How to watch Gotv for Free

How to watch Gotv for Free (Step-by-Step Guide)- 2023

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So you’re curious if it’s actually possible to watch your Gotv channels for free. You’re not alone in this, as we’re all always on the lookout for opportunities that mean we’ll pay little or nothing for subscriptions. This article will share how to watch Gotv for free.

I remember during the FIFA World Cup, I had a Gotv decoder, but I wasn’t really financially buoyant to subscribe; we know how bad the economy is, so I started making research on how to watch Gotv for free. 

I stumbled on a lot of ways you can actually try to watch Gotv channels for free. Not to worry, in this post, I am going to share most of the ways to watch a Gotv for free (Step to Step Guide) too. So stay tuned.

How to watch Gotv channels for free on Gotv Open

Have you heard of Gotv Open? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, it is not your fault; nobody knows it all. That is why we are here, and in this post, I am going to tell you all you need to know about Gotv Open and how to watch Gotv channels for free through Gotv Open.

What is Gotv Open?

Gotv Open is a special Gotv package given to Gotv customers with no monthly subscription requirements. 

For you to access the Gotv Open packages, all you have to do is pay a one-time administrative fee of N6,600, and you will have free access to watching and enjoying free-to-air channels in HD quality. 

You shouldn’t be surprised; I enjoyed the Gotv Open during the period when I had no money for subscriptions. I am going to discuss some channels you can watch for free using the Gotv Open.

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Some Free Channels on Gotv Are Open

1. Lagos TV: Lagos TV is one of the oldest television stations in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos State, the commercial capital of Nigeria. 

Lagos TV broadcasts a lot of content on education, entertainment, culture, etc., but most times it lays more emphasis on Lagos-based local content. They also have a strong social media presence, especially on YouTube.

 If you are interested in entertainment and cultural content, especially those based in Lagos, then be happy because you can watch this television channel for free on Gotv Open.

2. Silverbird Television: Silverbird Television was founded by Ben Murray-Bruce, a former Nigerian senator. The television station is based in Lagos, and its network broadcasts in over 20 African countries. 

Silverbird has a knack for giving premium content in the areas of news, entertainment, education programs, music, politics, soap operas, fashion, etc. This prestigious channel with all its contents is available for free on Gotv Open.

3.MiTv: Mitv, a terrestrial television station, was launched in 2007 and is based in Lagos. This channel provides high-quality entertainment content, including movies, music, series, etc. You can equally get this channel for free on Gotv Open.

4NTA Plus: NTA is the oldest television channel in Nigeria; it’s been here for ages. It’s like the country’s main source of information, especially on politics. You can access this channel for free on Gotv Open.

5. Channels Television: Founded in 1995 by John Momoh, The Television channel is believed to be leading other television when it comes to broadcasting balanced and objective information. 

You can access this channel free of charge on Gotv Open. Other television channels include AIT, ONTV, Trybe Television, Rivers State Television (RSTV), the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), and Edo Broadcasting Services (EBS).

Now that you have seen some channels you can watch free of charge on Gotv, let’s see how to get the channel open.

How to watch Gotv for Free

How to Install Gotv Open Channels (Step-by-Step Guide)

The following are steps to getting your Gotv Open packages installed.

1. Buy a complete Gotv decoder set that includes the decoder, the outdoor antenna, the remote, and the free one-month Gotv Plus package.

After exhausting the free one-month package, subscribe to Gotv Open by paying a one-time fee of N6600. 

After this payment, you’ll no longer have to pay again, and you’ll watch all channels listed for free. Note: You can always go back to a normal subscription if you no longer want to make use of Gotv Open.

How to watch Gotv for free through an FTA decoder

FTA simply stands for “Free To Air.” Free-to-air channels are basically television channels that are broadcast over the air and do not need a decoder or subscription before you can access them. 

Though Gotv is a paid TV service that always requires payment to access its services, there are some channels you can actually get from Gotv through an FTA decoder.

How to watch Gotv Channels through FTA

To watch Gotv channels through FTA, use the following steps:

1. Buy a digital television antenna.

2. Tune your television to the authentic frequency of the GoTV channel you want to watch.

3. Make sure the channel you’re tuning into is broadcast in your area.

Start watching your Gotv channels for free.

It’s worth noting that not all Gotv channels can be accessed for free through FTA; 

Below is a list of FTA channels on Gotv.

NTA, Silverbird Television, African Independent Television (AIT), Channels Television, Mindset Learn, MiTv, TBN, Rhema, Daystar, CCTV4, NHK, IQRAA, CCTV News, TV Mundial, Kingdom Television, and Inspiration TV These are lists of available free-to-air television. Find the one that works in your area and start watching.


Watching Gotv for free through promotional offers

Two years ago, I watched two months of full GoTV channels for free. It may sound funny, but that’s the truth. 

I saw an advertisement on my television that said if you buy or renew a particular bouquet, you’ll be given two months of free Gotv subscription.

 I reluctantly bought that package, and to my greatest surprise, I was indeed given two months of the free Gotv package. While this is not always common, it could be another way of watching Gotv for free.

 If you always keep an eye on Gotv advertisements and try to visit their website from time to time, you may be lucky to receive one of their numerous free subscription promos.

Watching Gotv for free through sharing

You can decide to share Gotv with your friends, especially when they are not in need of it. 

I remember during the World Cup, a friend of mine who runs a viewing center could not afford to recharge his DStv for World Cup matches, but since Gotv was showing all World Cup games and I have the decoder, he came and asked if I would borrow him my recorder on a special agreement. I did without thinking twice since his offer was good. 

If you are in my friend’s position and there’s a program you don’t want to miss out on, you should reach out to people who have Gotv and borrow from them. You could watch some programs for free before returning it to them. 

Conclusion on How to Watch Gotv for Free

The truth is, Gotv is a paid service, and it’s very difficult to watch it absolutely free, but in this post, we’ve provided you with ways to watch your Gotv channels for free, at least temporarily.

 I hope you find one of the numerous ways we mentioned usefully.

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