Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria

24 Money-Making Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria

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Are you looking for the best business ideas for men in Nigeria? If yes, you will find this article helpful.

Provision is a man’s duty. It is understandable if you are a man looking for business ideas in Nigeria.

I’ve been a business woman in Nigeria for the past five years. 

Over these years, I have started and also helped hundreds of people start several businesses in the country.

There are two key lessons I have learnt from doing business over some time:

  • Some businesses are better done by men,
  • Some are better done by women. 

In this article I have listed 24 businesses that are perfect and lucrative for a man living in Nigeria.

Most of the businesses mentioned in this article require a shop. 

check out this article if you are tech savvy and prefer an online business

Some business ideas in this article require a starting capital of N1 Million+. Most can be started with as little as N500k.

Whatever you choose, you will find my best tips for succeeding.

Let’s dive in.

24 Best Business Ideas for Men in Nigeria

1. Meat Business

Nigeria is the highest meat consuming country in West Africa.

Meat selling is one of the most lucrative and underrated businesses in Nigeria today.

Selling meat never gets old. 

With 200k you can start a meat business in Nigeria that’ll make you 10k everyday. 

The downside to this business is butchering. Few people have a stomach for it.

But if you can do it, it’s super profitable.

Sell the meat in the market or you sell from a store in a good location

Selling from a store requires more startup capital. 

If you are in to make even more money, run ads on Facebook to find your customers, then offer home delivery service. 

TIP: (This applies to you if you choose to sell in a market) The meat business is competitive and butchers are always vying for good spots in the market. 

This competition often leads to friction between individuals and groups. If you are looking to start a meat business in Nigeria, be on the lookout.

2. Pig Farming

I have an uncle who owns a pig farm. Whenever I visit him, I get a chance to see how everything is done. 

Pigs stink. But if you can find a way to get over this stink, this business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. 

There are three ways you can get into this business: 

  • You can either buy a pig and resell to people, 
  • You raise your own pigs in your farm, or
  • You rent out space in an existing pig farm and raise your own pigs. 

The second option makes the most money. 

Feeding a pig is cheap and easy when compared to the profit you make when it gives birth.

Pigs eat anything and everything.  From palm kernel chaff or corn chaff all the way to soap. 

A fully grown pig can give birth to 14+ piglets in a year. 

A pig farming business can be started with 500k-1million naira. In 6 months time you will be happy you did. 

3. Small Scale Oil Business

This business requires you to buy a tanker truck. The truck will then be used for delivering petroleum products to people in need of it, such as filling stations. 

While this business is super profitable, it is capital intensive. 

A tanker truck costs like N15 Million. But if you manage to get yourself a truck. N1 Million monthly is guaranteed. 

One good advantage of starting an oil supply business in Nigeria is that you are never out of work.

Year round, there is always a demand for gas. 

The Nigerian government also pays truck owners a dividend for helping to circulate petroleum in the country. 

Starting an oil supply business in Nigeria will require that you have N20 million plus in your bank account.

4. Cooking Gas Business

Cooking Gas Business

I have a friend who started a cooking gas business two years ago. He borrowed money to start the business. 

Today, he is living in an apartment where he pays N1 million naira a year. 

Cooking gas business is one of the best businesses for a man in Nigeria. 

The key to success in this business is to find a good location. 

Before starting this business, take some time to scout your town for a good residential area where you can serve a large number of people. 

If you are unable to find a suitable shop. Find an empty piece of land and place a container on it. 

N500k to N1 Million is enough to start this business. 

The best way to start this business according to my friend is to partner with a successful cooking gas Company.

Get their franchise and fly with their name.  This will make people take your company seriously from the get go. 

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5. Electrical Business

The biggest electrical shop in Enugu is a whole 3 storey building owned by a man who calls himself Nwa Jesus. 

Nwa Jesus built this story building just to sell his electrical products. 

According to a popular saying, the very best proof to know if you can do something is to see if somebody else has done it. 

