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17 Underrated Travel Destinations That You Should Add to Your Bucket List

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Some destinations don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re the silent heroes of the travel world – places with incredible sights and attractions that somehow fly under the radar.

It’s a dreamy deal for people with itchy feet.

These hidden gems have rich histories, unique attractions, and abundant natural beauty. But because they lack the notoriety of places like Italy or Hawaii, they don’t attract the crowds. You get them to yourself and usually enjoy a more affordable trip.

Today, we’re revealing 17 of the most underrated destinations to add to your bucket list before the masses discover them.

1. Nepal

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You don’t have to be a mountaineer to enjoy Nepal. While its towering peaks may be off-limits to most, everyone can explore the wonderful chaos of Kathmandu, hike in the Himalayas, visit the country’s many temples, or do a wildlife safari in Chitwan National Park.

Another advantage of traveling in Nepal is its affordability. The dollar goes far here, so you can travel comfortably and have unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

2. Northern Greece

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Most people visiting Greece head straight to its islands. And for good reason! Whether it’s Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, or Rhodes, the islands look and feel like paradise on Earth.

However, the rest of Greece is incredible, too – especially the north. From the mighty Vikos Gorge to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora, it’s home to unique attractions and breathtaking scenery.

3. Albania

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Albania is one of Europe’s most underdeveloped and least-visited countries. However, with its sun-kissed coastline and mountainous interior, it is also unquestionably beautiful.

Its long and turbulent history has left many intriguing historical sites and architectural delights behind. Overall, Albania is an underappreciated Balkan gem with the added benefit of being cheap to explore.

4. Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is one of Central America’s best-kept secrets. For years, people avoided visiting because of its turbulent past. Yet the country’s slowly gaining recognition again as a budget-friendly, vibrant destination full of friendly locals and adventurous experiences.

It’ll be ideal if you love nature and the great outdoors. With echoes of Costa Rica, Nicaragua has volcanoes, lakes, and sandy beaches galore.

5. Bacalar, Mexico

Bacalar, Mexico
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This hidden gem in the Yucatan Peninsula offers a peaceful alternative to tourist favorites like Tulum and Cancun. A small town in a pristine location, it’s on the shore of the eponymous lagoon – a freshwater lake famous for its striking turquoise hues.

Nicknamed the “Maldives of Mexico,” spend your days relaxing, sipping cocktails, swimming in cenotes, and kayaking to white-sand beaches.

6. Sicily, Italy

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There’s much more to Italy than Rome, Venice, and Tuscany! Head south, and you’ll find a much quieter and more traditional Bel Paese.

Sicily is a prime example. This island off the mainland’s southwest tip has immense historical sights and towns, world-class beaches, and all the usual Italian food and charm. Yet, untouched by mass tourism in many parts, it maintains a distinctive local vibe.

7. Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)

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This landlocked country in Central Asia has some of the most astonishing scenery on Earth. Expect vast, snowcapped mountain ranges towering above remote, sweeping valleys home to nomadic tribes and intriguing historic sights.

Tourists are beginning to realize its promise, but Kyrgyzstan still feels pleasantly off-the-beaten-track. The cherry on top? Traveling here is super affordable.

8. North Wales, UK

North Wales
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Humble Wales doesn’t often appear on lists of must-visit destinations, but it should. This verdant, hilly land has diverse natural beauty, a rich history, and bustling cities.

The North is particularly underrated. The weather can be wild and woolly, but it won’t dampen your spirits. There are castles and charming towns to explore, mountains to climb, endless hikes through some of the United Kingdom’s finest landscapes, and so much more.

9. Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka
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This teardrop-shaped country near India is ideal for travelers seeking an exotic adventure. Sri Lanka’s many attractions include pristine beaches, cities that stimulate the senses, endless cultural attractions, and unique historic sites, such as Sigiriya Rock.

The scenery across the country is spectacular, too – as are the wildlife spotting opportunities. Elephants, leopards, monkeys, whales, and dolphins are just a few of the amazing animals that live here.  

10. Slovenia

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Nestled on Italy’s northeast border is a spectacular outdoor playground, otherwise known as Slovenia. This magical country is home to Lake Bled – a picture-perfect lake surrounded by mountains, overlooked by an iconic castle, and host to a tiny island with a 12th century church on it.

Alongside its gorges, forests, rivers, cave systems, and snowcapped mountains, Slovenia has vibrant cities and towns to explore. Packed with history and aesthetic appeal, its capital, Ljubljana, is the most famous. 

11. Uganda

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People don’t usually have Uganda very high on their bucket list. But it might be time for that to change! This East African country is a dream come true for adventure seekers.

One of Uganda’s main draws is its wildlife. Visitors can see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, giraffes, leopards, lions, and rhinos, among many others. The landscapes are equally diverse and jaw-dropping. You’ll experience a totally new culture and be welcomed by friendly locals almost everywhere you go.

12. Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Georgia is a small country between Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to the south and Russia to the north. In other words, it’s right at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The result is a fascinating array of cultures in a landscape of jaw-dropping beauty.

There’s something in Georgia for every traveler. You can hike up mountains, explore age-old cave monasteries, revel in history and culture in the capital, Tbilisi, and so much more.

13. Poland

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Poland is a hidden gem in the crown of Central Europe. While most tourists overlook it, there are dozens of compelling reasons to add this huge and diverse country to your bucket list.

Poland’s ease of travel, cultural and historic sites, hearty food scene, incredible array of landscapes, and budget-friendly prices are just a few of its many attractions. From storybook cities full of castles and culture to snowcapped mountains and the beautiful Baltic coast, this country has lots to offer.

14. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia
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Bosnia and Herzegovina has all the charm, historical appeal, and natural beauty you’d expect from a Balkan destination – without the crowds. It’s like a cheaper, less crowded version of Croatia.

The sublime mountainous landscape is complemented by colorful towns, complete with Ottoman bridges and medieval fortresses, that seem like something from a fairytale. And Sarajevo, the capital, is an eclectic city with museums, cobbled streets, and a wonderful mix of architectural influences set against a backdrop of gorgeous scenery.

15. Belize

Paradise Beach, Belize
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Located along the Caribbean coast, Belize is a little pocket of paradise in Central America. Get ready for pristine beaches, Mayan ruins, rainforests teeming with wildlife and waterfalls, epic underwater sinkholes, and the biggest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. Delicious food and world-class snorkeling add to Belize’s tropical appeal.   

16. Orkney Islands, Scotland

Orkney Islands, Scotland
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Orkney is a wild and remote archipelago located 10 miles off the north coast of Scotland. It consists of 70 islands, 20 of which are inhabited, and sits at roughly the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway.

Visit Orkney to see ancient stone circles and neolithic settlements, walk miles of rugged coastline, explore charming fishing villages, and sip whisky at historic distilleries.

17. Flores, Indonesia

Flores, Indonesia
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Natural wonders abound on this oft-overlooked island in the Indonesian Archipelago. Visitors enjoy miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, gloriously clear and warm waters, and hikes up active volcanoes.

There’s snorkeling and scuba diving to do, lakes and waterfalls to visit, and local traditions that are a joy to behold. Flores is also a gateway to Komodo National Park, home to the eponymous eight-feet-long lizards.

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