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20 Side Hustles to Start with Zero Skills

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Are you looking to make some extra cash but worried you don’t have the skills to start? Don’t fret! There are plenty of side hustles out there that don’t require any special skills to get going.

You can start making money with zero skills and build your experience along the way. Whether you want to pad your wallet or save up for something big, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll explore 20 side hustle ideas that are perfect for beginners. These options are easy to start and can be profitable in the long run.

1. Dog Walking ($18/hour)

dog walker
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Dog walking is a great way to make money while spending time outdoors and enjoying the company of furry friends. Many people have dogs but, due to busy schedules, can’t always find the time to walk them.

That’s where you come in – as a dog walker, you help by taking dogs for walks, ensuring they get exercise and a chance to explore their surroundings.

You can work with multiple clients, setting your hours and often enjoying flexible workdays. It’s a fantastic way to stay active and meet new canine pals.

2. Babysitting ($15/hour)

baby sitting
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Babysitting is a great side hustle where you look after children while their parents are away – this job requires patience, creativity, and a love for kids.

You might be playing games, preparing snacks, or reading bedtime stories – every day can bring something new. It’s a rewarding role as you help kids learn and grow.

Parents often seek reliable sitters, so if you’re good, you might be in high demand. Plus, you can usually find work close to home, making it convenient.

3. House Cleaning ($15/hour)

Home cleaning services
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You can help people keep their houses clean, too. This involves dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, and more. It’s perfect for someone who likes to see the immediate results of their hard work.

You don’t need special skills, just a good attitude and attention to detail.

Many clients might need your services regularly, giving you a steady stream of work. It’s also a flexible job, allowing you to schedule cleaning sessions around your life.

4. Lawn Mowing ($25/hour)

mowing the lawn
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Lawn mowing offers a straightforward way to earn money by helping homeowners maintain their yards.

Many people either lack the time or the equipment to do this themselves, making it a sought-after service.

It’s a seasonal job in many places, with demand peaking during the warmer months. Starting is easy – all you need is access to a lawnmower and a willingness to work outdoors.

5. Delivering Food ($20/hour)

Food Delivery
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Delivering food is a flexible side hustle that fits easily into most schedules. With the rise of food delivery apps, you can pick up and drop off meals from local restaurants and send them to customers’ doorsteps.

This job is ideal for those who enjoy driving and exploring different parts of their city.

You can work as little or as much as you want, making it perfect for anyone looking to earn extra cash without a long-term commitment.

6. Selling Products Online ($Variable)

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Selling products online is a great way to turn your hobbies or interests into extra income. Whether it’s handmade crafts, vintage finds, or even items you no longer need, there’s a market for almost everything online.

Setting up shop on platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Shopify can get you started. This side hustle allows for creativity and flexibility, letting you work at your own pace.

Plus, it offers the thrill of building something from the ground up and connecting with customers worldwide.

7. Cab Driving ($25/hour)

Taxi Driver
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Cab driving is an engaging way to earn extra money by transporting people to their destinations. With the rise of ride-sharing apps, becoming a driver has never been more accessible.

You can choose your hours, making it ideal for fitting around other commitments. This job not only offers financial rewards but also the chance to meet a variety of people and explore different parts of your city.

All you need is a reliable vehicle and a clean driving record to get started.

8. Grocery Shopping for Others ($17/hour)

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Grocery shopping for others is a helpful service that saves people time and effort. By picking up and delivering groceries, you’re making life easier for those who can’t get to the store themselves or are too busy.

This job requires good organizational skills and attention to detail, ensuring customers get exactly what they ordered. It’s a flexible side hustle that allows you to work according to your schedule.

9. Pet Sitting ($16/hour)

Old man pet sitting
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Pet sitting is a rewarding way for those who love animals to earn money. This job involves taking care of pets while their owners are away, ensuring they’re fed, walked, and given plenty of attention.

It’s perfect for someone looking for a flexible schedule and requires no exceptional qualifications—just a genuine affection for animals and reliability.

Whether it’s cuddling with cats or playing fetch with dogs, pet sitting offers the joy of spending time with furry friends and getting paid for it.

10. Tutoring ($15-$80/hour)

Online Tutor
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Tutoring is a fantastic side hustle for those who excel in a particular subject and enjoy helping others learn. You can offer your expertise to students struggling in school or adults looking to pick up a new skill.

This job can be done in person or online, providing flexibility to work from anywhere. The pay varies depending on the subject and your experience level.

Tutoring not only allows you to earn extra income but also gives you the satisfaction of seeing someone else grow and succeed, thanks to your guidance.

11. Social Media Management ($30/hour)

Social Media
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Social media management is a creative and dynamic way to earn money by helping brands and individuals enhance their online presence.

