Do I Need VPN To Use Google Voice

Do I Need VPN To Use Google Voice? Let’s Find Out

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Do you always ask yourself do I need VPN to use Google Voice? Neither Google Voice nor Google Play allow VPN usage but people who live outside the USA try to get Google Voice numbers by setting up a virtual private network (VPN). So, that brings the question: Does Google Voice Work With Vpn?

A VPN is a service that masks the online identity and location of the user. VPN works by routing the user’s internet connection through its server, thereby making it seem like the connection originates from a different location.

What is Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service that lets you make local and international calls and lets you send as many text messages as you want all for the price of zero. It’s a tool that provides its users with a US Phone number which you could use for all types of devices. 

This service is only available in the United States, not everyone can take advantage of this incredible service. This is because certain regional limitations prevent users from accessing Google Voice. Through this service, you could use your Google Voice number without having to have separate SIM-based numbers for all of your phones.

To be able to get a Google voice number, you will need to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as VPN. Take note that before you subscribe to any VPN, take note and check if they have a server located in the US.

How Can I Setup Google Voice Account Outside the US

You will need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will provide you with a valid US IP address. All you need to do is to connect to a US server that your VPN offers.

How to setup a Google Voice account

Setting up a Google voice account is simple, easy, and very convenient.

  1. Get a Free US Phone Number

When you try to Sign up for Google Voice, you will be asked to verify using a US-based phone number.

You can complete this requirement by using a number of free and paid apps that can provide you with a US-based Phone number.

  1. Use VPN Service to Change Location to US

The second requirement to Get Google Voice Number from outside the US is to make use of a VPN Service to change your Location to the United States. There are many free and paid VPN services in the market.


List of VPNs for you to use on Google Voice Number

ExpressVPN – best overall VPN. Fast VPN protocols and integrated features to fight the risk of data leaks

Surfshark – fastest VPN service. Powerful cybersecurity features to block any network threats and remove geo-blocks

NordVPN – best VPN for unblocking geographical restrictions. Double VPN and server obfuscation to remove all restrictions

CyberGhost – best VPN for private browsing. Thousands of worldwide servers for seamless VoIP calls

  1. Get Google Voice Number
  • Open up on your web browser
  • You will get a geographical restriction error
  • Clear your cache and browsing history and try again
  • Choose a Google Voice Number
  • Enter the US area code and select the number you like, or the one that is available to you
  • Enter your 4-digit pin code
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Once that is done, enter your US phone number
  • Now click on “Call Me Now” and let the service call you on your number. You will receive a call on your Express Talk software
  • Using the dial pad, enter the confirmation code to verify your number

Once your number has been verified, you could now use your Google voice to make international and local calls for free.

Do I Need VPN To Use Google Voice

How can I use Google voice app for iOS or Android?

For iOS

  • Use Google voice app’s dialer and your contact list on your iOS device.
  • Take note that you will need an iOS 9.0
  • Older versions such as iOS 7 is also possible to use on Google voice app

For Android

  • Google voice app will sync/assimilate your phone’s native dialer from your contact list.
  • Use your keypad or click numbers on your app
  • Make international calls through your Google voice number.
  • Which app should I use for Calls, SMS, Voice, or Hangouts?
  • You can use the Google voice app for calls, SMS, voice, and chat. Through Google voice, you could send text messages and make free unlimited voice calls as well.

Benefits of Using a Google Voice Number

There are advantages to the Google Voice service and if you have a US IP address it could be provided by a VPN service provider. To make you understand Google Voice and its features, here are some benefits you can get from using such a service.

Make calls all over the world, even if you don’t have the Google Voice application

Google Voice number allows you to make free calls over any internet connection, including Wi-Fi. This is accessible through Google’s hangout application.

Send an unlimited number of texts and messages anywhere in the world.

Does Google Voice Work With Vpn

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Google Voice account?

Google voice is a platform where you could make domestic and international calls at the same time it also allows its users to send free text messages. This platform or service is geographically restricted and would require you to have a free Google voice number registered against your US cellular number and a valid US IP address.

  1. What is Google Voice all about?

Google Voice provides a new number to its users which provides call forwarding and voice mail services which you could use for a lifetime.

  1. Does Google Voice Work With VPN?

Neither Google Voice nor Google Play allows VPN usage. Identity and location are hidden through VPNs. These people who live outside the USA try to get Google Voice numbers by setting up a virtual private network (VPN) with a location within the USA, circumventing the USA-only requirement and wreaking havoc on the terms and conditions of Google Voice in the process.

  1. Can I Use Google Voice With VPN?

It’s not mandatory to add any VPN options to Google Voice, but there may be requirements specific to each country as well as ones used to tunnel through those countries. 

  1. Can I Use My Google Voice Outside USA?

There is no support for Google Voice in the rest of the world but people should use their phones with US numbers. Using Google Browsing for international calls makes it cheap for users outside of the US.

  1. Does Google Voice Work Outside?

There are a lot of numbers available on Google Voice that are easy to use if you are able to use it on a device everywhere. All you need to do is connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a Wi-Fi network or cellular network to use the service.

  1. How Do I Use Google Voice Internationally?

The Google Voice app for Android can be downloaded and should be started to use it. Select the international telephone number that you wish to contact by tapping the Dial icon. The country code should be entered at the bottom of the screen before the phone number.

  1. Is Google Voice Available in Europe?

Yes, Google Voice is available in some countries in Europe. It is yet to extend its free call and text service to a larger audience.

Google Voice is available in the following locations:

North America: US, Canada

Europe: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK.

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Google voice is a platform that allows you to send free text messages and free local and international voice calls in the United States. You will be able to get a free Google Voice number outside the US and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. 

Get your own Google voice and enjoy its benefits of being able to communicate with your loved ones and friends for free.

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