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37 Most Profitable Handwork To Learn In Nigeria ( 2024)

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Are you a student, graduate, stay-at-home mum, or entrepreneur looking for profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria? If yes, then this article is for you. 

Handwork skills have become increasingly important as a means of earning a living in Nigeria, especially in the face of economic challenges and high unemployment rates. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 37 most profitable handwork skills to learn in Nigeria. 

These skills have a high demand in various industries and can provide you with a steady source of income. 

37 Most Profitable Handwork To Learn In Nigeria

Handwork To Learn In Nigeria

If you have been looking for the best and most profitable handworks to learn in Nigeria, below is the list of 37 profitable handworks that can earn you a living.

1. Fashion Designing / Tailoring

One of the most popular handworks in Nigeria is Fashion Designing/  tailoring.

There are many people going into this field, most especially females. The demand for clothes is very high in Nigeria which directly and indirectly increases the demand for tailors. 

2. Shoemaking

Shoemaking is an underrated handwork in Nigeria. This is because many people don’t know how profitable it is. People who wear good and expensive clothes also like to wear expensive shoes as well. 

Ask your friends how much they buy their shoes and imagine that money coming into your pocket. 

3. Makeup Artistry

This is basically for women. The love women have for makeup these days is second to none. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know how to apply beautiful makeup. As make-up artistry, there is a good chance to help those people and earn cool cash in your pocket.

4. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Graphics designers are needed almost everywhere now including religious aspects. People create awareness about their programs, businesses, products, weddings, etc with the help of graphic designers. Why don’t you become one and leverage the field?

5. Computer repairs and maintenance

With the increase in demand for computers, the increase in computer repairers is certain. You can argue with me, but 90% of those who use computers in Nigeria don’t know how to repair their computers, including me. Whenever the fault arises, we find ourselves looking for an engineer to help us and pay him/her. Don’t you want to be that engineer?

6. Jewelry making

Jewelry making is another good and easy handwork to learn in Nigeria. Apart from making jewelry for people for certain amounts, Making and selling jewelry can be another way to earn a living with this handwork. It is simple as making, advertising, and selling.

7. Paint-making

Paint makers are very few in many parts of the country. It is a good choice to learn paint making if you live in an environment where the demand for paint is high, but the number of paint makers is low. This handwork is a lucrative business and easy to learn.

8. Wall Decoration

Nobody wants to leave their wall ugly anymore. They need fancy and beautiful walls in their houses, offices, and shops. I guess you too do. Perhaps, they can’t do it themselves, they need wall decorators to help them.

9. Soap making

Soap is generally highly demanded and will create opportunities for many soap makers to excel. You as well can be one of those successful soap makers that make a living with the handwork. Moreover, having a passion for soap making will be an added advantage.

10. Mobile phone repairs and maintenance

There is no day people don’t repair phones. And so far people keep using mobile phones, and they will keep repairing them. This means that the job of phone repairer will always be available. However, the competition is high in some parts of the country, yet you can still stand out if you know your work well.

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11. Photography

Photography gives people the opportunity to cut across to the relevant field that will enable photographers to earn a high income from their profession. Moreover, as the Nigerian economy begins to grow, more and more people are willing and ready to spend on hiring a photographer to capture important events like parties, elaborate weddings, burial ceremonies, and so on.

12. Interior decoration

Interior decoration is also one of the profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria. Since Nigeria started building estates in remote towns and cities, this has increased demand for interior decorators that will design their properties to make them stand out. Perhaps, the interior decorators are the person that will make that dream reality. This has opened the opportunity for many people to make cool cash.

13. Cake making

cake making in Nigeria

People need cake on many occasions like birthdays and weddings. The interesting part is that that occasion comes frequently. This makes it easy for cake makers to get jobs easily. Perhaps, knowing your work is crucial here, as it determines whether the customers will come back for more or not.

14. Event Decoration

Just like decoration is important to houses, decoration is also important to events, including weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, trade shows, and exhibitions. Luckily, those events take place on a regular basis.

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15. Video editing

Video editing is a very profitable skill to learn in Nigeria. By the time of writing this, the number of professional video editors in the country is few. It is a great time to leverage the industry. Interestinglyyouyo can begin this with just a smartphone.

16. Plumbing

This is another underrated profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria. The growing population, urbanization, and construction boom in Nigeria have all contributed to an increase in demand for plumbing services in recent years, creating more opportunities for plumbers.

17. Nail & Eyelashes Fixing

Nail and eyelash fixing are trending among ladies. It will be a good idea to follow the trend, by learning how to fix nails and eyelashes, then offer the service and earn money in your pocket.

18. Automobile Mechanic

Although this takes years to learn, it is worth learning. Many of the automobile mechanics I know are making big from it. You can also do the same, and the chance is high since there is an increase in car usage.

19. Solar Power Installation

As electric light is not always promising in the country, many people choose solar as an alternative. Perhaps, they will need to install solar power before the usage. This is where learning this handwork arises.

20. Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper installation is one of the current and hot handworks to learn. If you don’t want to go into general interior decoration, it is good to consider wallpaper installation. This is profitable and takes less time to learn and master.

21. Hair Barbing

This is perfect handwork for young guys who love hairstyles. In today’s world, many people, even the very young ones, don’t want to barb with blades anymore. They want to have stylish hair on their heads. And this is where the need for barbers comes in.

22. Bead making

Beads are one of the things ladies cherish a lot. Some of them can spend any amount to buy a specific bead. Not only ladies, some men too buy it as a gift for their lovers. So, learning how to make beads can earn you significant income by selling them to those people.

23. Handbag making

Some people do say “A woman’s dressing is incomplete without a bag.” From my own observation, it seems to be true. You will hardly see a woman well-dressed without a bag. This alone shows that the need for handbags is high and anybody who knows how to make them can earn a living with it.

24. Aluminum work

Aluminum work is less competitive in Nigeria compared to many handworks. Since the industry is still new, it is a great opportunity for those who have an interest in it to dive in. The demand for the skill is also promising since many people are leaving metal and steel for aluminum.

25. Generator repair

It is not a new thing in Nigeria that every house wants to have a generator. This is to say electric light is not stable in the country. And as know, all generators do have faults that will require a generator repairer to fix. The job of generator repairer is always available, starting from the neighbors to the strangers.

26. Snacks making

Snack making can be a profitable handwork in Nigeria, especially if you live in an environment where a lot of people consume snacks. However, knowing how to make snacks is not enough, you will need a small capital to start the handwork. Interestingly, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to make money from snack making.

27. Floor tiling

Only a few use carpets these days. In recent years, tiles were one of the highly purchased house materials. Do you know what that means? Perhaps, they don’t buy to eat it, but for tiles with the help of floor-to-tiling experts. But wait, do you know you can become that expert and experience how profitable it is?

28. Bricklayer

Owning a house is one of the human priorities. Now come to think of it, if owning a house is a human priority, what about those who build houses? They are important too, right? Well, they are not just important but highly demanded. Although, the work of bricklayers is tedious, and not everyone can do it.

29. POP decoration

POP is one of the trending and popular forms of interior decoration in Nigeria. A lot of Nigeria has moved from other interior decoration most especially ceilings to POP.  simply put, the POP decoration is a hot cake. I am certain that you won’t regret choosing it as your handwork. 

30. Hairdressing

In Nigeria, different kinds of services, such as cutting, styling, coloring, weaving, braiding, and other hair treatments, are provided by hairdressers. Nigeria’s hairdressing market has expanded significantly in recent years, with numerous new salons and supply shops opening up all over the nation. The rising demand for hair care services is blamed for this growth.

31. Catering and Event Planning

These jobs entail planning, organizing, and carrying out events like weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and other social gatherings. However, most people who are involved in this job are women. This can be perfect handwork for any lady that earns frequent income from social gatherings. Event planning is one of the best businesses in Nigeria.

32. House painting


Look around your area and check how many unpainted complete buildings are there not many right? This shows that painting is profitable handwork to learn in Nigeria. However, the handwork requires high professionality to stand out.

33. Welding Works

Welding can be a lucrative handwork in Nigeria. In fact, many Nigerian make a living through work. Well, welding work deals with repairing and fabricating metal structures. You don’t have any idea what welding work is. Perhaps, it is not advisable for those with eye problems, as it may worsen them.

34.  ICT (cyber cafe)

This is another hot handwork for those computers and the internet. There are many people making a living with this just by knowing how to do simple computer tasks like typing, photocopying, printing, etc. you can as well do the same.

35. Furniture work

Furniture work is a thriving and profitable industry in Nigeria. This handwork allows you to create a wide range of products that are highly demanded, this includes wooden chairs, tables, and contemporary designs. Though furniture work always takes years to learn, if you are going to the field, you should be ready to commit.

36. Trailer or tractor repair

The number of professional trailer and tractor repairers we have in Nigeria is low compared to the number of those vehicles. You will hardly find those people in many parts of the country. Undoubtedly, knowing how to repair a tractor/trailer will earn you significant income on a daily basis.

37. Web design

In this digital era, many people want their brands to be online which results in an increase in demand for web designers. Being a web designer in Nigeria will give you many opportunities to work with not only Nigerians but foreign clients. The most interesting part is that you don’t need to be a programmer, with wordpress, you are good to go. 

Final thoughts

Some of the above-listed handworks may seem useless, but they are not. You see, it doesn’t matter the one you go for, they all require certain things in common. To be successful, in any of those fields, you need to be committed, hardworking, and patient. 

Check NBTE website which offers a range of courses and programs related to various handwork skills such as welding, carpentry, and plumbing.

In conclusion, it is crucial to consider your personal interests and passion to choose a handwork that resonates with you before choosing any handwork.

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