This role involves creating content, scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and sometimes running advertising campaigns.

It suits social media-savvy people who know what captures people’s attention online.

You can work with various clients from different industries, offering an excellent opportunity to flex your creative muscles and stay ahead of digital trends. Plus, it’s a job often done remotely, offering great flexibility.

12. Virtual Assistant ($25/hour)

Virtual assistant
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Being a virtual assistant is a versatile side hustle that involves supporting businesses or entrepreneurs with administrative tasks from a remote location.

This could include managing emails, scheduling appointments, or handling social media accounts – it’s ideal for those who are organized, have good communication skills, and are comfortable with technology.

The flexibility to work from anywhere and choose your clients makes it an attractive option for earning extra income while maintaining a work-life balance.

Plus, it offers the chance to learn about different industries and business operations.

13. Personal Shopping ($15/hour)

grocery shopping
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Personal shopping offers a unique opportunity to turn your passion for fashion and shopping into a profitable side hustle. As a personal shopper, you assist clients in finding the right products that suit their needs, style, and budget.

This role is perfect for those who are good at listening and understanding others’ preferences and staying up-to-date with current trends.

You’ll enjoy helping someone look and feel their best while also getting paid for your expertise and time spent browsing stores or online shops.

14. House Sitting ($16/hour)

Nice House
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House sitting is a straightforward and peaceful way to earn extra money. In this role, you take care of someone’s home while they are away, ensuring everything stays safe and in order.

Tasks might include collecting mail, watering plants, or just making the house look lived in.

This job often comes with the perk of staying in different homes, sometimes in very desirable locations, making it not just profitable but also an enjoyable experience.

15. Blogging ($100/month initially, varies greatly)

Digital Nomad
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Blogging is a creative outlet that can also become a lucrative side hustle. Starting out, you might earn around $100 a month, but with dedication, this can significantly increase.

It involves writing posts about topics you’re passionate about, whether that’s fashion, food, travel, or technology.

Successful bloggers not only share their insights and stories but also connect with their readers, creating a community.

As your blog grows, so do opportunities for income through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, making it a rewarding venture both personally and financially.

16. Freelance Writing ($20/hour)

content writer
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Freelance writing is a flexible side hustle where you get paid to write content for various clients. This can include articles, blog posts, newsletters, and even social media content.

It’s perfect for those who have a way with words and enjoy researching and writing about different topics.

You can set your own hours and work from anywhere, making it an attractive option for earning extra income on your terms.

Over time, as you build your portfolio, you can increase your rates and choose projects that interest you the most.

17. Graphics Designing ($15-$150/hour)

Graphic designer
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Graphics designing is a creative and dynamic way to make extra money, offering services like creating logos, marketing materials, or website designs.

This side hustle suits those with a knack for visual creativity and proficiency in design software. If you don’t know how to design, you can learn by taking online courses or using free resources like Canva.

It’s an opportunity to work on various assignments, from small startups to established companies, allowing you to expand your portfolio and skills while working from anywhere.

18. Online Survey ($1-$5/per survey)

Online Surveys
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Taking online surveys is an easy way to earn a bit of extra cash from the comfort of your home. Companies value your opinion on various products and services, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Each survey can earn you between $1 to $5, depending on its length and complexity. Some legitimate websites where you can find these surveys include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Toluna.

This side hustle is great for fitting into small pockets of free time without requiring any special skills.

19. Renting Out a Room on Airbnb ($150/night varies by location)

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Renting out a room on Airbnb can turn your extra space into a profitable side hustle. By hosting travelers, you can earn around $150 per night, though this can vary based on your location and the amenities you offer.

This opportunity is perfect for those who enjoy meeting new people and providing a welcoming experience. It also allows you to utilize unused space in your home effectively.

Managing your listing and interacting with guests can be done on your own schedule, making it a flexible option to earn additional income.

20. Washing Cars ($15/car)

car wash
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Washing cars is a straightforward and active way to make extra money. You charge around $15 per car, offering services that can include exterior washing, drying, and even detailing for an extra fee.

This side hustle is excellent for those who like being outdoors and don’t mind getting a bit wet and soapy. It requires minimal startup costs, mainly cleaning supplies, and can be done in your driveway or a client’s location.

It’s a flexible job that allows you to work on weekends or whenever you have free time, making it convenient for earning additional income.

Some Qualifications Can Bring in Extra Income

Old man pet sitting
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Not all jobs need outstanding qualifications or a full-time commitment to bring in extra income. These are some of the well-known and profitable side hustles that you can start without a degree, specialized skills, or training. Find one that aligns with your interests and lifestyle to turn your free time into extra cash.

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