Delivery Companies in Nigeria

16 Best Delivery Companies in Nigeria for 2023

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Are you looking for delivery companies in Nigeria to boost your business? When it comes to starting an eCommerce business, one issue that cannot be overlooked is delivery. Delivery companies in Nigeria are facing increased competition, and technology is disrupting the logistics industry in Nigeria.

Finding dependable delivery companies in Nigeria can be challenging with these advancements and disruptions.  Customers’ expectations have shifted drastically, with the majority now expecting a speedy, efficient delivery service. 

Nigeria is one of the top e-commerce markets in Africa. A variety of things impact Nigeria’s delivery services, from the delivery, timeline to distance, the weight of the package, dimension, insurance, tracking, and taxes.

If you want to enhance your customer service and grow your business, picking the right delivery company is essential; we have compiled a list of the top 16 delivery companies in Nigeria.

What are delivery companies?

A delivery company has the primary business of moving consignment within short or long distances. Though, they’ve grown beyond single services while introducing more efficient ways of doing their work. Delivery companies in Nigeria handle the shipping and transportation of goods from one location to the other. Delivery companies manage the physical movement of goods from the producer to the consumer.

Delivery Companies in Nigeria

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Here are the Top Delivery Companies in Nigeria

1. DHL Express

DHL is the world’s most recognizable logistics brand. They provide an unrivaled range of logistics services, including domestic and international parcel delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment, international express, road, air, ocean transport, and industrial supply chain management.

DHL links people and organizations in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, allowing global sustainable commerce flows.

When it comes to courier services in Nigeria, DHL is one of the first names that come to mind. The company is one of the best courier companies globally and in Nigeria, and they are well-liked and constantly meet deadlines.

  • Website:
  • Contact: 0803 907 7000

2. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is bringing a fresh perspective to the Nigerian logistics business. Corporate Courier Services, International Courier Solutions, E-commerce Logistics, and Domestic Courier Solutions are all available with GIG Logistics.

GIG Logistics was created in 2012, and they provide their customers and clients with fast and more reliable delivery services. GIG Logistics has several branches around the nation, particularly at bus terminals.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 (0) 808 651 4565

3. Red Star Express

Red Star Express is a global logistics company that helps businesses overcome shipping problems and connect with new markets. They use the FedEx network to transport papers and goods to over 1,500 locations around the country and the Red Star Express network to send documents and parcels to over 220 nations.

They provide door-to-door, time-sensitive logistic services and collaborate with companies of all sizes, big, medium, and small, to develop and provide accessible and cost-effective logistics solutions.

4. Peace Mass Logistics (PML)

Peace Mass Logistics (PML) is a Peace Mass Transit division specializing in package and courier delivery in Nigeria. You can quickly ship your goods and packages to any chosen destination at a reasonable price with Peace Mass Logistics.

Peace Mass Logistics allows customers to become either an Agent or a Partner and deliver their products and cargo. As an agent, your job is to collect things from clients at various times and transport them to the closest Peace Mass logistics facility or partner.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 8035353068

5. Zenith Carex International Ltd

Zenith Carex International Ltd is a logistics and clearing firm with extensive expertise in freight forwarding, customs clearance, haulage, and other logistics services. Zenith Carex International provides customs clearing services in all Nigerian seaports and airports by sea and air.

Zenith Carex International runs personalized service programs and is fully responsible for supplying accurate and well-prepared paperwork. Their well-designed customs clearing method shortens the cycle time, enhances cargo visibility, and minimizes costs. By operating as a direct extension of your organization, the firm consistently provides clearance, fast and cost-effective.

6. ABC Express

 ABC Express Courier Limited is a company that specializes in courier and cargo services in Nigeria. The courier company is part of ABC Transport, and the logistic firm is a delivery company in Nigeria. You can find this delivery company close to bus terminals.

7. United Parcel Service (UPS) Nigeria

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a well-known courier service in Nigeria. UPS is a big corporation that began in the United States in 1907 and has spread to many other countries. This courier company is one of the popular delivery companies in Nigeria that also offers cargo delivery and shipping services.

  •         Website:
  •         Contact: 234-1-2713605

8. Federal Express (FedEx)

Federal Express (FedEx) is a global express and freight delivery company with branches in more than 200 countries. FedEx typically delivers goods in 1-3 days to customers.

They have locations throughout Nigeria and provide prompt delivery services. Although FedEx is pricey, using the service is worthwhile because you can follow your package by entering your tracking number into the FedEx portal.