With proof from Nwa Jesus, the electrical business is one of the best businesses you can start as a man in Nigeria. 

Before starting this business, take some time out and go learn the basics. 

Look for a successful electrical shop in your area, pay them some amount of money and cut a deal with them so that you can learn. 

Starting an electrical shop will require an upfront capital of 1million naira minimum as you will require a shop.

The key to success in this business is to meet and connect with people. 

6. Tiles Business

Tiles have become the new norm in the country. Gone are those days where people built a house and plastered the floor with cement. 

More and more landlords are learning to tile their houses.

The tile business is perfect for a man looking for business ideas in Nigeria. 

A major disadvantage to this business is its super competitiveness. 

To be successful, make your services unique.

Either sell tiles that are difficult to find, or market your product better than your competitors. 

The best location for setting up a tiles business is in a building material market. 

With 1million naira, you can start a tile business in Nigeria. 

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7. Tire Business

I have another friend who sells tires in Nigeria and he is always busy.  

I was surprised how much tire people bought on a daily basis when I visited his shop. 

To make the most of this business, incorporate both belgium tires and brand new tires in your stock of merchandise. 

The proper amount to start this business with is N1 Million as you’ll need to rent a shop.

The best place to locate your shop is in a market where there are other tire sellers. 

Due to bad roads in the country, car tires are always wearing out. 

Starting a tire business in Nigeria is a great idea if you are a man looking for where to commit your money. 

Tires hardly expire. Connecting with car owners and sellers is a major plus in this business. 

The keys to success in this business are

  • Great customer service, and
  • Integrity.

There are times when you may have to give people advice on which tire is good or bad. 

When times like this come, make sure you’re giving the most helpful and truthful advice. 

This single act will bring you customers that will buy from you for life.

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8. Boutique

Buying and selling of exotic clothes is a profitable business idea for a man in Nigeria. 

N500k is enough to start this business. 

Getting a shop in a good location is crucial. 

If you find a brick and mortar shop, good. But if not you can find a space and place a container there. 

Make this container look good and you’re ready for business. 

The best places to buy clothes for your business are Lagos, Onitsha and Aba. Importing clothes is another great option.

Sell at a good price. Be fair with your customers.  

When hiring a worker, it’s important that you hire a sales girl who looks good. Somebody who knows how to keep her head. 

She has to know how to talk and take jokes too. Her presence in the shop will bring in people who will come to have a look.

9. Rental Business

Are you living in Lagos, or any other major city in Nigeria? If you are, you’ll know that there’s a high demand for rentals. 

Nigerians are party goers and party lovers. Anything that helps them throw the best party in town is good business. 

There are many things you can rent out in the rental business in Nigeria. 

If you have a piece of land that is empty, rent it out to vegetable or crop farmers.  If you have a car that you rarely drive, rent it out for Uber or Bolt. 

You can also go the traditional renting route of canopies, and party equipment. 

If you are somebody who likes music, buy and rent music equipment, generators etc. 

The list is endless. 

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10. Car Wash Business 

car wash Business Ideas  in Nigeria

Are you a car owner? If you are, this question is for you. 

How often do you wash your car in the rainy season as well as in the dry season?

There are 11.8 million vehicles in Nigeria. At least once a month, these cars require that they be washed. 

Now if you are looking for a business that a man can start in Nigeria, consider starting a car wash business. 

You can start with 500k.

The major requirements are 

  • Machine for pumping water, 
  • Tank for storing water
  • A good location that is accessible, and 
  • Petty things like brush and detergents. 

Add in some sport activities like table tennis and snooker, if your premises have enough space.  

Also, find a way to sell beer and bushmeat to clients who choose to sit and wait for their cars. 

In everything, think differently. That is the key to success. 

11. Dry Cleaning Business

Two years ago, my cousin told me he wanted to start a dry cleaning business. I advised him to do so, and gave him a framework to follow. 

Today he makes up to 50k a day from all his dry cleaning offices. 

