Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

14 Genuine Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

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Are you looking for investment platforms in Nigeria where you could invest your money? Search no more! This article will show you the 14 genuine online investment platforms in Nigeria without fear.

Don’t forget that Nigeria is the most populated black country on the planet and is known as Africa’s giant. Not only that, but it is also exceptionally wealthy in natural assets and human resources.

So regardless of your financial plan, there are legitimate investment platforms you can invest in today and still get a lot of returns on your investment.

With just ₦100 to huge billions of Naira, you should expect to invest and earn daily, monthly, or annually in Nigeria with huge interest.

And if your question is how, I want you to sit back and relax as this article covers the best investment platforms in Nigeria for low-income earners, government or private workers, and foreign investors as well. There is a genuine investment platform for everybody.

Which is the best investment platform in Nigeria

Below I have provided the 14 genuine online investment platforms in Nigeria you should consider investing with, even if you don’t have a desktop or a laptop computer. With just your smartphone (Android & IOS) at the snap of your fingertips, you will get everything started and completed from the comfort of your home.

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What Investment Has the Highest Return In Nigeria?

Before embarking on where you can invest your money online, you must first know the investment platforms in Nigeria to invest your money. After knowing the best investment platform in Nigeria and the legit investment platforms in Nigeria to invest and earn daily in Nigeria, another vital aspect is what investment has the highest return in Nigeria?

Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Now let’s look at what investment has the highest return in Nigeria below.

1.   Agriculture

Nigeria’s population is assessed to be more than 200 million. The greatest task is taking care of this enormous populace Nigeria has not created sufficient food but depends hugely on importation.

Investing in the agriculture area will be exceptionally profitable. Areas of investment are crop harvests, domestic animals, animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, and more.

2.   Real Estate

Despite the economic slowdown, the Nigerian real estate business is growing, with people generating millions of dollars in the industry. It may be considered a true money-maker in these trying times.

3.   Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas is one area Nigeria relies on. Nigeria is one of the biggest oil producers globally. Both foreign and local investors can enter the Oil and gas sector in Nigeria and watch their investment grow massively.

Below are a few regions investors can dive into in the oil and Gas

  • ·        -Exploration
  • ·        -Marketing
  • ·        -Pipe-lining
  • ·        -Well Services
  • ·        -Transportation of Oil
  • ·        -Development and Installation
  • ·        -Production and advertising of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG
  • ·        -Refining
  • ·        -Building up a plant for the development of refined mineral oil and others
  • ·        You will agree that there are numerous opportunities in the Oil and Gas area.

4.   Technology

Tech represents innovation. Putting resources into innovation is the best practice in this century and innovation rules all that we do. More than 76 million Nigerians use the web daily, which is enormous!

Currently, Nigeria is battling so many issues that technology can address. There are numerous ways innovation can improve life.

As of late, FinTech has been moving to Nigeria. However, there are numerous other parts of tech!

5.   Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the new money, and it is in Nigeria. From just N1000, you can invest in digital currency and obtain extraordinary returns.

Numerous stages make it simple for you to contribute. You can go into cryptocurrency.

There are a lot of genuine online platforms to assist you with investing your money regardless of how little and without stress.

Where Can I Invest My Money In Nigeria

There are lots of online platforms that permit you to invest money into practically any asset. In agriculture, properties, stocks, etc., we’ll go through these platforms so you can choose from them with enough confidence because these platforms are all licensed and secure. So your money will certainly not vanish.

Top Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria.

We finally came up with the best investment platform in Nigeria after conducting research. This safeguards you by investing your money in only legit investment platforms in Nigeria. So, if you want to invest and earn daily in Nigeria, we have put together a list of 14 genuine online investment platforms you can invest your money.

1.   Risevest

If you want to invest in foreign stocks, you can use Risevest, a Nigerian online investment platform. American real estate and fixed-income assets are also viable investment options (dollar-denominated bonds).

When you use this platform, you may choose from various investment options and leave the rest to a team of financial professionals.

Think of it as a Nigerian dollar investment firm where you can make returns in dollars. The Risevest app allows you to start investing for as little as $10 or N4,141.00 in Nigerian Naira.

You may begin investing in Nigerian dollars using only your smartphone using the Risevest.

As a result, RiseVest is one of the most incredible ways to invest in foreign equities from Nigeria. Rise’s annual returns on U.S. stocks are roughly 14%.

The market, on the other hand, determines the actual returns.

You can learn more about Rise Vest here!

2. Piggyvest – Invest in Agriculture and Transportation

Another Nigerian online investment site, PiggyVest, has made it easier for Nigerians to save and invest money online.

Because of its high return rates, this company immediately became a popular investment opportunity for its customers. PiggyVest is an investment platform that lets users choose from various investments.

