ibanking app?

Search no more because you are a few steps closer to accessing the zenith bank ussd code if only you can fulfill the below requirements.

You need very few things to set up your Zenith bank USSD code on your mobile phone; the requirements are

  • an account with Zenith bank 
  • a mobile phone that can make calls
  • phone number connected to your account
  • Debit card
Zenith ibanking

Steps On How To Activate The Zenith Bank Ussd Code

There are step-by-step guidelines to follow to activate the zenith bank code on mobile

  • Dial the code on your mobile, which is *966*00# 
  •  Follow the prompts 
  • Input the Last six digits of your debit card
  • Add your bank account number 
  • Set up a 4-digit pin 
  • Confirm the pin and proceed

This four-digit pin can always be used to confirm all your transactions

Benefits Of The Zenith Bank Ussd Code

The Zenith bank USSD code can give you access to some of the privileges you can enjoy when using Zenith ibanking. the benefits are listed below

  1. Transfer of funds 
  2. Buy airtime 
  3. Buy data
  4. Pay bills
  5. Cable subscription

How To Use The Zenith Ussd Code To Check Your Balance

This simple USSD code can also give you access to check your account balance even though you do not have access to the zenith Internet banking

  • Dial *966*00#
  • Input your four-digit pin
  • Follow the prompt
  • Your account balance will be sent in the form of a text message 

How To Create An Account Using The Zenith Bank Ussd Code

Do you know you can also create an account using this simple USSD code to create an account?  

You may be in doubt, but the procedures are listed below

  • Dial *966#
  • Select one to open an account
  • Select any of the options if you want to create an account for yourself or a third party
  • Follow the prompt

Zenith bank customer care

You can always visit www.zenithbank.com or call Zenith Bank contact 234-1-2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK or the nearest Zenith branch to obtain further information concerning internet banking. Email them @ [email protected].


In conclusion, after going through this article, you don’t need to panic if you do not have a smartphone or internet connection to access the zenith Internet banking because the zenith bank USSD can serve as an option.

The difference between the zenith ibanking and the USSD code is clear, but you have various options to choose from when you use the zenith Internet banking compared to the USSD code. For more information, click here


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