  •         Website:
  •         Contact:  08000 33339

9. Courier Plus

Courier Plus, founded in 2009, is one of Nigeria’s leading delivery companies. This organization provides logistics services to businesses in Nigeria with highly trained personnel.

This logistics company in Lagos provides services to manufacturers, government agencies, the financial industry, oil and gas, and other industries. 

  •         Website:
  •         Contact: +234 7033074129

10. Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX)

Tranex is a Nigerian logistics firm specializing in domestic and international delivery. Tranex also helps businesses with hauling, supplementary transportation, and storage. Tranex began operations in 1984 under the name TNT Skypak Nigerian Limited, eventually changing its name to Trans-Nationwide Express Plc in 1992. 

11. Africa Courier Express (ACE)

ACE collaborates with major e-Commerce businesses to provide affordable and secure consumer product delivery throughout Africa. Their technology-enabled logistics solutions are backed by a world-class customer support staff and devoted riders, resulting in a smooth customer experience for merchants and customers.

12. AB Logistics

With AB Logistics, you can deliver any document, Birthday Cards/Presents, Party Invitations, Hampers, Gift Baskets, Diaries, Calendars, etc., to any place in the world. Their service charge starts from $1200, and they offer doorstep shipping services across Nigeria with a tracking number. And they also handle international shipments.

  •         Website:
  •         Contact: (+234) 8123682573

13. Kobo360

Kobo360 is a privately owned logistics firm that leverages big data and agile technology to remove friction and expand efficiency in the African logistics ecosystem with a robust all-in-one platform that rapidly links cargo owners to vehicles and drivers.

By linking asset owners in the sector with MSMEs who use their services, the organization has devised efficient solutions for the difficulties in the logistics sector.

14. WeMove

WeMove specializes in heavy transportation and provides specialized on-ground logistics for FMCG manufacturers. They use trucking assets purchased from independent investors to transport truckload shipments of FMCG goods across interstate and intrastate routes as part of a long-term management agreement.

The company operations can be managed, tracked, and reported using their fleet management platform.

  • Website:
  • Contact: +234 (0) 808 651 4565

15. Sendbox

Sendbox is a company that offers the infrastructure for shipping, escrow transactions, and discovery services to businesses and consumers in North America, Europe, and Africa that engage in business using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Sendbox provides a Flutterwave-like platform that business owners use to sell and receive payments.

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16. EMS SpeedPost

Since 1986, EMS Nigeria has served as the Nigerian Postal Service’s courier and commercial arm, responsible for collecting, transporting, and delivering time-sensitive mail, documents, and items domestically and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions about delivery companies in Nigeria

1. How long does DHL Express take from Nigeria to the USA?

DHL delivers parcels to the United States in 1 to 6 business days. Not only that, but they also offer door-to-door delivery and guarantee that all packages are signed for upon delivery, ensuring that your package is in good hands.

16 Best Delivery Companies in Nigeria

2. What is a Tracking ID/Number?

A tracking number is a unique identification number provided to each package just before being dispatched. This number serves as a unique ID code that lets users follow and track their shipment from the point of origin (warehouse, storage facility, etc.) to the ultimate destination.

There are tracking numbers that are only traceable inside the country where the sender resides and tracking numbers that are only detectable within the country where the sender resides.

Typically, the tracking number is written as a barcode that can be scanned with a barcode reader or a smartphone. You will be able to monitor your shipment and get the required information about its status and current position regardless of the sort of tracking number you have.

3. Is DHL Cheaper Than UPS?

Although delivery charges vary due to various variables, DHL and UPS usually provide similar pricing. When estimating shipping expenses, the weight of your item is usually the most relevant component.

4. Is FedEx cheaper than DHL?

FedEx courier services are less expensive for local deliveries, whereas DHL is cheaper for international deliveries. Domestic transportation in the United States usually is quicker with FedEx, whereas international shipment is faster with DHL Express.

5. How fast is DHL international shipping?

 DHL Express is one of our fastest international shipping options, with a delivery period of 1-6 working days for the most significant locations.

Conclusion- Delivery Companies in Nigeria

Delivery companies in Nigeria are essential builders of the economy and employers of labor. They are critical to the success and survival of many businesses worldwide, and their value cannot be overstated.

I’m confident that this list will assist you in selecting a Delivery company in Nigeria to assist you with your delivery needs.

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