Businesses You Can Start With 50K in Nigeria 

37 Unique Businesses You Can Start With 50K in Nigeria 

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Are you looking for Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 50K in Nigeria?

Starting a business with 50,000 Naira in Nigeria means you need to plan well and find good business opportunities that don’t cost too much but can bring in a lot.

First, think about what you want to do. It could be selling something people want to buy or offering a service that can help them.

You might face some challenges, and at first, you might not make a lot of money, but that’s okay. 

So, remember, even with 50k, you can still make something good if you plan carefully, work hard, and never give up. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Here are 37 Businesses You Can Start With 50K in Nigeria:

1. Retail of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

You could operate a store that offers everyday items that people truly enjoy purchasing. 

These items might include things such as snacks, drinks, shampoo, and soap. By establishing a store of this nature, you have the opportunity to bring joy to people by conveniently providing the items they desire to purchase.

It is advisable to emphasize products with high demand to ensure a consistent influx of customers.

2. Selling Clothing and Accessories

start Selling Clothing and Accessories with 50k

How about initiating a business that sells stylish clothes, shoes, and elegant accessories?

You can achieve this by establishing a shop where individuals can visit to view the entire collection, or by engaging in online sales through platforms like Facebook or websites dedicated to e-commerce.

You can absolutely commence this endeavor with a mere 50,000 Naira! This is because there’s no requirement for an extravagant store or a substantial amount of money.

You can commence on a smaller scale, and then, as more people develop an appreciation for your products, you can expand your business.

With 50k, you can acquire a selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories to showcase, whether within your own physical store or on an online platform.

3. Mobile Phone Accessories

Consider selling some of the things that can protect and enhance the appearance of phones, making them look cooler.

Things like phone cases, chargers, screen protectors, and headphones. These are akin to extras that individuals enjoy having for their phones.

You can initiate a business venture by selling these items, and it will enable you to earn some money!

Furthermore, these phone accessories don’t necessitate a grandiose store for their sale. You can commence on a smaller scale, perhaps online or within a modest shop.

You have the opportunity to discover favorable deals for purchasing these accessories in bulk, which implies that you can procure a multitude of them at once for a reduced price. With your 50,000 Naira, you can acquire a selection of these accessories to kickstart your business.

As more people purchase them, you can employ the proceeds to obtain even more accessories and expand your business.

4. Mini Food Stand or Food Delivery

If you’re truly adept at cooking and crafting delectable dishes, you could absolutely consider initiating a small food stand venture or even providing food delivery services. Just like when you order Shawarma and it arrives at your doorstep.

The intriguing aspect here is that you can choose a specific type of food in which you excel.

When you prepare exceptionally flavorsome meals that garner people’s affection, they will be inclined to make purchases from you.

Now, why might you be able to commence this business with $50,000?

Firstly, to procure the necessary ingredients for crafting the food.

Secondly, to secure a petite stand or acquire equipment for facilitating deliveries.

Thirdly, to design an appealing sign that effectively informs individuals about your delectable offerings.

5. Freelancing or Online Services

Starting a business  freelancing  doesn’t cost a ton. 

With 50k you can get a second hand laptop and dive right into it. 

If you already own a laptop you can use some of that money for things like setting up a professional-looking website, getting some cool software tools, and maybe even a bit for advertising so more people can find out about your skills.

As your business grows, you might want to invest in better tools or maybe even hire other people to help you. 

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6. Event Planning and Decoration

If you truly enjoy generating creative ideas and maintaining organization, you could absolutely establish a business where you assist in planning and decorating events. 

This implies that you could contribute to crafting splendid birthdays, weddings, parties for companies, and a variety of other enjoyable activities.

Now, you might be wondering why $50,000 is necessary to initiate this business. Well, that sum of money can facilitate the commencement of your endeavor. 

You’ll require items such as decorations, supplies, potentially a computer to oversee everything, and even some funds to promote your innovative new business.

 It’s akin to preparing your tools prior to embarking on the construction of something truly remarkable.

7. Cleaning Services

Businesses You Can Start With 50K in Nigeria 

You can also help clean up various places such as houses, offices, and even after parties.

You know, when there’s a significant mess? All you need are simple cleaning items like brooms, mops, and sprays.

You can start this business with 50,000 Naira. That might sound like a lot, but it’s for purchasing all the cleaning supplies and tools you need to get started.

