Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

20 Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria 2023

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Nigeria is a country with a diverse and growing economy, and many women are taking advantage of this to start and run their own businesses. However, coming up with a business idea that is both profitable and suits their interests and skills can be a challenge. 

That’s why many ladies in Nigeria are constantly on the lookout for business ideas that can help them achieve financial independence and fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The joy of being an independent lady in Nigeria has no boundaries. However, it is almost only possible to achieve that with a business. 

Most independent ladies in the country engage in one or other businesses. You may want to be like them, but what kind of business should you start with? 

We have decided to share with you the list of the 20 best business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. Whether a student, graduate, single, or married doesn’t matter.

So far, with your intention of starting a profitable business in Nigeria, you will find a perfect business on the list. 

There are some business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that can be run online, while others can be run offline (physically).

In this article, we’ll explore some profitable business ideas in Nigeria that are particularly suitable for women, taking into account factors such as market demand, startup costs, and profitability.

Without much ado, let’s get into it.

Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

Below are the lists of best business ideas for ladies in Nigeria: 

  1. Skincare and beauty product retail

One of the perfect and profitable businesses a lady can start in Nigeria is selling skincare and beauty products. It is quite interesting that most consumers of these types of products are female. 

Many women spend almost half of their money on skincare and beauty products. It is an excellent idea to venture into the business since there is a high demand for the products. The market may be challenging so that you will stand out from the crowd

  1. Open a Beauty salon

You might love to go into the beauty niche, but you may not like selling beauty products. Then a beauty salon comes in. Many women don’t buy beauty products but prefer going to a beauty salon. 

Well, beauty salons deal with personal grooming services, such as hair styling, makeup application, nail care, and skincare treatments. As a lady who is passionate about beauty, going into this business will help you leverage your knowledge and make cool money.

Additionally, you don’t need millions to start this business. You can start a small-scale beauty salon and expand it as your business grows.

  1. Online tutoring and coaching

Are you an expert in a field and passionate about sharing your knowledge? If you answer yes, then starting online tutoring and coaching is a good business idea. The exciting part about this business is its low requirement with little or no investment. 

To start this business, you only need to be an expert in a field, then find a reliable virtual class hosting platform like google meet, zoom, or skype. Though growing this business may be challenging, with effort and consistency, success is certain.


  1. Fashion and clothing boutique
Fashion and clothing boutique

A fashion and clothing boutique is another perfect business ideal for ladies in Nigeria. Women love not only beauty products, but fashion as well. 

This business could be suitable for a lady with a passion for fashion and clothing. However, you need a good amount of capital to start this business, even on a small scale.  

In contrast, more than having capital is needed to start a fashion and boutique in Nigeria. You will also need to conduct market research, find a perfect location, create a business plan, and learn how to market your business.

The cost of starting a Fashion and clothing boutique business in Nigeria can start from N500,000. 

  1. Become a social media influencer.

Becoming a social media influencer is another good business idea for Nigerian ladies. As a social media influencer, there are many ways you can make money without leaving your room. 

Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

This includes getting revenues for creating content on social platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, and others, running sponsor adverts for individuals and companies, etc.; however, you will need many followers to start earning as social media influencers. 

It doesn’t matter what social media platform you use; perhaps the kind of content you share determines how fast your page will grow. As a lady who wants to make money from social media influencing, your first job is to grow your page, then earn later. 

A social media influencer’s revenue is derived from posting content about a brand or its products for a fee.

Interested in starting a social media influencer business? Then check out this guide.

  1. Catering services

The catering services business is a very good business idea for every gender. But the most suitable people for this business are women. It is not surprising that many young ladies are going into this business these days. 

If you are such a lady who loves cooking, this business will be perfect for you, as you make money doing what you love. Moreover, you will need to learn from professionals to offer the best catering service to clients. Learning catering only takes a few months. 

Check out:

  1. POS business
Become a POS Agent

When writing this, the POS business is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. Many people (both male and female) are making cool money from this business.

You might have noticed that most POS shop attendants are female, although males own many shops. Yet, they focus on employing female attendants. You probably know the reason. In case you don’t, the answer is that females are most suitable for this business, considering many factors.

More interestingly, you don’t need a huge amount to start this business. With just a POS machine and little capital, then find a perfect location, and you are good to go.


  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is another good business idea for ladies in Nigeria, especially the ones who want to make money from their comfort zone. Freelancing allows you to make money anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a good phone or a PC. 

Also, freelancing could be best for ladies as it gives them control over their schedules and responsibilities. It enables them to strike a better balance between work and personal life.

To become a freelancer, you must have a service to render. If you love to be an influencer but have no service to render, I suggest you learn high-income skills. 

  1. Event planning and coordination business

Event planning may be challenging as you are responsible for organizing and executing various types of programs such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. Yet, it is interesting and profitable.

