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Which Side Hustle You Should Do According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Do you know which side hustle fits you like a glove? If you want help, why not ask the stars to guide you?

Nowadays, if you want to be financially stable, you can’t just depend on one source of income. You need a side hustle to keep up with your bills and expenses. And finding a side hustle you can enjoy is the ultimate goal.  

The Small Business Blog’s content writer and author, Spencer Rozek, delves into different side hustles compatible with your zodiac sign. Check out which side hustle you should learn about based on your astrology.

Aries – Personal Fitness Instructor

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Image Credit: EdZbarzhyvetsky/DepositPhotos.

People born under the sign of Aries make excellent personal fitness instructors because of their energetic and competitive spirit. They show exceptional physical capabilities and tend to motivate and inspire others. 

If you’re an Aries, use your bubbly personality to make workout routines more fun for everyone. More than just using up your energy to do something fulfilling, it can also help you earn extra for your financial goals. Earn an average of $22.35 an hour for this gig.  

Taurus – Arts & Crafts Master

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Taurus people work well with their hands and inner creativity, perfect for arts and crafts projects. They have an innate ability to optimize visual value and aesthetics, which are essential in arts and crafts. 

Turn this creative flair into an artisanal crafts business to boost your skills and income. Spend your free time enjoying a new hobby while earning a little on the side or develop it into a full-time business. Craft artists earn a $20.97 hourly wage.

Gemini – Social Media Manager

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Geminis have outstanding communication skills that make them perfect as social media managers. They can easily adapt to fast-changing social media trends on various platforms. A Gemini can reliably stay updated on trends and juggle multiple tasks at once.

If you don’t know what social media managers do, enroll in an online course to learn all about it. You can earn as much as $76,000 annually for this side hustle. 

Cancer – Baker

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Image Credit: Syda_Productions/DepositPhotos.

Cancers are very nurturing and ooze with a homey and domestic vibe. They have a big love for attention to detail, plus a real knack for creating comfort foods. With that, one great side hustle for Cancers is starting a baking business. 

Gather your favorite bread and cookie recipes and start baking. A baker earns $16.80 per hour. If you want to go big and create your own business, you can earn $325,000 to $450,000 per year.

Leo – Event Planner

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Image Credit: EdZbarzhyvetsky/DepositPhotos.

Leos are natural leaders with incredible organizational skills that make people want to follow them. Add their charisma to the mix and you get a highly capable event planner who can organize a wedding in a month. 

Turn on the latest episode of Say Yes to the Dress and plan events like you’re born to do this. Start with your friends and family as your clients. You can earn an average of $27.36 per hour when you take up this job.

Virgo – Virtual Assistant

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Image Credit: GaudiLab/DepositPhotos.

Virgos make great virtual assistants because of their detail-orientedness. They can easily juggle several tasks at the same time with precision. It’s almost as if “professionalism” is the first word in their vocabulary.

Virtual assistants handle clients’ emails, schedules, and calls. Virgos can accomplish these tasks with ease. Expect to earn $25 per hour and enjoy a more flexible work setup where you don’t have to go to the office. 

Libra – Personal Stylist

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Image Credit: serezniy/DepositPhotos.

Libras know how to maximize visual elements that improve a person’s appeal. It’s one of the reasons why they’re perfect for a personal stylist or image consultant job. They can easily change a person’s image to convey exactly what they want. 

Explore your aesthetic potential and try your luck as a personal stylist. Get around $21 per hour for this side hustle. 

Scorpio – Mystery Shopper

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Image Credit: kalinovsky/Depositphotos.

Scorpios tend to be more inquisitive and investigative than most, which are the ideal characteristics of a mystery shopper. With excellent observation skills, they easily identify aspects of a storeroom that need improvement. 

Working as a mystery shopper makes you feel like you’re going on an adventure. While it may not pay much compared to other side hustles, you can still enjoy around $5 to $20 per trip. 

Sagitarrius – Travel Blogger

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Naturally adventurous, Sagittarius people are the perfect travel bloggers. They thrive in exploring new places and experiences, even if they’re new to them. On top of that, they excel in sharing stories that easily get your attention. 

Dig into your storytelling skills and create a blog about your adventures and trips. Get extra income worth $31 per hour for this side gig.

Capricorn – Financial Consultant

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Capricorns showcase excellent discipline in their finances. They have a practical mindset in dealing with financial decisions and investment plans. It’s why they make incredible financial consultants or investment coaches. 

Financial consultants make good money, so you may want to see if you like it and build it out to your full-time gig. If you want to do this job part-time, expect to get $47.88 per hour. 

Aquarius – Online Community Manager

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Image Credit: AndrewLozovyi/DepositPhotos.

Forward-thinkers like Aquarius people can be perfect online community managers. Besides their ability to create positive and safe spaces online, they can also engage the community.

Online community managers earn an average of $38.52 per hour. Tap into some of the best organizations with causes you support. You can also check out companies and brands you like. 

Pisces – Blogger or Creative Writer

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People born under the sign of Pisces carry artistic skills that creative writers need. They have a rich imagination and an ability to connect with people’s emotions. These elements help you become an effective blogger or creative writer.

Start with the niches you’re interested in, whether that’s movies, books, or interior design. You’ll get the hang of writing after some time and enjoy the salary of $29.90 per hour. 

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