Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria

11 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria (2023)

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A cryptocurrency wallet is a hardware item, storage device, software application, or even a platform, that keeps the public or private codes for Cryptocurrency exchanges. This article will cover the list of the best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria.

A cryptocurrency wallet frequently includes the feature of encoding or verification of data, in relation to the fundamental role of retaining codes/keys. The signing could lead to the execution of a blockchain network, a bitcoin exchange, authentication, or the formal issuing of a file.

A basic cryptocurrency wallet has a  public and private encryption key and methods in sets. The keys could be leveraged to maintain the count of who owns what, as well as to acquire and exchange cryptocurrencies.

A Public key enables people to send money to the location obtained through it. A Private key permits cryptocurrency to be spent through a specific address.

However, The cryptocurrency is not present in the wallet. Most times, in situations of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies generated by it, the cryptocurrency is preserved “decentrally” in a globally accessible-shared database known as the Blockchain.

Is 2023 good for crypto?

In the latter part of 2022, cryptocurrency values may drop much more. Prices soared to historic highs of over $69,000 in November, but are presently around $50,000, down roughly 30% from their peak(via CNBC)

Carol Alexander, a marketing professor at Sussex University, predicts that Bitcoin will fall to $10,000 by 2023, wiping out the majority of its profits over the last year and a 1/2.

According to Sayantani Sanyal, many indicators indicate rising Bitcoin values, including more recognition by enterprises and increasing supply through Bitcoin ETFs.

best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria

According to Sanyal in Analytics Insight, financial experts anticipate that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the conclusion of 2023, while some believe it will reach the milestone during the first half of 2022. 

Others predict that Bitcoin will not exceed USD 70,000 in the latter part of 2022. Others do not see a crash until late 2022, and thus believe that 2022 is a good year for cryptocurrency. 

According to Yuya Hasegawa, a cryptocurrency trade analyst at Japanese virtual currency exchange Bitbank, the Fed is the most major concern issue. The analyst believes it is been determined and is most likely locked in.

What should I buy for Crypto 2023?


Bitcoin has remained the currency-market-dominating cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was the earliest significant virtual option to fiat money. Although Bitcoin occupied practically the whole cryptocurrency industry in the seasons following the advent of Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin now has a 42.5 percent trade ownership in the cryptocurrency business. The acceptance of Bitcoin by huge fund managers and big shareholders has been among the most significant occurrences in the last year.

best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria

With each stage of the process, more and more firms in clothing, property investment, automobiles, tourism, online shopping, and perhaps foreign states are buying Bitcoin. The applications of an electronic measure of wealth, that is quickly transferrable, reduced fees, and unhindered have continuously withstood scrutiny.


The “Ethereum Mainnet” now supports the world’s largest NFT exchange by dealing rate, OpenSea.  The Mainnet also supports the world’s largest decentralized market, Uniswap, as well as the world’s largest hugely profitable virtual world, Decentraland. 

Going Further, several of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, such as Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Dogecoin, are based on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum is the biggest smart contract network in crypto, and that’s why it is being bought by large traders in 2022. The Cryptocurrency is  2nd biggest cryptocurrency by share value. In recent weeks, it has suffered from excessive costs and sluggish transaction rates. Everything could shift, though, with The Merge event set to occur this august 2022.

EverGrow coins.

EverGrow Coin is the most valuable reflective coin in the BNB Chain, having purchased out greater than $37 million to investments after its introduction in September 2021.

EverGrow Coin gives out in BUSD stablecoin reflections. Out of a 14 percent transactional tax, this equates to 8% dispersed as BUSD reflections:

  •  3% for volatility on PancakeSwap
  •  2% of repurchase and burn 
  • 1% for trade

The  transactional tax   on EverGrow Coin is indefinitely expandable, making it ideal for lengthy ROI in cryptocurrency. Recurring revenue generating is not jeopardized in a downturn or a rising marketplace, making EverGrow coins one of the highest-bought cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Now let’s say we apply one of the EverGrow Coin estimates: a $1,000 purchase in EverGrow Coin will yield $51 in BUSD in a year in the current transaction volumes of 112,000 dollars.


Cardono appears to be the safest blockchain platform. Cardano is believed to have introduced academia to the cryptocurrency market. As such, most of its upgrades and key tools were created via a thorough social comparison procedure.

Although the breakdown of Cardano’s competitor smart contract network Solana occurred in 2022, similar problems do not arise in this blockchain platform.

Cardano is usually bought because of its power and vitality. Cardano’s vitality is that it is among the most prospective blockchain ecosystems, which is why it is getting bought in a variety of industries.

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11 best Cryptocurrency Wallets to have in Nigeria 2023.

1.The Binance Wallet. 


For individuals who want to constantly exchange virtual currencies, Binance is possibly the best Cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria. 

The Binance wallet will be accessible in 2022 through an iPhone or Smartphone application, or through checking in with the profile via the official homepage. In any case, the Binance wallet features along with an exchange package that includes 600 coins and 1,000+ marketplaces.

According to Kane Pepi, Binance also connects directly to investment wallets and mining. A few of such DeFi items have APYs of exceeding 100%. 

There is currently a Binance NFT platform where participants may buy and sell non-fungible token for cheap charges. As of 2023, Binance is sponsoring the Trust Wallet software, which provides a digital wallet featuring non-custodial usage. Traders that use Binance Wallet would be eligible to purchase and sell coins for a 0.10% fee.

That implies with each $200 exchanged, the transaction would get charged a price of only $0.20. When a cryptocurrency coin is bought, it is immediately placed in your Binance wallet for better accessibility.

2.Quidax Wallet. 

