18 Things Boomers Think Are Cool But Really Aren’t

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In this post, we’ll discuss 18 things that the older generation, known as Boomers, think are really cool. But guess what? These things might not be as cool as they think.

It’s interesting to see how what was cool has changed a lot since then. We will examine items, trends, and habits that were once the talk of the town.

This isn’t about making fun of anyone – it’s just a playful look at how times have changed – so let’s dive in and see what made the list!

1. Fax Machines

Fax machine_gemenacom
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Fax machines were a big deal in the past. People used them to send documents over the phone.

Imagine taking a piece of paper and putting it into a machine, and then someone far away gets a copy of that paper through their machine. That sounds magical, right?

But now, with email and online sharing, sending documents is way easier and faster. We no longer need fax machines because technology has given us better ways to share information.

2. Landline Phones

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Landline phones stay in one place, usually at home or in an office.

They’re connected with wires, and you can’t take them wherever you go. Back then, having a landline phone was important to talk to friends or call for help. Now, almost everyone has a mobile phone.

Mobile phones can do so much more than make calls. They fit in your pocket, and you can use them anywhere. That’s why landlines aren’t as cool or needed as they used to be.

3. Cable Television

Cut Cable
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Cable television used to be the main way people watched shows and movies. It has many channels on TV through cable.

But now, we have something cooler called streaming services. These services, like Netflix or YouTube, let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

You don’t have to wait for a show to come on at a particular time. This convenience makes cable television seem less cool or useful.

4. Manual Cars

cheap car
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Manual cars are the ones where you change the gears by yourself using a stick and a clutch pedal. This way of driving requires more work from the driver.

While some people think it’s fun, many now prefer automatic cars. Automatic cars change gears independently, making driving easier, especially in traffic. With new technology, cars can even drive themselves!

This makes manual cars seem less cool because they’re not as easy or high-tech as automatic cars.

5. VHS Tapes

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VHS tapes were used to watch movies at home before DVDs and streaming services came along. They’re big, rectangular tapes that fit into a VCR player but have some problems.

The picture and sound quality aren’t great and can easily be damaged or worn out over time. Plus, you have to rewind them after watching!

Now, with the ability to watch movies online anytime, VHS tapes seem outdated and not as cool because there are better, easier ways to watch your favorite shows and movies.

6. Encyclopedias

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Encyclopedias are big books full of facts about everything. People used to rely on them to find homework information or learn new things, but they have a few downsides.

They can become outdated quickly because the world changes constantly, and they take up a lot of space.

Nowadays, we have the Internet – with just a few clicks, you can find the latest information on almost anything. That’s why encyclopedias aren’t as popular as they used to be.

7. Mailing Letters

Mail Sorters
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Boomers back in those days didn’t have cell phones or email – so if they wanted to talk to someone far away, they had to send a letter.

Mailing letters could take days or even weeks to reach the recipient, and there was no guarantee that they would arrive safely.

Now, with instant messaging and video calls, staying in touch with loved ones is easier than ever. Mailing letters may have been necessary in the past, but now it seems like an outdated and inefficient way to talk to your loved ones.

8. Dial-Up Internet

Dial up internet
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Dial-up Internet is basically like using a telephone line to access the Internet – but at a very slow speed.

In the early days of the Internet, it was the only option for most people and was seen as revolutionary.

However, dial-up Internet had its drawbacks – it tied up your phone line while you were online, making it impossible to receive calls or use the phone.

But these days, we have Wi-Fi and wireless Internet, which allow us to access the Internet faster without tying up our phone lines.

9. Film Cameras

Film Cameras
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Film cameras are the old type of camera that uses a roll of film to take pictures. After taking the photos, you must wait to develop the film before seeing them.

This waiting game and not being able to delete bad photos can be a hassle. Now, we have digital cameras and smartphones that let you see your photos instantly.

You can take hundreds of pictures, delete the ones you don’t like, and even share them online right away, which is why film cameras aren’t as cool anymore.

10. Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes
Credit: arvydele/Depositphotos

Cassette tapes were once a popular way to listen to music – you could play them in your car or on a small portable player. However, they have some drawbacks – the sound quality isn’t the best, and they can easily get damaged.

