Businesses that Can Give You 1000 Naira Daily in Nigeria

16 Interesting Businesses that Can Give You 1000 Naira Daily in Nigeria

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Businesses that Can Give You 1000 Naira Daily in Nigeria: Are you looking for businesses that can make you 1000 naira daily in Nigeria?

In this article, I have listed 16 businesses that you can set up today that’ll bring in an extra 1k daily.

11 of the 16 Businesses listed in this article require an upfront capital of N200k. 

The remaining five are online businesses you can start with your phone from the comfort of your home. 

Commitment is what makes every business work. Even more so, the online one. 

With commitment, businesses are easy. 1000 naira daily from a business is like eating a cake, super easy.

But before the money starts coming in, you have to work. 

Think of it like building a house. 

Before you can start enjoying the comfort of a house, you have to dig the foundation, you also have to lay the blocks and roof the house. 

It’s the same with business. 

Before you can start enjoying the money in a business, you have to find a good location, set up the shop and get the products you intend to sell.

If you choose to go online, the job is to learn a high income skill such as selling, graphic design, content creation etc.

The only job that will pay you N1000 instantly is a menial labout job. That is not an option. 

With this out of the way, let’s dive into the article:

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Businesses That Can Give You 1000 Naira Daily In Nigeria

1. Fruit Business. 

Businesses that Can Give You 1000 Naira Daily in Nigeria

This is one of the best businesses you can start today to make 1000 naira daily in the country.

It is a business that is both cheap to start and profitable.

You can start a fruit business with 300k as there’s no need to rent a shop.

You might rent a shop for storing the fruit if you want, but you can hire a space for this if you are short on money.

The secret of success in the fruit business is to find a good location. 

Selling tasty fruits and having a great customers service are also big pluses.

Making 1000 naira daily is an easy target to hit if you’re selling fruits in Nigeria.

Fruit vendors make as much as N5k to 10k daily from selling water melon, banana, apples etc.

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2. Food Stuff Business

The food stuff business is another business that is guaranteed to make you 1000 naira daily in Nigeria. 

Food is a commodity that is always in demand. People will eat whether things are good or bad.

Starting a food stuff business in Nigeria ia a great decision if you’re looking for a business to go into.

You can start with as little as 400k if you have a shop.

Without a shop, youll have to make a budget of 500k – 1million.

This money will be quickly recovered as you can make as much as 30k daily doing this business. 

Here is an article that will show how to start a food stuff business in Nigeria.

3. Provision Store Business

Selling provision in a residential area can easily make you 1000 naira every morning. 

The provision store business is a money generating machine that you can start with 500k.

Find a container and place it in a good spot. 

Visit various provision stores in your area and find out the products that sells the most. 

Find a market where you can purchase these products cheap, then bring them and start selling. 

Its important that you find a carpenter who will make your shop look nice.

Your customers have to feel good when when they come to your shop. If they feel good, they are bound to return next time. 

Here’s are 11 essential steps for starting a provision store business in Nigeria.

4. Fast Food Business

I have a close friend who runs a fast food business. She makes nothing less than 10k everyday.

Which business can give you 1000 naira daily in Nigeria? The fast food business comes at the top of the line. 

Like many businesses, the trick to succeed is to find a good location. 

There are several types of fast food businesses that you can start today:

  • Jollof Rice
  • Indomie and Eggs
  • Sell from a food truck
  • Sell soup and rice in the evening from a canopy
  • Sell only exotic meals like ukwa and bushmeat.

Whatever you choose will make you hit the target of 1000 naira daily in Nigeria. 

5. Bar or Beer Parlour Business

Buying and selling of bush meat, pepper soup and beer is a thriving business in Nigeria. 

On average, people around the world drink about 6.4 liters of pure alcohol per year. In Nigeria, it’s much higher, at 13.4 liters.

Bar owners sell more than 3 cartons of beer every night. On Saturdayss and Sunday, this number is double. 

Each carton of beer is sold with a profit of 700 or 800 naira in Nigeria. 

If you are selling pepper soup along with it. 1000 naira daily is simple.

For fun, have a sports activity like snooker and table tennis to keep people entertained. 

This equals to more money in your pocket.

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6. Meat Business

Meat business in Nigeria

I like the meat business because it’s one of those businesses people hardly talk about.

You can either sell meat in a market or you sell in a shop.

Selling in a shop gives you the option of selling a variety of frozen food. 

Add home delivery service to this and you’re a big business. 

Its easy to make a profit of 5k daily in Nigeria selling meat, either in a market or in a shop.

7. Pure Water Distribution Business

Here is how the pure water distribution business works:

You buy from a manufacturing company and you sell to shop owners. Its normal for these shop owners to buy 20 bags of water in a spot.

I have a friend who runs a pure water distribution business. She buys 1000 bags of pure water and sells them all in a week.

She makes 70 naira from each bag. 20 bags will give you 1400 naira. 

Starting a pure water distribution company requires a shop. 

The budget for starting this type of business is 500k to 1million.

