How To Make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria

How To Make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria- 2023( 7 Realistic Ways)

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So you want to know how to make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria? There are many ways to make 3000 Naira daily, from side jobs you can work from home to different ideas for selling things online. 

3000 Naira daily may not be enough for some people out there, but for a majority of the people it can be a full-time living! 

In this modern age, everyone is interested in living a more convenient life. Therefore, this has led a lot of people to find and make money in legitimate and illegitimate ways, both online and offline. 

However, if you have chosen to make money only in a legitimate way, you’re already on the right page to get the right information needed. 

In this article, I’ll show you tips on how to make 3000 Naira daily in Nigeria only in legitimate ways.

There are a lot of ways to make money in Nigeria today, both online and offline. However, you should know these aren’t a get-rich-quick scheme but the right ways to be successful in 2023.

In this article, I have listed 6 how you can make 3000 Naira daily but the potential of making money from these ways may not be the same for everyone.

Here are 6 ways how to make 3000 Niara daily in Nigeria 

Ready to learn how to make 3000 Naira daily in Nigeria? If yes, then it’s high time we dive in. The following are the right ways how to make 3k daily in Nigeria today.

How To Make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria

1. Start A Blog

The very first step on “how to make 3000 Naira daily in Nigeria” today is starting a blog. 

A blog could be seen and or refer to as a regularly updated website or webpage typically run by one, two, or more people or a small group, that is written in a conversational style.

A lot of Nigerians made money through blogging and they are doing very well with it. 

With that being said, if you aren’t only blogging for passion, you may need to monetize it using different ways. Some of the ways are as follows:

  1. Showing adverts on the site
  2. Sponsored post
  3. Selling digital products
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Accepting guest posts etc.

To cut the long story short, those are 5  ways you can make money blogging in Nigeria.

How To Start A Blog

Frankly speaking, starting a blog is easy but requires patience, consistency, and perseverance to start making money from it. Another thing you should know in this very topic is that the truth many people will not tell is the fact that you might possibly not make a dime in the first six months, even a year, yet, you need to be patient and continue creating quality content. 

In a gradual process, the site will continue growing till it’s able to get monetized. Although a blog can be monetized at any point in time, making money wouldn’t be as easy as expected.

However, once you’ve grown your blog to a certain level (getting some traffic), then that’s really when the money will start flowing in. 

To start a blog, you need the following:

  • Domain name e.g. your brand. com
  • A hosting plan
  • Working SSL certificate
  • Contents
  • On-page & Off-page SEO knowledge
  • Growing traffic
  • And monetization.

If your blog is able to pull at least 500 daily traffic then be rest assured, you are on your way to becoming financially independent. It will surely earn you at least 3000 Naira daily in whichever way the blog is being monetized.

Here are some blogs doing well in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji and Bellanaija 

2. Selling Products Online

Another way to seamlessly make N3000+ online in Nigeria is by selling products online. You can sell items by owning an eCommerce platform or sell your products on e-commerce platforms e.g. Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and the like. These platforms are currently the best and fastest-growing e-commerce platforms in Nigeria.

However, before you can get your products listed on these platforms, you’d need to open a merchant account, enabling you to list your products and get customers to patronize you easily.

You can be rest assured your products will get sales because each of these platforms pulls at least millions of traffic every month.

Although all the mentioned eCommerce platforms are great, from experience, Jiji will enable you to sell faster. 

Without breaking the bank, you can get your products to stick to the top by paying for adverts, this will in return boost your visibility and increase your sales.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

The third way how to make 3000 Naira daily in Nigeria is simply through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has to do with you selling other people’s products and getting a commission in return on every sale made through the affiliate link assigned to you.

Here, you don’t necessarily need to own a website as many people think, it’s just an add-up to get more sales.

Take for instance, if you sign up for the JUMIA affiliate program where you get paid 20% of a product through your link, and through the link, a customer purchases a laptop that costs N100,000, then you should earn a whopping N20,000 on a sale.

Let’s say you are able to sell 5 laptops in a month with 20% commission, you have made N100,000 as an affiliate marketer.

As you can see in the estimate above, you’ve made more than 3000 Naira in a day.

Also, you can Join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to sell their products and earn a commission per sale.

How To Make 3000 Naira Daily

4. Take an Online Survey & Watch Videos Online

It is no longer news that some websites pay you just for taking a simple survey and watching videos online. On Inbox dollars, companies have paid at least $56 million worth of cash rewards to users just for taking part in watching videos, participating in surveys, reading emails, etc.

By doing these, you’re helping big brands to better design their products that are in match your interest.

Here are a couple of legit sites that pay you money for taking surveys:

5. Open A YouTube Channel

This is the fifth on “how to make 3000 daily in Nigeria”. Opening a YouTube channel is more like starting as a blogger.

Before you could start making money from a YouTube channel, you must be considerate, you cannot turn a millionaire overnight, it is absolutely impossible for aspiring YouTubers. However, growing your channel by uploading quality videos created by you would get you to the top, and this would happen if only you never give up.

Giving up is the simplest!

As you begin to grow your channel, it will reach a monetization level which when monetized, you can start earning as little as 3000+ daily. The earning increases as your channel experience rapid growth.

6. Start A Profitable Offline Business

There are many profitable offline businesses you can start that require low capital but could earn you as little as 3000 Naira plus daily.

Examples of profitable offline businesses that require low start-up capital:

  1. POS Business
  2. Gas Refilling
  3. Open a mini provision store
  4. Sell foodstuffs
  5. Start Okrika Business etc.
  6. Keke Spare part business

Any of these businesses would surely earn you a profit of at least 3000 Naira.

Make 3000 Naira Daily

7. Freelancing

You can also make 3000 Naira every day by doing freelance work in Nigeria. In this case, you will be hired to work for another company on a contract basis. 

There are many freelance opportunities online or in your local area.

Fiverr and Upwork to find work. Fiverr is a website where users can find services to be hired. 

Fiverr is a huge freelance website where you can sell any kind of service and make 3000 Naira daily in  Nigeria. 

Graphic design, content writing, web development, and digital marketing are the most trending niches on Fiverr, but at the same time, there is a lot of competition in these niches. Upwork is a similar website that allows users to find jobs and freelancers. 

Browse through different categories of work or search for specific jobs.

Getting your first few orders are difficult, so I would recommend you tell your friends and family about the service you are providing and also promote your gigs on social media to get the first few sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria Today

Question- Are there other ways to make at least 3000 Naira in Nigeria?

Answer- Yes exactly, there are tons of ways you can still make 3000+ daily in Nigeria apart from those analyzed above.

Question- Can I make 3000 from Nigeria without living in Nigeria?

Answer- Yes, we’re in the digital world, you can live abroad and still make most of your money from Nigeria e.g. having a standard business in Nigeria, working for clients in Nigeria, and lots more.

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Conclusion: How To Make 3000 Naira Daily In Nigeria

I have extensively explained 7 different ways you can make 3000 Naira or more in Nigeria today, venturing into any of them requires commitment and running from complacency. 

If you are able to make those two things possible, then you may never have trouble making such money daily. The day will be soon when you will be making 100 dollars a day!

Are you ready? Start today and see how easy it is to earn an extra 3000 Naira on a daily basis in Nigeria. 

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