Quidax is a well-known Cryptocurrency platform that caters to Nigerian businessmen. The site enables customers to purchase and trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for a relatively cheap fee of 0.3%t. The Quidax Wallet also functions as a fiduciary wallet and it could be managed electronically or through the iPhone or Mobile application.

Quidax maintains absolute ownership over the wallet’s private keys; this may appeal to newbies. One significant advantage of purchasing this Cryptocurrency wallet is that coins stored by Quidax will be placed into ‘Vault.’ Market Participants can make money on their coins using a computer-controlled staking mechanism.

3. Coinomi. 

Coinomi is a wireless cryptocurrency wallet with models for Android, PC, and iPhone.

This electronic wallet, which was launched in 2014, is among the earliest as well as best reputable wallets, with 100,000+ members globally, including Nigerian cryptocurrency traders.

The Coinomi wallet is accessible internationally and supports approximately 125 coins, as well as 382 ERC20 coins.


Users who have not yet invested in cryptocurrency may want to explore utilizing a standard cryptocurrency platform and wallet. It is because lets users acquire access to cryptocurrencies without holding or storing actual coins, offering it among the best platforms for Nigerians to use. This is due to the fact that deals in CFDs.

Fundamentally said, CFDs are genuine mirrors of cryptocurrency prices. Users could trade long or short in any selected cryptocurrency CFD, based on whether they believe the price would climb or decline. As a result, users may try to profit via cryptocurrency exchanges without having to bother concerning a wallet.

5.Coinbase wallet.

Coinbase is most recognized for its easy accessibility in cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, Coinbase provides a few of the top Cryptocurreny wallets in Nigeria. Once it relates to storing coins or tokens, Coinbase provides several choices.

The Coinbase wallet is a fiduciary wallet that may be opened by signing to the Coinbase app. As a result, there is no need to download or configure any additional program. “Two-factor authentication”  as well as “IP/device whitelisting” is usually deployed to safeguard the Coinbasewallet. In addition, 98 percent of users’ cash is stored offsite for all occasions; that is significant protection.

6. Breet Wallet


Breet Wallet is an over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading site that enables users in Nigeria to trade their cryptocurrency and get payment in their Naira local bank.

This cryptocurrency wallet, which was created in February 2022, is a computerized “cryptocurrency-to-fiat” program.

You must have anticipated how quickly you might withdraw your bitcoins, right?

You can exchange and retrieve your cryptocurrency in 4 minutes if you use the Breet wallet.

Furthermore, this Nigerian wallet has no withdrawal charges and users can receive reward incentives occasionally.

Breet also allows users to safeguard their cash by utilizing two authentications. Its user service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This Cryptocurrency Wallet also operates as a financial channel for organizations that allow cryptocurrency transactions.

7. ZenGO wallet

For users looking for an easy and “error-free” interface, ZenGO wallet is one of the top Cryptocurrency wallets in Nigeria. This electronic wallet is available in a downloadable mobile phone application for iPhones and Android smartphones.

As a basic feature, The ZenGO wallet can be put up in minutes.  Users may protect their accounts using fingerprints. Though  ZenGo is not a fiduciary wallet, recovering entry to an address is simple.

Additionally, This electronic wallet provides various other things in regard to backups and memory. Users can exchange one crypto coin for another with the mouse, across all chains. ZenGo’s application is further connected with Nexo, allowing users to obtain money on their unused coins.

8. Bit Pay

Bitpay is a cryptocurrency transaction computation provider situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Bitpay was founded in 2011, and its wallet software got introduced in 2016.

This electronic wallet enables you to exchange bitcoin for local currencies and purchase products using bitcoin. Furthermore, Bitpay wallet gives its users visa cards. The Visa cards may be deployed to receive money at any ATM stand, that supports cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. 

If you have to purchase products or utilities digitally, you will almost certainly require a Bitpay wallet. Bitpay is also accessible from roughly 200 nations, such as Nigeria.

9. The Luno Wallet

luno Nigeria

Luno Wallet is an international marketplace that possesses a  simple and extensive iPhone and Mobile smartphone software.

Luno Wallet does not just enable Nigerians to exchange cryptocurrencies; it also enables Nigerians to properly secure coins or tokens in their wallet. The Luno wallet enables tracking the worth of cryptocurrencies in respect of present exchange rates simply. 

In 2023, The wallet can further enable Nigerians to accrue interest. Bitcoin, for example, has an annual percentage yield of 1.5 percent. The  Luno wallet, which is accessible for both iOS and Android, is capable of holding up to .8 coins is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in Nigeria in 2023. This well-known cryptocurrency wallet essentially provides two types of wallets on its site and is available as iOS or Mobile software.

One is the non-fiduciary DeFi wallet. Users enjoy the absolute authority of their private keys as a result. This also implies that users should accept control of every aspect of their cryptocurrency investments. This wallet additionally includes links to autonomous features like staking and cryptocurrency investment funds.

The fiduciary wallet may be particularly ideal for users with less knowledge of the Cryptocurrency market. This electronic wallet, which could be handled through the internet via the homepage or the iPhone and Android software, does not necessitate any encryption expertise. It’s due to the team keeping the wallet secure.

11. Cool wallet

cool wallet Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what a Hardware wallet is?

So here it is.

Hardware wallets known basically as cool wallets are deployed to save or store cryptocurrency. They are undeniably the greatest type of safekeeping for any cryptocurrency investment, particularly if you intend to save significant sums The offline state of these cryptocurrency wallets renders them particularly safe against malicious activities.

It is important to note that such hardware wallets should be purchased straight through the producer or any approved supplier, to avoid any iota scamming in your exchanges.

Conclusion – Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in Nigeria

Knowing The type of crypto Wallet to purchase would do you good in terms of affordability, durability, and maintenance. Moreso, this article has been structured in a way to if you could still trade in Bitcoins.

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