Make Money as a Teenager in Nigeria

17 Tips on How to Make Money as a Teenager in Nigeria

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Are you looking for how to make money as a teenager in Nigeria? In this article, you will find 17 practical ways you can start earning some money as a teenager.

The best places to seek employment nowadays is online. If you decide to go for a physical job, there’s a high chance you may find yourself doing a lot of work while earning very little.

Looking for ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria, will increase your income and make money online.

If I could have my teenage years back again, and someone told me to look for ways to make money during this crucial period of my life, the tips listed in this article are what I would do.

As a successful businesswoman in Nigeria, I know the ins and outs of several businesses, and I can tell you from my vast experience that there are 17 best ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria. 

Let’s dive in.

PS: All the people and courses listed in this article are people that I have worked with and products that I trust. Any one you buy is guaranteed to lead you to success if you follow the instructions outlined.

How to Make Money as a Teenager in Nigeria

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first and best way to make money as a teenager in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing. 

This is a business model where you promote other people’s products and earn a commission when you do so. Sometimes these commissions can be small, other times they are unbelievable. 

I could tell you to start a blog, a YouTube channel, or learn how to design a website. All these things will give you some money if you make time to learn how they are properly done. 

But the easiest among them is affiliate marketing. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that everything you need to start earning money is free of charge. 

For example, you can get products on JvZoo and Warriorplus, and you promote them with Quora. 

Or better yet, if you have a little money like N20k, you may want to invest in a course. Getting a course will accelerate the learning process for you.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Make Money as a Teen in Nigeria

The second way you can make money as a teenager in Nigeria is to start a YouTube Channel. YouTube is great if you are somebody who has no problem standing in front of a camera. 

But then, even if you find it difficult to stand in front of a camera, you can learn how to overcome this feeling. 

If you have never done anything online before, you may find YouTube intimidating, but don’t worry, there are experts, and there are newbies just like yourself. 

The trick is to find something you like talking about, information that people will find valuable. For example, you may go around your area and talk to shop owners about how to start and run a shop. 

When you compile this information, you can come to YouTube and share it with people. 

As you keep posting, YouTube will begin to understand what your content is all about and begin to show it to the relevant people. 

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3. Become a Copywriter

A copywriter is like a wordsmith who writes special words to create advertisements, articles, and stories that catch people’s attention and make them want to buy. 

Copywriters help businesses tell their stories and persuade people to like what they’re selling or saying. 

The average salary of an entry-level copywriter in Nigeria is N85k monthly. 

If you are a teenager in Nigeria and earning this kind of money monthly, you will be able to solve some of your problems. 

To become a good copywriter is easy if you dedicate yourself to this pursuit. 

Invest in a good mentor, somebody like Emmanuel Akpe. He costs money, but it’s an investment you can afford.

4. Social Media Influencer

Make Money as a Teenager in Nigeria

Another great thing you can do online to make money as a teenager in Nigeria is to become a social media influencer. 

Create content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok. I prefer TikTok because you can easily make videos on anything. 

As social media has a wide range of audience, you are sure to find people who will engage with your content.  Becoming a social media influencer might be a great side hustle for you.

Once you begin to see a steady amount of engagement on your posts, you may earn money by in-stream ads or by working with brands who will pay you to advertise for them.

Learn How to Become a Social Media Influencer in Nigeria

5. Learn a Digital Skill

One way to make money as a teenager in Nigeria is to learn a digital skill. Anything, as long as it can be done online and from the comfort of your home. 

Many Nigerians have been able to relocate abroad because of their digital skills. Skills such as Data Analysts, coding, UX, and software development are highly demanded skills in the world today. 

You can learn any of these skills by taking free courses on YouTube or by paying somebody to mentor you. 

I know you may think that mentorship is expensive, but I promise, it isn’t. With N20k only, you can buy a coding course in Nigeria.

Learn How to Earn 1000 naira Daily Without Investment in Nigeria

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping businesses rank on Google so that people can buy from them. This is a skill that is in high demand. 

When I started to earn online, this was one of the first skills I learnt. Whatever skill you decide to learn online, one year is enough for you to know your way around. 

You won’t be an expert overnight, but you will know how to do things. And as you keep working, learning, and improving, you’ll only get better. 

As an SEO Specialist in Nigeria, you may work with banks or other businesses that may want to establish a presence online. 

To find success in this area, it is important that you create a social media presence where you post updates and insights about SEO.

7. Freelance Writing

If you are somebody who likes to write, then you may want to consider freelance writing. In this course, you will be tasked to write blog posts, email newsletters, articles for different businesses. 

The number one trick to finding success as a freelance writer is to position yourself well. 

First, you have to choose a topic you will be writing about, whether music, personal finance, or making money online. 

After choosing your topic, write five articles on this topic and save them in a Google drive or in your personal website in case a prospective client asks for some sample. 

Thirdly, get on LinkedIn and create a profile as a freelance writer. Post those articles there and position yourself well so that people who are looking for writers can find you. 

Making money as a freelancer may be difficult when you are starting, but with patience and consistency, you can make it happen. 

After the first and second client, finding other clients and getting writing jobs gets easier.

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8. Start a Blog

Another guaranteed way you can make money as a teenager in Nigeria is to start a blog. But please, avoid making the mistake a lot of people make. 

Before starting your blog, watch as many videos as you possibly can on YouTube on how to start a blog that makes money. 

I highly recommend you subscribe to Income School. Choose a niche or a topic that you will write about in your blog. 

Have a content plan, so that you will never run out of keywords to write in the first 3 months of starting this blog. 

After the first 3 months, focus your efforts on driving traffic to your blog from other sources like Facebook or forum sites. 