Are you looking for the best business ideas for a man in Nigeria? Start a dry cleaning business. 

1million naira is enough to start. In the beginning you’ll have few customers. This is normal. 

Connect with more people and deliver the few jobs that come to you.

 As you do this more and more people will find out you exist. 

The number one secret in this business is to have great customer service, and to deliver quality work on time. 

12. Bar and Lounge Business

Many people think of the bar and lounge business as a dirty form of business but is it?

This business is super profitable. 

What do I define as a profitable business?

 A business that can give you 5k or 10k everyday. That’s like 300k or 200k a month. 

Everybody likes to eat and drink.

Position yourself where you are serving this audience and money will never be your problem. 

A great advantage of the Bar and Lounge Business is that it gives you room to pursue every other thing you want to do during the day.

13. Restaurant Business

There are several types of restaurant businesses you can start in Nigeria as a man.

Where I live, there’s this couple that sells food every evening under a canopy.  

Whenever you come to their location in the evening, there’s a trove of people waiting.

They sell swallow, and a variety of rice, jollof rice, white rice, and fried rice. 

They also offer salad, fruits and large pieces of meat and fish. 

On Sunday, they come in the morning and sell throughout the day.

As a man you can start this type of business and start making money for yourself. 

You can either cook and display in a show glass or you cook and move around with a food truck. 

You can also do like this couple. Get a canopy in a good location and start selling. 

Whatever you decide to go for, I promise it’s lucrative. 

It’s important that you have a passion for cooking if you want to do this business.

With an upfront capital of 500k-1 million you are good to go. 

14. Start a YouTube Channel

youtube Business Ideas in Nigeria

If you find it easy to stand in front of a camera and make a video, start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is one of the best things you can do as a man in Nigeria today.

Starting a channel is free.

With 1000 subscribers, YouTube begins to pay you.

You can talk about anything on a YouTube channel, from business all the way to money. 

All you need is a good phone that has a good camera.

As you keep doing it, you will get better. 

Please, make sure your videos are helping people one way or the other. 

That way, you will have a particular type of people who will come to watch your videos.

15. Fish Farming

This business requires a piece of land. It can be as big or as small as you can afford.  

Its also important that this land is close to water. 

These days, barbecued fish have become a common sight in bars and lounges.  

They’re now mainstream and Nigerians are eating with a vehemence. 

Fishes farming is easy to manage as fishes are hardy creatures unlike poultry where your chickens can die from an unknown cause. 

You can start a fish farm with 1million naira. 

If you already have a piece of land. N500k will do just fine. 

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16. Job Bureau Business

A job bureau helped me get a job when I came to Lagos in 2014. 

Job bureaus are of immense help to people especially now when getting a job in Nigeria is tough.

The downside to the job bureau business is their bad reputation. 

Most of them require people to split their salary for the first 2 months. 

This is where you can come into play. 

Make yours unique by doing what your competitors are failing to do;

Be trustworthy, instead of focusing on ripping people off. Focus more on helping them out.

The long term benefit to this outweighs the money you could get if your client splits his/her salary with you. 

Starting a Job bureau business will require a shop.  

Then you have to network with business owners who may be in need of help. 

17. Cement Business

A cement business is a lucrative business that is easy to start. 

Find a shop in a good location, close to block industries, or a building material market. 

Partner with somebody else who wants to buy cement from the company then you can both order a full truck of cement.

This is 600 bags. 

Starting a cement business in Nigeria requires a minimum capital investment of 1million naira. 

You can make 200 from each bag of cement.

18. Stainless Steel Handrail

The stainless steel handrail is one of the best businesses you can start as a man in Nigeria.  

Stainless steel is one of those fixtures that you’ll see in modern houses these days. 

This is a rare business so there is little to no competition. 

To start a stainless steel business, it’s important that you go for a few months of apprenticeship.

This will help you know the names of the many accessories in the business. 

