10 Best States For Retirees That Are Not Florida

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2023 unfolds as a milestone year for retirement relocations in the U.S. as Census Bureau data reveals a notable growth spurt in retirement moves. The year marks a three-year peak in retiree mobility.

As housing markets fluctuate, inflation takes a back seat, and social security benefits increase, the allure of relocation during retirement grows stronger. The momentum shows a 44% uptick in retiree moves compared to 2022, according to Hire a Helper.

Looking beyond Florida’s sunny shores, retirees discover that there are more appealing alternatives out there. Let’s explore these ten states that currently rival Florida’s long-standing appeal for retirees. These states offer unique experiences, economic advantages, and diverse lifestyle choices that encourage retirees to maximize enjoyment in their golden years.

Retirement Relocation Trends in 2023

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According to Hire A Helper, the rate of Americans moving hit a low of 7.8%, yet retiree relocations surged 44%, reaching over 338,000. It marks the highest number of retirement moves in three years, which showcases a steady rise after a brief dip due to COVID-19. Remarkably, 25% of retirees opted to move across state lines, significantly above the 18% overall interstate move rate.

The charts in the study primarily use data from the 2023 U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and its Annual Social and Economic Supplements. To identify the states and cities with the highest numbers of incoming and departing retirees in 2023, Hire A Helper analyzed the relocation rates. They calculated the percentages of retirees who moved into or out of a state or city.

Florida remains the top choice, attracting 11% of retirees who opt to move to another state. However, diverse states emerge as alternatives that challenge Florida’s long-standing dominance. These states promise vibrant lifestyles, economic benefits, and unique cultural experiences, which draw retirees in search of diverse climates and communities.

1. South Carolina

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South Carolina welcomes 10% of all retirement moves that cross states. Retirees enjoy a high quality of life with amenities such as golf courses, active adult communities, and historical tours that appeal to diverse interests.

With a low cost of living and a consumer-friendly tax structure, South Carolina ensures a stress-free financial life for retirees. The state offers access to cutting-edge healthcare systems and flexible housing, a plus for senior citizens. Its mild climate and fewer hurricanes could give South Carolina an edge over Florida.

2. New Jersey

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New Jersey attracts 6% of retirees looking for greener pastures. The state’s high quality of life is defined by coastal living, lush public gardens and parks, and a strong arts scene in cities like Princeton and New Brunswick. New Jersey offers affordable living areas away from expensive cities so retirees can stretch their dollars.

The state hosts world-renowned healthcare facilities and provides convenient access to services. With four distinct seasons and accessibility to large cities, retirees often find New Jersey a viable alternative to Florida.

3. Texas

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Texas captures 5.8% of retirees ringing in a new phase of life. Retirement life in Texas promises wide-open spaces perfect for recreational activities like hiking in Hill Country and boating along the Gulf Coast. The state is tax-friendly for retirees due to the absence of state income tax, which means that more money ends up in your pocket.

There’s ample access to quality healthcare and specialized programs catering to veterans and seniors. Texas offers a blend of cultural and geographic diversity for retirees looking for a departure from Florida’s coastal lifestyle.

4. Washington

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Washington state entices 5.3% of retiring individuals to its lands. Its quality of life is epitomized by various outdoor activities, including hiking in the Cascade Range and boating in the numerous lakes dotting the state.

The lack of state income tax further preserves retirees’ savings in Washington. The state’s comprehensive healthcare network, especially in Greater Seattle, promises excellent services. Retirees looking for a respite from Florida’s hot climate can find unique temperate weather in Washington.

5. Tennessee

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Tennessee welcomes 3.8% of relocating retirees. Retirees adore the state’s strong music culture, from the blues in Memphis to country in Nashville and outdoor opportunities in the Great Smoky Mountains. Further, Tennessee’s no income tax policy and affordable housing contribute to a relaxed financial lifestyle.

With a substantial healthcare network, it guarantees efficient services to its senior residents. With its music-filled lifestyle and diverse scenery, Tennessee offers an appealing change from Florida’s beachdom.

6. Wisconsin

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Wisconsin takes in 3.6% of Americans who move states post-retirement. Its excellent quality of life comes from community-focused small towns, dairy farms for cheese enthusiasts, and abundant outdoor recreational activities across its many lakes and trails.

Inexpensive living, coupled with lower housing costs, provides economic relief for retirees. Additionally, easy access to top-tier healthcare resources ensures seniors are well-cared for. Retirees are often drawn to Wisconsin’s calm lifestyle, cooler climate, and distinctive culture against Florida’s tropical setting.

7. Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is the choice for 3.2% of retirees who seek a change. The state has a rich history with many Revolution-era sites and encourages recreational activities in its forested mountain areas. An affordable cost of living and lower taxes enhance the attractiveness of Pennsylvania for retirees.

Top-notch healthcare institutions are available statewide to ensure readily available high-quality care. Pennsylvania’s historical appeal, combined with its calm seasons, makes it a unique alternative to Florida.

8. Oregon

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Oregon is home to 3.2% of retirees who want to relocate. Its lush, natural beauty offers hiking trails in the Cascade mountains, vineyard tours in Willamette Valley, and coastline exploration. The state has a high quality of life.

Oregon presents lower living costs and top-rated healthcare for retirees. Oregon’s eco-friendly lifestyle, diverse climates, and vibrant art scene make for a compelling choice compared to Florida’s sunny beaches.

9. North Carolina

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North Carolina welcomes 3% of all retirees who cross state borders. The state highlights its excellent quality of life in beachfront areas like the Outer Banks, mountain living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and moderate weather.

The state’s advantageous cost of living and tax benefits for seniors add to its appeal. Excellent access to leading healthcare organizations is a plus for health-conscious retirees. With a geography as diverse as sandy beaches and verdant mountains, North Carolina attracts retirees who seek more varied environments than Florida.

10. Georgia

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2.9% of retirees choose Georgia. Atlanta offers bustling yet manageable city life, while coastal towns like Savannah and mountain getaways like Blue Ridge offer peaceful retreats.

Georgia offers low-cost housing and daily expenses, which ease budget constraints for retirees. The state provides access to excellent healthcare networks for comprehensive medical care. Georgia, in contrast to Florida, combines Southern charm, friendly neighborhoods, and milder winters.

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