If a tape gets stuck, it could ruin your favorite song. Nowadays, we have digital music – you can carry thousands of songs on your phone and play them anytime, anywhere, with excellent sound quality.

This makes cassette tapes seem outdated and not as appealing anymore.

11. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages
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Yellow Pages are big, thick books with phone numbers and addresses for businesses and people.

They were handy for finding a company or service you needed. But they have a big downside – they’re heavy and take up lots of space.

Plus, the information can get old fast. The Internet makes finding a phone number or address much quicker and easier.

You can just search online and get the most current information right away – that’s why Yellow Pages aren’t as popular now.

12. Physical Maps

Woman holding a map MSN
Image Credit: [email protected]/Depositphotos.

Next, we have physical maps, which used to be a staple in every traveler’s bag. They were essential for finding your way around and planning routes when exploring new places.

However, they can be bulky and difficult to fold back up once opened. Plus, with GPS technology and online mapping tools, you can easily navigate unfamiliar areas without needing a paper map.

Not only that, but digital maps also provide real-time information such as traffic and alternative routes, making them a more convenient choice for travelers.

Physical maps may hold nostalgic value, but they are no longer the most efficient way to navigate our world.

13. Typewriters

Credit: Radiokafka/Depositphotos

A nostalgic favorite, typewriters were once a staple in every office and home. They allowed people to type letters and documents without needing messy handwritten notes. However, they were heavy, took up a lot of space, and required frequent maintenance.

Not to mention the loud clicking sound they made while typing! Plus, you can’t hit backspace like you can on a computer. But now we have all the benefits of typewriters without any drawbacks of modern computers and keyboards.

We can easily make corrections, save our work, and even share it instantly with others through email or online documents.

14. Floppy Disks

Floppy Disks
Credit: Shaiith79 /Depositphotos

This takes us back to the early days of personal computers. Floppy disks were stored and transferred data before USB drives became popular.

They seemed like a convenient and portable option at the time, but their limited storage capacity (ranging from 360 KB to 1.44 MB) quickly became a burden.

We now have cloud storage, pen drives, and external hard drives with terabytes of storage space, so we no longer need to worry about carrying stacks of floppy disks.

15. Rotary Phones

Rotary Phones
Credit: Depositphotos

Speaking of some older technologies, let’s not forget rotary phones.

Their circular dial and physical buttons were the primary mode of communication before cell phones became common.

But with the rise of smartphones, rotary phones quickly became outdated. Now, we can easily make calls, send messages from anywhere in the world, and even video chat with people miles away.

16. CD Players

CD Players
Credit: ifeelstock/Depositphotos

CD players were all the rage for listening to music. You popped in a CD, hit play, and music filled the room. But CDs can scratch or break easily, ruining your favorite tunes.

CD players are not very portable; you can only listen to one CD at a time. Nowadays, streaming music online is the way to go.

You can access millions of songs anytime from your phone or computer, making CD players feel outdated.

17. Payphones

Credit: mjmediabox/Depositphotos

Payphones are phones in public places that you use to put in coins to make calls. They were handy if you needed to call someone when you were out and about.

But there’s a big problem – you have to find one first. Now, almost everyone has a mobile phone.

With a mobile phone, you can make calls, send texts, and browse the Internet anytime, anywhere. This convenience makes payphones seem less useful and cool.

18. Collecting Stamps

stamp collection
Credit: Depositphotos

This one was a widespread hobby for many boomers. They used to collect stamps from different states, countries, and themes.However, with the rise of digital communication, sending letters is less common. So, it became difficult to find new stamps for the collection.

Also, now we have access to images and information from all over the world with just a few clicks, which makes collecting physical stamps feel outdated and less exciting. However, some people still enjoy this hobby and see it as an important part of history and culture.

Boomers Had Unique Hobbies

Old Man
Credit: Depositphotos

So there you have it! Even though Boomers had some unique and interesting hobbies, some might seem outdated or less popular now. But that’s okay! As times change, so do our interests and hobbies – what was once considered cool and trendy may now be seen as old-fashioned, but that doesn’t make it any less special to those who still enjoy them.

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