Starting a stainless steel handrail will require an upfront capital of 1 million naira and above. 

Renting a shop will take up a chunk of this money.

There are several other ways you can make money in this business. 

  • Either you sell the product, or 
  • You network with engineers who will give you contracts. 

Contracts allow you to hire the people who will do the job.  You will also get to supply material for the work and make money doing so. 

19. Real Estate Business

The real estate business is always open for men who want to be their own bosses and run their own businesses. 

Obi Cubana, a popular Nigerian entrepreneur made his first N500k through a real estate deal. 

Before you get the money to start investing in property, position yourself by linking people who want to buy property with people who want to sell. 

You will make a lot of money doing this. 

Starting this kind of real estate business is free. 

As you keep making money, you will be able to afford property that you can buy and sell.

20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular business model where you refer a buyer to a seller and you make a straight commission.

It’s like the agent you pay for helping you find a house or a shop or the money you give to somebody as a token for helping you with something. 

Affiliate marketing has made millionaires out of young people in Nigeria.

The best place to start an affiliate marketing business is to invest in an affiliate marketing course. 

This will help you avoid making some unnecessary mistakes which would waste a lot of time. 

You can start an affiliate marketing business with as little as N100k. You also need to have a laptop, a good phone and the right knowledge. 

With affiliate marketing you can make as much as 1million naira a week.

But you will have to go all in to get this result. 

21. Gym Business

I went to a gym in my area the other day and I was surprised by the number of people who visited. 

If you are a man who is into fitness, think about starting a gym business.  

Buy all the necessary equipment. If you have no idea what they are, visit the nearest gym in your area and look at what they’re doing. 

A daily session at the gym I went to costs N1000. N500 if you want to do things yourself. 

To succeed in this business, make your gym classes unique. 

Here are some tips on how to do that: 

  • Offer some weight loss products to people in need of it.
  • Sell protein shakes to people who want to build muscle
  • Learn how to make use of various gym equipment and help people reach their workout goals. 
  • Sell unique fruit drinks and refreshments for after you stop going to the gym

22. Egg Supply Business


I was scrolling through my phone the other day, and guess who I saw promoting his egg supply business?

John Dumelo, he’s the one in the picture above.

He’s a popular Ghanaian actor who was popular in Nollywood for some time. 

Surprisingly, he’s no longer into movie making, rather, he now has a poultry and he sells the eggs he gets from there on social media.

Starting an egg supply business will require 500k to 1million naira.

One key to succeed in this business is to connect with shop owners who are in need of egg suppliers.

To make them buy from you happily, offer them something they can only get from you. 

Either your eggs are bigger than your competitors, or you give one free crate if somebody makes a number of purchases.

Doing this, along with great customer service and support will bring more and more customers to your business. 

I don’t advise you to make your products cheaper. Doing this always backfires.

23. Cake Making and Selling Business

The one thing I like about this business is that it is popular with women. So if you are a man doing this type of business, you are already unique. 

If you want to start and have no idea how to make a cake. Learn, or you ask ChatGPT how to go about this. 

The key to success here is not to make the cake and sell it, but to teach people how to make different varieties of cake.

This is a simple business you can start with N500k.

As your customers are mostly women you need to have a strong sense of character and discipline to remain in business. 

24.Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Business Ideas  in Nigeria

The digital marketing business is a great one to go into especially in this information age. 

Nigeria has 76 million online shoppers. Create an in demand product and put it in front of people, there’s a high chance they will buy.

Social media is the real deal, you can learn how to sell anything by investing in a facebook course. 

After learning, teach people how to do the same thing and charge little for it. 

As long as you are helping people solve their problems, money can never be your problem in life. 

Before You Go…

I’ve explored 24 diverse and promising business ideas tailored for men in Nigeria. 

From meat selling to digital marketing, these opportunities offer a path to financial independence and success. 

Remember, the key to any venture is dedication, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. 

So, choose your path wisely and embark on your journey towards prosperity.

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