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14 Perks Retirees Enjoy for Free or at Bargain Prices

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Being a retiree might involve aches and pains and an endless search for hobbies. However, retirees also enjoy several benefits, many of which are financial.

Whether looking for cheap entertainment, savings at the grocery store, or affordable lodging, it pays to be of a certain age. While some retire at 40, most of these discounts skew towards retirees of an older demographic. 

1. Food

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Several grocery chains, including Harris Teeter and Fred Meyer, offer discounts for seniors, mostly on certain days of the week. For instance, on Thursdays, those who join Harris Teeter’s Club 60 program receive a 5% discount on their bill.

If the Harris Teeter parking lot is unusually whole on Thursdays, you know why. Weis Market and Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy are among the other stores that offer discounts to shoppers of a certain age. 

2. Vehicle Rentals

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Hertz is among the many vehicle rental companies that offer various perks and discounts for customers aged 50-plus.

Avis, Budget, and Zipcar are other companies AARP highlights for those looking to rent cars cheaper than their younger counterparts. Just remember to fill the tank before you return the vehicle, or you might just wash out the benefits of your discount.

3. Travel

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Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures of retirement. Traveling at a discount is simply immaculate. 

The AARP Travel Center is among the many places to find travel-centric discounts and deals. Several senior travel groups can also allow you to see the world, go biking, and take other excursions on the cheap, so long as you enjoy connecting with other retirees.

4. Internet

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There are several programs for low-income individuals to receive cheap high-speed internet, including retirees with minimal (if any) income.

Among those programs is the Affordable Connectivity Program. As everything costs rise, slashing your internet bills could free up much-needed cash for other ventures.

5. Lodging

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Why wouldn’t hotels and resorts offer retirees discounts? They are far less likely to leave the room looking like AC/DC, and their roadies spent the night.

AARP is among the groups that can hook you up with discounts on all kinds of lodging. May your steep savings contribute to a good night’s sleep on your next Caribbean vacation.

6. Medical Care

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Though Medicare is certainly not accessible for most, it can go a long way toward making your retirement years less stressful. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) also offers prescription assistance for older attorneys who pay over $600 per year on prescriptions alone.

Do your homework on your specific health needs, as you may find there are more discounts than you expected.

7. Tax Preparation

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Retirement, unfortunately, does not mean the end of your tax burdens. However, retirement could mean the end of paying your accountant to pay your annual pittance.

The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program is available for seniors who don’t want to do their taxes themselves or pay a CPA. This is a free tax service aimed specifically at retirees.

8. Amazon Prime

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USAmericans’ love for online shopping and two-day (or one-day) delivery makes Amazon Prime a worthwhile investment for many. The investment is of even greater value for seniors who receive government assistance.

Those not on assistance pay $14.99 monthly for the service while qualifying seniors pay less than half that amount at $6.99 per month. This takes some of the guilt out of ordering that new vase you’ve been eyeing.

9. Restaurants

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An AARP membership grants you substantial discounts at various restaurants, from Bonefish Grill to Joe’s Crab Shack and Outback Steakhouse. As many Americans reduce their restaurant trips to combat inflation, seniors may continue to eat out relatively cheaply. 

Don’t be ashamed to ask your favorite local spots about senior discounts, either.

10. Schooling

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It’s never too late to pursue that law degree, and many schools offer discounts for adults returning to school (or seeking higher education for the first time).

The Ford Opportunity Program Scholarship, Return2College Scholarship, and Boomer Benefits Scholarship are among these high-value discounts on higher ed. 

11. Movies

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Going to the local theater is an easy, low-stress night out for anyone, including retirees. In addition to matinee prices, you are paying less for senior admission to Dune 2 or the latest Clint Eastwood flick. 

Certain theater chains, like Cinemark, even offer Senior Discount Day, which lowers the usual senior discount even further.

12. Exercise

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Remaining physically active is just as important for retirees as it is for the younger crowd, if not more so. While many Americans are cutting gym memberships to save money, this doesn’t have to be a concern for you. 

Programs like SilverSneakers allow those aged 65+ to take at-home or in-gym classes at no cost. These programs cater to the customer (who isn’t paying, as a reminder) with virtual workouts, an app, and flexible workout schedules.

13. National Park Visits

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If you will travel in retirement, why not put America’s National Parks on your itinerary? 

These parks often offer senior discounts. California seniors can visit Muir Woods and Lands End Lookout using their Senior Pass, and several other states have similar programs that make traveling more affordable.

14. Media and Online Entertainment

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Your favorite streaming services likely offer discounts based on your age. With the cost of Netflix, Max, and other services seemingly rising every other month, these discounts are not worth passing up.

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