People and businesses will pay you to make their places nice and clean, so that’s how you can make money.

8. Tutoring or Coaching.

If you’re really good at something, like a subject in school or a cool skill, you could help others get better at it too.

You could be like a teacher, but in a more relaxed way. People who want to learn about things could pay you to teach them.

You could start this kind of business with 50,000 naira. Well, that’s a pretty good amount of money to get things going. You might need some things like books, maybe some computer stuff, and some advertising to tell people you’re ready to teach.

You could also use some of the money to make a nice space for teaching if you want. With 50,000 naira, you can get everything ready and show everyone that you’re a super awesome tutor or coach!”

9.Personal Shopping Services

Some folks might need help with shopping—like picking out clothes or getting groceries. Well, guess what? You can actually start a business doing just that. 

You will help people find the coolest deals on stuff they want to buy. 

If they want new clothes or yummy groceries, you’ll be their shopping agent. You can charge a little bit of money for your super helpful services.

All you need to start this business is $50,000. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually not that much when you think about it. With that money, you can set up a cool website, get some advertising going, and maybe even hire a helper or two.

You’ll be like a shopping detective, finding the best deals and awesome stuff for people who might not have the time to do it themselves.

10 Richarge card vendor

You might want to think about selling recharge cards in an area where a large number of people reside. 

Significant neighborhoods or bustling streets where numerous houses are present, and people are frequently moving about. 

Individuals require these recharge cards to add more minutes or data to their phones, enabling them to continue their conversations and texting. 

Given the high population density, there’s potential to sell a substantial quantity of these cards. 

With the $50,000 at your disposal, you could purchase a variety of recharge cards from different phone companies. Subsequently, you could establish a small shop or a stand within that bustling vicinity.

11. Mobile Repairs

So, you know how almost everyone has those little gadgets like phones and tablets, right? Well, guess what? If you start a business that fixes these gadgets when they break, you could make some serious money!

See, lots of people use phones and tablets all the time, and sometimes, oopsie, they accidentally drop them or something goes wrong with them.

 That’s where your business comes in.  You can fix those gadgets and make them work like new again.

You can start this business with $50,000? Well, think about it. You’ll need some special tools and equipment to fix those gadgets. 

Plus, you’ll need a place where you can work on them and some cool advertising to let people know you’re the gadget-fixing expert. All these things together might cost around $50,000.

12. Plant Nursery

If you enjoy tending to plants and such, you can initiate a fascinating enterprise known as a plant nursery. 

It’s akin to possessing your very own petite gardening emporium! You can vend various sorts of plants and items utilized in gardening.

Embarking on this plant nursery venture doesn’t necessitate a substantial sum of money—just 50,000, in fact.

With this sum, you can procure the plants, pots, soil, and other essentials required to commence. 

Moreover, you can craft an appealing space to showcase your plants, making it inviting for customers. 

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13. Smoked Fish Business

Well, with 50,000 naira, you can purchase equipment such as special ovens and tools that are necessary to smoke the fish and make it exceptionally tasty. You’ll also require a workspace, such as a small shop or perhaps even a food truck.

But why smoked fish, you inquire? Well, fish is healthy and enjoyed by many people. Smoked fish possesses a unique flavor that numerous folks adore.

So, when you vend it, people might return for more, and that’s fantastic.

50,000 naira can assist you in launching your business.

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14. Soap Production Business

You can start a soap production business with just 50,000. 

People use soap every day to stay clean and fresh. Well, that’s where your business comes in. You’ll make and sell soap to people, and they’ll buy it because everyone needs soap.

With 50k, you can buy all the materials you need to make soap, like different scents, colors, and shapes.

You can also get the tools and equipment to mix everything together and create awesome soap bars.

Once you’ve got your materials and tools, you can start making soap at home. You can try making different kinds of soap – some with cool smells like lavender or citrus, and some with fun shapes like stars or animals.

15. Plantain Chips Business

Starting a plantain chips business with 50,000 naira is a good idea because it provides you with the opportunity to acquire all the essential items required to produce and vend your chips.

To initiate a plantain chips business, you’ll require certain necessities such as equipment for slicing and cooking the plantains, a suitable location for production, and appropriate packaging to maintain their freshness.