Piggy vest is another fantastic online platform to invest in. The platform can be accessed using Android or IOS devices, and the least amount required to start is $10.

Product Features of Piggy vest

·        Annual returns: Over 10% per annum

·        Withdrawal charges: 5% expense for withdrawals outside fixed withdrawal.

·        Piggy vest plans: Dollar wallet, piggy flex, Safe Lock, Target, Investment options, and Core savings,

The required documents for verification are:  

  • Valid Government Issued ID
  • Utility Bill.
  • The original documents are to be scanned and sent, not photocopies. Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Bank Account information

Means of payment: MasterCard, VISA, and Verve cards issued by a Nigerian bank or a straight Bank Transfer.

Investment plans can be made available on request or in a more extended investment period. You can survey returns on investments bought through the Rise vest application.

Withdrawals of funds can be made on the same day of investment. Piggy vest are licensed under Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They use PCI-DSS complaints, bank-grade security, and a two-factor verification to look after all accounts to ensure your money is safe.

Click here to open an account with Piggy Vest .

3.   Trove – Buy Local and Foreign Stocks

Trove, like Risevest, is an online investment platform in Nigeria that allows investors to buy and sell stocks and shares of domestic and overseas companies. American, Chinese, and Nigerian stocks are available through this internet investment platform.

Genuine Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Bonds, REITs, and ETFs can all be purchased using Trove.

Minimum investment requirement: Investment starts from N1,000 upwards.

Available for: Android and iOS

Invest amount: you must have at least a $1,000 bankroll.

Required Documents:

Government-issued ID and utility bills are required. Here are some fundamentals, like (Verified Email Address, Verified Phone Number, and Bank Account Information).

Payments Option/Gateways:

Nigerian banks issue Mastercard, VISA, and Verve cards as payment options. Transfer money to your bank account.

Waiting Period: As long as you desire.

Monitoring of investment:

Returns are possible with the Trove app. The app has options for tracking all investments and purchases on the app.


Uninvested funds in your wallet can be withdrawn for at least three business days. If you’re taking out more money than you put in, you’ll have to get rid of some of the things you bought. If you place a buying order, it will take between one and two business days to deposit your funds into your account. Either your wallet or a bank account can be used to store the money. The smallest amount you can take from foreign securities is $50.

Security/Data Protection:

Trove uses 256-bit encryption to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure. And the data is protected by cutting-edge security technologies. Trove’s partner, DriveWealth LLC, is a regulated member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

It holds all the trade accounts for the United States on Trove. It also protects its members’ securities assets. Amounts up to $500,000 are available (including $250,000 for cash claims). Sigma Securities is the company’s other partner.

This is a company governed by the National Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it oversees all Nigerian trading accounts. On the other hand, ARM Investment Managers, licensed asset management based in Lagos, Nigeria, and Trove Investment Managers oversee the portfolios on the site.

4.   Carbon – Smart Investment Options

Carbon, previously called Pay later, is one of the platforms in Nigeria that gives a fast approach to investment choices. Like payments, bills, and loans. Carbon assists individuals with generating good money by assisting them with creating financial freedom through smart investments that bring the best annual return.

Carbon Paylater reivew

Carbon has one of the most fantastic financing features in Nigeria, and it is available for Android users with a 15.5% yearly return and zero Withdrawal charges. The least withdrawal is $0

5.   Bamboo

Bamboo is a platform in Nigeria that permits you to invest over 3500 stocks on the American stock trade and Nigerian stock trade. You can purchase, hold, or sell stocks on the Bamboo stage right with your cell phone. Bamboo is available for Android and iOS users, starting with a $20 investment.

Required papers:

  • Valid I.D. and a Utility Bill.
  • The original copies must be scanned and sent as photos, not physical copies, or photocopies.
  • Email Address,
  • Phone Number and
  • Bank Account Information.

Payment method:

You get paid through a Nigerian bank-issued MasterCard, VISA, Verve card, or a direct bank transfer. You can track investments bought with the Bamboo application.


A withdrawal request takes 2-3 workdays for your assets to get your record.


Bamboo investment operates with state-of-the-art bank-level security, information encryption, and a two-factor confirmation (2FA) guarantee on all records. All accounts are held at a top-level U.S. firm, an individual owner from the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

7.   Chaka

Chaka is likewise an internet-based speculation stage in Nigeria centered on foreign stocks. You can begin investing with Chaka for just $10 or N1000.

Product Features of the Chaka App

Available for: Android and Web

Required papers:

a valid I.D. and a Utility Bill. The original copies must be scanned and sent as photos, not physical copies, or photocopies. Some fundamental data like Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Bank Account Information will be verified.

Payment method:

Nigerian banks issued MasterCard, VISA, and Verve cards or a direct bank. You can follow up with investment through the Chaka site or application.