By the 7th month, your blog will begin to rank on Google, so make sure you do a good job. Not only will this blog be a source of income, but it also serves as a portfolio that represents you online.

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9. Web Design

Many businesses are going online in Nigeria today, and very few people are skilled enough to meet all the demands. 

Learning how to design a WordPress website or from scratch through coding or Webflow is a great skill.

As a teenager in Nigeria, you can do this while still going to school.

To start, you can watch videos and take online courses to learn how to design websites. Never stop learning.

Once you feel confident, you can offer your web design services to others and make money doing what you love. 

10. Graphic Design

Graphic design is like using your artistic superpowers to create amazing visuals! As a teenager in Nigeria, you can learn how to design eye-catching logos, posters, and illustrations. 

To get started, you can watch tutorials or take online classes to learn the magic of graphic design. 

After learning, the next thing is to create a portfolio where you can showcase your work. 

To find an agle into this competitive niche, you may want to consider your first jobs for free. 

As you get to know more poeple and build your confidence u can offer your design services to local businesses and make money from your awesome creations. 

Examples of somethings you can do if you become a good graphic designer are below:

Graphic Design

11. Become a Forex Trader

Becoming a forex trader is like being an international money explorer! As a teenager in Nigeria, you can learn how to trade currencies from different countries and make money from their changes in value. 

It’s like playing a game where you predict which money will become stronger or weaker. 

To start, you need to learn about forex trading through books or online courses. It’s essential to understand how the market works and the risks involved. 

Once you feel ready, you can use a special app or website to start trading with a small amount of money.

Remember, forex trading can be exciting, but it’s also important to be patient and careful with your decisions. 

With practice and knowledge, you might become a skilled money explorer and earn some extra cash.

12. Publish Ebooks on Amazon

From January through October 2021 tracked ebook sals on Amazon amounted to $892.5 million. 

If you are a teenager in Nigeria yet to make money online, then Amazon Kindle Publishing might be the thing for you. 

My worry is that it may already be oversaturated, but you can still make some money for yourself if you jump in now. 

You can write stories, poems, or educational books and share them with readers all around the globe. 

To start, I highly recommend you invest in a course and subscribe to several YouTube channels where Kindle Publishing is discussed. 

You can do this with your phone, but if you have some money for a laptop, that’s better. Give yourself time to learn as much as you can. Once you do, you can begin to implement. 

You will surely make a lot of money if you do the right things.

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13. Digital Marketing

Make Money as a Teenager in Nigeria

Helping businesses run ads on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram is something else you can do to make money in Nigeria as a teenager. 

The good thing about being a digital marketer is that there are lots of companies looking for people who will help them sell more of their products online. 

But good digital marketers are rare to find. 

The easiest way to become a digital marketer is to invest in a course by Emmanuel Adanu. 

You may decide to watch a couple of videos and learn how it is done, but you’ll waste a lot of money doing that. 

The information that you will find on YouTube concerning running ads is very limited. With courses, you will also get mentorship, so you have somebody who you can ask questions if you are unsure of yourself.

14. Video Editing

Do you know the major problem a lot of people face when they’re starting a YouTube channel for the first time? Editing their videos. 

Video Editing is time-consuming, so most YouTubers choose to outsource this part of their content creation for them to save time. 

Apart from YouTubers, you can also get to work with celebrities who perform at shows. You help them make their shows look good on camera and video. 

But for you to reach this level in your game, you need to be an expert video editor. 

How do you become an expert video editor? You dedicate a lot of time to learning and implementing. 

Be eager to make mistakes and learn fast. The faster you make mistakes, the faster you will be able to learn what works and what doesn’t. 

You can learn how to edit videos on YouTube.

15. Create a Gig on Fiverr

Another way you can make money as a teenager in Nigeria is to create a gig on Fiverr. Just go to Fiverr and create a free account, then choose the service you intend to offer. 

Fiverr may require you to input your identity card for verification, so do that. If you don’t have one, then you may want to borrow from your parent. 

You can offer graphic design, freelance writing, web design, etc., on Fiverr. 

Once you complete a job, you will get paid. You can also ask the client to leave you a review so that other potential customers will feel free to work with you.

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16. Start E-commerce

E-commerce is one business model in Nigeria that has made a lot of people millionaires, both teenagers and adults alike. 

How this business works is that you will import products from cheap marketplaces in China and sell them in Nigeria. 

It may sound like the usual buying and selling already happening in the country every day, but I promise, it isn’t. 

In E-commerce, you may buy a product for as low as N200 and sell it for N15000 in Nigeria, thereby making unimaginable profit for yourself. 

The best way to start E-commerce today in Nigeria is to join the Kairosoffers. With this, you don’t even have to buy the product or deliver it to the people who need it. 

All you have to do is run ads for this product so that people who need them can order them.

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17. Create and Sell Digital Products Online

The last way to make money online is to create your own digital product and sell it to people. With the launch of ChatGPT, this has become very easy to do. 

With ChatGPT, you can create an ebook that teaches people how to make 50 varieties of cakes and sell it for N2k each. 

Many women will be happy to buy this book. You can also create ebooks on how to be recruited into the Nigerian Police, Army, etc. 

There are people who are searching for this information but have no idea where to get it. With Facebook ads, you can put this book right in front of them. 

N2k is very much affordable. Selling it to 10 people will give you N20k in the blink of an eye.


It’s important to start thinking about money matters while you’re very young. Money’s significance in society shouldn’t be undervalued. 

To earn money, one must acquire knowledge that is in demand. Teenagers can make more money by introducing individuals to products that can address their problems. 

With the ways listed above, you can make money online in Nigeria as a teenager. 

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