If you excel in the production process and the public appreciates the flavor, you stand to generate profits and potentially expand your business progressively.

16. Fish Fingerlings 

Are like baby fish that are just starting to grow.

Imagine having a business where you can raise and sell these little fish to people who want to start their own fish farms or aquariums. 

 First, you need a place to keep the fish. With that money, you can set up tanks or ponds where the fingerlings can grow and be healthy.

Then, you’d need to purchase the baby fish themselves. Some fish species are easier to rear than others, but with your budget, you can get a good number of fingerlings to start with.

Moreover, you might require equipment like filters and pumps to keep the water clean and the fish content. Besides, you’ll need to buy food for them because growing fish need nourishing meals!

Remember, starting a business requires financial investment. You have to ensure that the fish have a safe and comfortable habitat, and you need the right items to care for them.

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17. Popcorn Production

So, have you ever thought about creating your very own popcorn?

Let me explain why you can initiate this business with 50,000 naira.

You’ll require some bags or containers to package the popcorn, so it’s prepared to be consumed or sold. Moreover, you’ll need a location to produce the popcorn, such as a small kitchen or a rented space.

also, you will  need to inform people about your popcorn, so a portion of the funds can be allocated to producing flyers or possibly even a small website.

Now, here’s the exciting part. Popcorn is a snack that numerous people adore. You can vend it at events like fairs, movie nights, and even set up a small booth at local markets.

18. Sales Of Pure Water

Have you ever considered initiating a water and drink business?

With 50,000 naira, you can definitely accomplish this. You will require a small shop, fridges, and shelves for the drinks. Purchasing drinks in bulk helps in saving money.

You can inform people about your shop using flyers and online advertisements. Therefore, 50,000 naira is sufficient to kickstart your business and make it successful.

19. Make-Up Artist Business

Starting a makeup artist business can be pretty cool, and you can totally do it with 50,000 naira. Here’s why:

First, you’d need some special makeup stuff like brushes, colors, and makeup products. These things can cost some money, but with 50,000, you can get all the things you need to make people’s faces shine.

Then, you might need a small place to do the makeup magic. You can set up a nice space where people can come and get their makeup done by you. 

With some money, you can make your space look really pretty and cozy for your customers.

20. Baking Business

You could actually start this business with 50,000 naira. 

With 50,000 naira, you can get all the stuff you need to bake like a pro. You can buy ingredients like flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and all the flavors that make treats super delicious. 

You’ll also need baking pans, mixers, ovens, and other tools to make everything just right.

But that’s not all.  You’d need a place to bake your goodies, like a kitchen space. Renting a small kitchen or even setting up a little baking corner at home can work. 

21.Perfume Oil Sales

You could initiate a business venture by selling a product named “Perfume Oils” with an investment of 50,000 naira.

Perfume oils function like enchanting drops that bestow upon you a fantastic fragrance.

They resemble conventional perfumes but possess an even more captivating allure. The process of crafting perfume oils doesn’t necessitate a sizable factory or an array of sophisticated machinery.

You can blend distinct aromatic essences in petite bottles and enhance their visual appeal. Moreover, perfume oils exhibit potent longevity, garnering substantial affection from customers.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that ensuring the exquisite aroma of your perfumes and delivering exceptional customer service are pivotal elements for achieving prosperity in your business endeavor.

22. POS Business

You want to start your very own POS business. You can totally do that with 50,000 naira here’s why:

With that money, you can get a special  POS  terminal 

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23. Phone Charging Business

Have you ever experienced your phone battery being about to die while you’re out? That’s where a phone charging business comes in, and you can initiate it with just 50,000 naira.

People use their phones all the time, don’t they? Sometimes, they run out of battery when they’re away from home.

You establish a spot where people can charge their phones for a small fee. Here’s why it works with 50,000 naira.

Firstly, you don’t need a big space. Just a few charging stations, cords, and power strips. Secondly, costs are low – no significant rent or bills.

Thirdly, everyone needs phone charging, especially in busy places. More people mean more money. Fourthly, charging doesn’t take long.

You can assist numerous people quickly. Fifthly, your prices can be low, so more people will come. Small fees add up.

Lastly, start small and utilize your earnings to add more charging spots. Commencing a phone charging business with 50,000 naira is a wise choice.

24. Juice Drink Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own juice drink business? It’s actually pretty cool, and you can start with just 50,000 naira.