Withdrawal of the money in your record can require as long as 12 hours. Pulling out money from sold stocks involves about 3 days and 2 days for the stock trade (locally and internationally). It would also require an additional day to handle the exchange transactions.


Every Chaka account is ensured by bank-grade AES encryption programming, which ensures correspondence between the client’s gadgets and our servers.

8.   Cowry wise – Invest in Mutual Funds

Cowry wise resembles Piggy vest and pay later. You can save money on this platform and invest too.

Cowry wise clients can access features like money market funds (dollar and Naira), halal investment, and agribusiness investment.

This platform gives access to loans with small interest and offers plans for savings that pay interest to its users daily.

Likewise, cowry wise pays revenue on investment funds to its clients to account consistently.

Product Features of Cowry Wise

Available for: Android and iOS

Annual returns: 10% to 15%

Withdrawal charges: None

Different plans are available: Periodic investment funds, Fixed Savings, and once-investment funds.

Least withdrawal: None

9.   Payday Investor by ARM – Invest in ARM Market Fund

Payday Investor made by ARM Group is an internet-based speculation stage in Nigeria that permits clients to make an investment fund objective and puts away the money for the benefit of the savers in its currency market reserve.

10.  I-Invest

I-invest is a unique platform in Nigeria. It permits you to buy and oversee Treasury bills from your cell phone safely.

We all know that treasury bills are one of the danger-free ways. You can follow up on all investment portfolios on the I-invest application, and they offer a helpful way for investors to save money while acquiring interest.

Smartphone with I-Invest app splash screen

The starting capital is a hundred thousand Naira (N100,000). Both the investment capital and interest are paid to your record when due, and you can likewise pay out your money whenever after 30 days.

The I-invest application was sent off by Sterling bank with Parthian partners

i-investment Highlights for both Android and iOS device

·        Interest Rate: 8% – 11%

·        Upkeep Fees: None

·        Pre-sell: Yes, after a base holding time of 30 days.

11.   Fint – Invest in P2P Loans

Fint is a platform in Nigeria centered on P2P lending, and it is an advanced commercial that associates financially sound borrowers with lenders.

Borrowers can gain admittance to reasonable credits, and moneylenders can work with advances and get back their money revenue.

Anybody can invest in the Fint platform because their money is protected by Old Mutual insurance in case of death, employment misfortune, or incapacity.

You can bring in strong returns with your money by loaning money on Fint and broadening your portfolio past stocks, securities, fixed deposits, and bank accounts. The least sum you can loan is ₦20,000.

Your venture returns are saved straightforwardly into your record consistently.

Product Features of Fint:

·        Investment Amount: ₦20,000 – ₦1,000,000

·        Loan cost: 26%-39% yearly

·        Support/Operation Fees: 1.5% Operation Fee deducted from month-to-month returns.

12.   Chipper Money – Invest in Stocks and Crypto

It is an application that allows you to send and get money across Africa. It likewise enables you to put resources into Stocks and crypto (bitcoin) as well.

Sprightly allows you to build your portfolio by permitting you to purchase portions of foreign organizations like Apple, Facebook, and Nike. Chipper money professes to offer the least commissions and the quick exchange executions.

You can likewise trade bitcoin effectively on this application too.

13.  Thrivagric

You are eligible to own an account as a Nigerian on this platform as long as you have an internet data-enabled phone, either Android or ios. Your investment is safe and secured, and returns are made within 6-9 months. It is also a means of empowering farmers with huge farms with little machinery or zero laborers.

To begin the registration process, you will have to go through the website, sign up, and then go to the page to learn more about thrive agric.

14.   E-farm

This is another online investment platform available to both Nigerians at home, Nigerians at the Diasporas, and non-Nigerians. They allow people to invest in their farming through the website. Like any other platform, your investment is safe and secure in case of any issue; you are sure to get your investment capital.

To be a part of this platform, you will have to be a worker or own a business.


So far, we have discussed the best investment platform in Nigeria, legit investment platforms in Nigeria, and where to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. Don’t forget that the purpose of this online investment platform in Nigeria is to assist Nigerians with keeping their money safe and getting massive returns when they are needed. Innovation has given individuals the road to bring in money for themselves and permit others to do likewise.

Anyone who owns a cell phone can make practically any amount of money in Nigeria, which you should not allow to pass you by. With N1000, you can begin investing today!

There are a couple of ways to increase your monetary worth in the world we live in. By working or being independently employed and having your investment work for you.

Taking this into consideration will either affect your future finances positively or negatively. We encourage you to start investing by choosing any of the 14 genuine online investment platforms in Nigeria we have given. Good luck! We wish you all the best.

Disclaimer: Before making any online investment, ensure to check it out yourself!


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