Most event planners charge nothing less than N50,000 for each service. However, some people charge less than that due to their level of professionality. At the same time, some people charge up to N500,000.

  1. Blogging

Have you ever heard about Linda ikeji, the founder of lindaikejisblog? If not, then what about BellaNaija? They are both female bloggers who make millions from blogging. Blogging is indeed a very profitable business for ladies who have an interest in starting an online business.

Well, to start a blogging business, you need to own a blog by buying hosting and a domain, then install WordPress and start publishing. Note that blogging is a very wide field; you need to choose a preferable niche and focus on providing useful content in that niche.

Additionally, blogging may be profitable but not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need consistency, persistence, and patience.

You can start a blog with as little as 50k but never forgot the technical part and be consistent. 

  1. Makeup artistry and training

Without doubt or dispute, the makeup business is basically for females. It is pretty unbelieve hearing the amount some ladies spend on makeup. You, too as well have spent a lot of money on makeup; perhaps you should have remembered to think about how to make money from it. 

It is a good business idea to start makeup artistry and training if you are passionate about the work. It will help you cut your makeup expenses and make you more money as well.

  1. Content writing

Content writing is one of the best high-paying digital skills and, at the same time, a perfect business idea for ladies in Nigeria. I have seen many ladies making money with content writing, which makes me believe you can also do the same.

You can choose to be a fiction content writer or a non-fiction content. It is recommended to go for the one you are more passionate about. Loving writing will be an added advantage.

Content writing is one of the best online businesses that you can start in Nigeria as a lady. 

  1. Frozen food
Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

Many Nigerians love frozen food. And without a doubt, the more people buy the food, the more those who are into the business earn. The most suitable people for this business are females. 

We all know that women are more suitable in any business that has to do with food. Frozen food is no different. If you are a person who loves frozen food, starting this business will serve as a great advantage for you. 

  1. Home-based bakery

A bakery is another perfect business for females. For a lady looking for a business idea, a home-based bakery may be perfect. Since this is home-based, you don’t need much capital to get started. 

However, you will need to take your time and choose a profitable bakery niche. You see, your bakery business’s success lies in the kind of products you bake and how you make your product. That is why it is crucial to take your time to come up with a perfect bakery niche.

  1. eCommerce business

We will only list the most lucrative and suitable business ideas for ladies in Nigeria if we mention e-commerce business. In this digital age, many people don’t go out to buy products; they prefer ordering online. 

This has given greater chances for those who are into e-commerce to make cool cash online. Although, it is not something you can dive in anyhow. You may need to learn tips and strategies to become a successful e-commerce businessperson.

  1. Manufacturing and sales of detergent.

Detergents are highly demanded in the country. It is a very good idea to start a detergent business. However, you might need more capital to begin buying a large quantity of detergent to resell. That may not even give you a fantastic profit. 

In such cases, you can start manufacturing by yourself and sell. Learning how to manufacture the most used detergents in Nigeria will only take a few weeks. 

  1. House cleaning and home organization services

House cleaning is one of the major daily works most Nigerian women engage in. However, many of them are doing it to keep their houses clean. But do you know you can render the service to others and make money in return?

There are many people looking for someone to help them with house cleaning. And most of them are ready to pay. You should approach those who you think may need the service. 

  1. Interior design 

Nigeria’s construction and real estate industries are expanding, increasing demand for interior design services. People are becoming more conscious of the value of their living spaces and want to personalize them to reflect their distinct styles and personalities. 

This creates more opportunities for more people to venture into the interior design business. Additionally, any lady passionate about creativity, design, and aesthetics can dive into the business.

  1. Online store for handmade crafts and products
handmade crafts

Do you know how to make crafts and similar products? If yes, owning an online store for such a product is a good idea. Although you might have started making money from the business, owning an online store may allow you to sell to local and national customers. 

However, you can sell more than just handmade crafts in the store. The main point here is to own an online store that is basically for women’s stuff. Finally, more than owning a store is required; you should also take your time and learn how to run a successful online store.

  1. Ice block business.

Lately, Ice block has been one of the lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. Because of the country’s weather, many Nigerians regularly drink cold water. However, getting cold water sometimes becomes challenging due to the need for more stable light in many parts of the country. 

Interestingly, the ice block sellers make it possible for people to get cold water even when there is no electric light. As a lady looking for an easy and lucrative business idea, you can dive into this business. 

Final thoughts on business ideas for ladies in Nigeria 

All of the above-listed business ideas are very good and lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. However, before starting any of those businesses, there are certain things you need to consider, which include startup costs and your knowledge in the field. 

In contrast, For success in starting and growing a business, it is critical to conduct market research, has a solid business plan, and seek the advice of a mentor or take an entrepreneurship course.


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