So, you know how lots of people love to drink tasty and refreshing juice, right? Well, that’s where your business comes in.

With 50,000 naira, you can buy fresh fruits like oranges and apples. These fruits are yummy and healthy, and people love to drink their juices.

You’ll need a few things, like a blender, to mix the fruits and make them into delicious juices.

You can also get some cute and colorful bottles to put the juice in. People like it when things look nice and appealing.

Starting small is great because you can sell your juices to your family, friends, and maybe even neighbors. As more people taste your yummy juices and like them, they’ll tell others, and your business could grow.

25. Snail Farming

Have you ever thought about starting your very own snail farm? It might sound a bit unusual, but it’s a cool business idea in Nigeria that you can start with just 50,000 naira.

The reason you can start this business with 50,000 naira is that snails don’t need a lot of fancy stuff.

They like to eat leaves and vegetables, which you can find easily. You can even make a cozy home for them with things like boxes and sticks.

As your snails grow and multiply, you can sell them to people who want to eat them or use them for other purposes. 

Snail farming can be a fun and educational way to make some extra money, and it’s not too hard to get started. Just remember to learn a bit about how to take care of snails.

26. Sell Stock Photos

Pictures you see on websites and in magazines are called stock photos. People buy them to use in their projects because they don’t have to take the pictures themselves; they just find the right one and buy it.

Now, how can you start this business with just 50k Naira? You can utilize that money to purchase a good camera if you don’t already possess one. 

Also you might need a computer to edit your pictures a bit, enhancing their quality. Moreover, you can allocate some funds to set up a simple website or use a platform that enables you to sell your photos.

The intriguing aspect is that you can capture images of various subjects – nature, people, objects.

Capture exceptional photos, share them online, and generate some income. It’s that simple.

27. Gaming Business

Here’s the revised version of your text while keeping the original words unchanged:

“So, a gaming shop is similar to a special place where children and even adults can come to enjoy fantastic video games.

With 50,000 naira, you can begin on a small scale by locating a suitable spot for your shop, perhaps a compact area in a bustling location where numerous people pass by.

Keep in mind that you can also enhance the comfort and coolness of your gaming shop with chairs or bean bags, providing gamers a space to unwind while they play.

As more individuals visit your shop and have a wonderful time, the word will spread, leading to the growth of your business.

So, there you have it – starting a gaming shop with 50,000 naira is entirely achievable. Just acquire a single console and utilize your TV.”

28. Cassava Farming

Cassava is a plant with substantial roots that can be transformed into delectable items such as fries and flour.

Starting this business with 50k naira? Well, cassava is remarkably robust and doesn’t require excessive elaborate equipment to cultivate.

Allocate a portion of the money to procure cassava stems, which resemble tiny fragments of the plant that are planted in the soil.

Afterward, you’ll need some funds to prepare the land, potentially acquire basic tools, and attend to the plants as they mature.

Once your cassava plants reach a substantial and sturdy size, you can proceed to harvest the roots.

Cassava farming stands as a commendable notion because cassava can thrive in various types of soil and doesn’t demand excessive water. Furthermore, it’s a widely favored food, leading to a consistent demand for it.

29. Home Service Barber 

It’s a cool idea that doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. Let me explain why.

So, imagine you’re skilled at cutting hair, like really skilled. People always need haircuts, right? With just 50k naira, you can purchase some basic barber tools like scissors, clippers, and combs.

Instead of renting a fancy shop, you can offer your services to people in their homes. That way, you don’t have to pay for a shop space. You can charge a little extra for the convenience of going to their homes.

Starting small is wise. You can begin by informing your friends, family, and neighbors about your new business. Word will spread, and soon, you could have numerous customers. As you earn more money, you can acquire more tools and enhance your business even further.

Remember, every business requires hard work and dedication, but a Home Service Barber can be a fantastic way to earn money and help people achieve a stylish look, all without needing a ton of upfront money.

30. Affiliate Marketing

affiliates marketing with 50k

Let me explain how it works in simple terms.

Affiliate marketing is akin to being a middle person for companies.

You know how sometimes you recommend things to your friends, such as a cool toy or a tasty snack? 

Well, imagine if those companies gave you a small amount of money every time your friends purchased something due to your recommendation. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about!