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8. Selling of Local Drinks like Brukutu and Palm Wine

Palm Wine business in Nigeria

Looking for a fun business that’ll give you N1k daily in Nigeria?

Why not try selling local drinks like brukutu or palm wine.

There’s a spot that I go to to water my taste buds whenever I go to Enugu.

This is a business run by a family.

The man who owns the shop has children in university. He caters to them just from this business. 

A gallon of palm wine can be bought for N1k and sold for N2500.

 So money, especially N1000 naira is easy with this business. 

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9. Baking Business

The baking and selling of cakes like snacks and meat pie is a thriving business in Nigeria. 

The good about this business is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

To make the most money from this business, position yourself as a distributor. 

You bake and sell to shop owners.

I’ve always bought a particular cake from a shop down my street. 

I saw the same cake in another shop in town the other day, and found out it was baked and distributed by one person all over town.

To succeed in this business, find a way to talk to shop owners. Offer them something so good they can’t resist.

Here’s how to do that: 

  • Where do they buy baked snacks?
  • How much do they make?
  • Will they consider buying a better one where they can make more money?

To make it even better, offer them the chance to return every spoilt cake if they fail to sell it. 

With these things in place, 1000 naira daily is nothing. 

10. Stainless Steel Handrail Business

If you are looking for a business that’ll make you N1k daily in Nigeria, this one is a sure banker. 

The downside to this business is that it requires a capital of N1million and above to start. 

A single length of stainless steel pipe is sold with a profit of N500.  

Customers buy 10+ of these pipes whenever they want to buy.

In this business, its easy to make as much as N10k+ a day.

To make more than this, offer a service where your company can install the rail for clients. 

This puts more than 1k daily in your pocket.

11. Transportation Business

Running an Uber business or a keke or bus business is another one that’ll make you 1000 naira daily in Nigeria. 

People move around everyday. Be in a position to help them out with this and make some money.

Its already popular that the easiest way to make money is by helping people solve their problems. 

Being in the transportation sector allows you to do this in a very tangible way.

12. E-commerce

E-commerce is a business model where you import a product from China and sell it in Nigeria. 

The ecommerce business has made millionaires out of ordinary Nigerians.

If you are looking for a business to make N1k daily in the country, this is another one you can look into.

I highly recommend this business. 

The good thing about the ecommerce business is that you can do it on your phone, from whatever location.

You can also start with N100k.

For starters, invest in a course. 

The best course out there for learning how to start by Ecommerce business is the one created by Courage Ngele.

13. Creating and Selling a digital product 

Digital product  business in Nigeria

Create and sell a digital product with ads and make 1000 naira daily in Nigeria. 

We’re in the information age. These days it’s pretty easy to make money with the knowledge you have. 

Let’s say you know how to make zobo or kunu. You can easily create an ebook that’ll teach people how to do this. 

With Facebook Ads, you can put this ebook infront of people who need it.

This ebook can be sold for 1k each digital copy.

If you have no prior knowledge how to create an ebook or run a Facebook ad.

 Invest in a course that will teach you how. 

Most courses sell for N10k or N20K.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular online business where you refer a buyer to a seller and you make a commission for your efforts. 

Affiliate commissions can be as low as N1k for a sale to as high as N500k for bringing in one client.

Its easy to make 10k daily in Affiliate Marketing. 

While Affiliate marketing is one venture that can make you a lot of money, you have to do it right.

If you want to start affiliate marketing, invest in a course. 

After learning, then you implement. You can do affiliate marketing on your phone. 

15. YouTubing

If you  are in need of a business that will pay you 1k daily or more, start a YouTube Channel. 

Starting is free, you pay with your effort and attention.

You can talk about anything in your channel, as long as it is helpful or entertaining. 

When you get to 1000 subscribers, YouTube will begin to pay you.

YouTube pays you $10 or more for having 1k views on your videos.

This is one business model where you get to make money even while you sleep.

As long as people are watching your videos you are making money.

Like everything done online, the best way to start a YouTube channel is to start. 

As you go try to learn as much as you can. 

Investing in a course is a major part of this. 

This will help you avoid wasting time and energy and data doing all the wrong things. 

16. Freelancing

You can make 1000 naira a day working for people online. 

There are many types of freelance work you can offer

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Content writing
  • Social media manager
  • Virtual Assistant

To be a freelancer, you need a skill. This skill is what you offer to people and you get paid for your efforts.

Getting a skill online requires you to go through a learning phase that could last for a year.

In this period you may earn little or nothing. 

After learning, you can make as much as 1million naira monthly, that’s 30k every day.

Before You Go…

These 16 diverse business opportunities can certainly help you earn 1000 Naira daily. 

Remember, building a sustainable income takes time and persistence.

Whether you choose to sell fruits, run a fast food business, engage in e-commerce, or explore any other option, always focus on delivering quality and meeting customer needs.

If you’re eager to explore more ways to increase your income, check out this one: “15 easy to Make 2000 Naira Daily in Nigeria,” where I dive into even more strategies and opportunities.

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