Here’s how you can begin: First, you locate companies that offer products you appreciate or have faith in. Then, you register to become their affiliate.

They will provide you with a special link that you can share with others. When people use that link to make a purchase, the company recognizes it’s because of you, and they allocate you a portion of the profits.

With 50,000 naira, you can establish a simple website or promote products on social media.

31. Forex Trading

Forex Trading is all about buying and selling different types of money from around the world.

People do it online, and they try to make money by predicting which currency’s value will go up or down. 

For example, they might buy some dollars when they think its value will rise and then sell it when they think it’s going to go down. If they make the right guesses, they can make some profit. 

The reason you can start with 50,000 naira is that in Forex Trading, you don’t actually buy the whole amount of currency. You can use something called “leverage” which lets you control a bigger amount of money with just a small part of it. 

But remember, while Forex Trading can make money, it’s also a bit risky. The values of currencies can change quickly, and you might lose money too.

Starting with 50,000 naira might seem like a small amount, but it’s important to learn about Forex Trading and practice a lot before you start.

32.  Sales of Men’s Underwear

Well, some people need new underwear, especially guys.

Now, you might wonder, “Why can I start this business with just 50k naira?” Well, here’s the scoop: 

Starting a business can cost a lot, but selling men’s underwear doesn’t need a big fancy store or tons of equipment. You can start small, maybe even from home, and gradually grow.

Think about it – you can buy different kinds of comfortable underwear in bulk, which can save money. 

Then, find a nice spot to display or sell them, like a small stall or even online. 

With some good marketing, telling people about your awesome underwear deals, you can start attracting customers.

33. Zobo making

zobo drink business with 50k

Zobo is made from a special kind of plant called hibiscus flowers. 

These flowers are dried and then boiled to make a delicious red drink. People love to drink it because it’s yummy and can be really refreshing, especially on a hot day.

The ingredients to make Zobo are quite affordable. You’ll need hibiscus flowers, some sugar, and maybe a bit of ginger for extra flavor. 

You can buy these things from the market with the money you have. You’ll also need some pots, bottles, and labels to package your Zobo nicely.

Once you have everything, you can start making Zobo at home. Follow a simple recipe, boil the flowers, add sugar and ginger, and let it cool down. Then, you can pour the Zobo into bottles and put your creative labels on them.

34. Noodle Stand

It’s a cool idea that can actually be started with just 50,000 naira.

You know how much people love noodles, right? They’re yummy and quick to make. With your noodle stand, you can sell different flavors of noodles to hungry folks.

Imagine setting up a little stall in your neighborhood or near a school. Students and people passing by might get hungry and want something tasty to eat.

You don’t need a ton of cash to start this. With 50,000 naira, you can buy the ingredients like noodles, seasonings, and some simple tables and chairs for your stand.

35.  Thrift Shop

Imagine starting a “Thrift Shop” where people buy and sell secondhand stuff. With 50,000 naira, you can rent a small space, get shelves and hangers, spread the word with posters and social media, and keep some money for unexpected things.

It’s all about being smart with your money. 

So, with careful planning and some creativity, you can definitely start your Thrift Shop business with just 50,000 naira. 

It’s all about finding good deals, using your resources wisely, and making your shop a fun and inviting place for people to explore. 

36. Candle Business

Imagine making and selling your very own colorful and fragrant candles. It’s easier than you might think, and you can even start with just 50k Naira.

Making candles doesn’t require a ton of fancy equipment. With that amount of money, you can get all the stuff you need – like wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and some molds. You can even find tutorials online to learn how to make different kinds of candles.

Once you’ve made your awesome candles, you can sell them to your friends, family, and even people in your community. Candles are popular for gifts, home decor, and relaxation, so there’s a good chance people will want to buy them from you.

37. Ice Block Production Business

With your 50,000 naira, you can get the equipment and materials you need, like a freezer, molds, water, and electricity. 

You’ll pour water into the molds, pop them into the freezer, and let the magic happen. As the water freezes, you’ll have ice blocks ready to keep things chilly.

Once they’re frozen, you can sell these ice blocks to people who need them. Maybe to small shops, vendors, or even to people throwing parties. 

Starting this business is cool because the materials and equipment you need aren’t super expensive. Plus, there’s always a demand for ice blocks when it’s hot outside, so you have a good chance of making some money.

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