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Thrill Seekers Beware: 18 Most Haunted Airbnbs in the World.

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Do you think you can stay in a place claimed to be haunted? Thrill-seekers love the adrenaline rush when faced with something unknown. While campfire ghost stories may pique your curiosity, it’s not as hair-raising as being inside haunted mansions. 

If you want a scary adventure, staying in haunted homes can give you the excitement you’re looking for. Waiting for a mystical incident to happen can be just as thrilling as bungee jumping or riding a roller coaster.

We’ve found some of the most popular haunted accommodations in the world. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some of the most haunted Airbnbs you can consider. 

1. Hudson Home (New York, USA)

Hudson Home in New York MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

New York’s Hudson Home is a 1900 structure located in an eerie European-inspired cemetery. Once a schoolhouse, this accommodation offers a bright and colorful aesthetic you can’t help but notice, along with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

From a schoolhouse to a factory, it now welcomes guests to stay and enjoy three cockatoos as temporary housemates. If you want to stay near the graves of war heroes and restless soldiers, this works well for you.  

Hudson Home (8 guests) – $914/2 nights minimum (inc. fees before taxes)

2. Parks-Bowman Mansion (Los Angeles, USA)

Parks-Bowman Mansion MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans is a 130-year-old home near the French Quarter and the Garden District. The mansion offers an interesting narrative about a dark-haired little girl in a yellow dress who often appears walking in the garden while humming lullabies. 

The story claims this young girl is the youngest daughter of the first owners buried in the garden after her premature demise. If you want to meet this strange girl, consider an overnight stay at this mansion.

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom (2 guests) – $143/night (inc. fees & taxes)

3. The Haunted Chamber Apartment (York, United Kingdom) 

The Haunted Chamber Apartment MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Located in York, the Haunted Chamber Apartment features a classic spiral staircase and dark wood paneling you’ll expect from a 600-year-old home. It is near York Minster and The House of Trembling Madness pub. 

More than its medieval facade and antique furniture, this accommodation has rich mystery stories. From the ghost of a century-old headless woman to murky energy that can’t be explained, you’ll hear interesting stories about this place. 

The Chamber Apartment (Minimum of 2 days) – $156/night ($313 for 2 days)

4. Henry Derby House (Massachusetts, USA)

Henry Derby House MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Salem’s Henry Derby House offers six bedrooms that can accommodate twelve guests. The 1838 building, with 6 bedrooms and 8 beds, was once a residence of the famous tailor Henry Derby. If you listen to rumors, many say that a ghost named Sarah will tickle your feet. 

Attend Salem’s Haunted Happiness, the world’s largest Halloween party, and sleep here for the most thrilling experience. You can also visit the witch shops and psychic fairs at the event. 

Henry Derby Home (Up to 12 guests) – $375/night (inc. fees before taxes)

5. The Black Monarch (Colorado, USA)

The Black Monarch MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

The Black Monarch showcases a haunted brothel and saloon destroyed by fire in 1899. Styled in Victorian style, the haunted mansion features seven bedrooms, ten king and queen-sized beds, 15-foot ceilings, and oak wood doors. 

Rumors claim that Nikola Tesla himself fixed the building’s electrical wiring. Previous guests also tell a story about the ghost of a miner who died in a gunfight haunting the mansion. 

The Black Monarch (16+ guests) – $855/night (inc. fees before taxes)

6. Catskill A-Frame Cabin (New York, USA)

Catskill A-Frame MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the dirtandglass.

New York’s Catskill A-Frame Cabin has a spooky vibe that you might enjoy. Built in the 1960s, it stands tall beside a forest and lake, which offers a natural experience you didn’t know you needed.

The upstate triangle cabin has this retro vibe that will remind you of the movie It or the TV show Stranger Things. Some guests claim that the ghosts of folk singers haunt it. 

Catskill A-Frame Cabin (6 guests) – $375/night

7. The Manor (Minnesota, USA)

The Manor Master Chamber MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Constructed in 1883, The Manor features an elegant Victorian-style castle filled with quirky and antique collections, from heirlooms to taxidermy. Voted as one of the most mysterious houses in St. Paul, it also has stories of paranormal activities that will get your attention. 

Stay in this castle and explore all the “scary” sites near it, including the Forpaughs (a haunted restaurant) and the Wabasha Street Caves. You might even see people doing rituals and murder mystery dinners since it is a famous spot for these activities. 

The Manor Master Chamber (2 guests) – Message the host directly for the rate

8. Montauk Manor (New York, USA)

Montauk Manor MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

The Montauk Manor offers its deluxe studio for rent to those looking for a back-to-the-past experience. Since the manor was built in 1927, it has this classic and retro look you can’t help but enjoy looking at. 

The mystery of Montauk Manor lies in the ambiguity of whether the place is actually haunted. If you want to give it a try, stay in the deluxe studio and look for clues, too. 

Montauk Manor’s Deluxe Studio (2 guests) – $218/night

9. Gingerbread House (Arizona, USA)

Gingerbread House MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

In Bisbee Arizona, a gingerbread house that claims to be haunted offers guests comfortable beds and a unique experience. This affordable, pet-friendly getaway has an adorable charm and is unexpectedly described as a haunted spot.

While there’s not much proof and details to the stories, guests witness mischief (like objects suddenly vanishing and doors slamming) here and there. Since it’s nothing severe, don’t let the stories hinder you from booking a stay.

Sweet Organic Pet-friendly Getaway (5 guests) – Message the host directly for the rate

10. The Beck Haunted House (Ontario, Canada)

The Beck Haunted House MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Ontario’s haunted house in Penetanguishene sports a Victorian-style facade. The building belongs to Charles Beck, a lumber magnate in Canada and owner of the very first box factory in the country. 

Guests and residents claim to see angry women and a tall man in a suit standing by the hallway. If you want to look at it yourself, rent the two-bedroom apartment. 

The Haunted House (4 guests) – $113/night

11. Rural Studio (New York, USA)

Rural Studio MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

New York’s Rural Studio is nestled in Lily Dale, a little town known to be the home of psychic mediums. The New York Times even featured the village in a special piece, where its aesthetic reminds you of an idyllic town with white-fenced houses. The difference, though, is that some homes claim to be haunted. 

This eccentric town gives you access to hiking trails and swimming areas. You can also talk to a psychic and contact someone from beyond. 

Rural Studio (4 guests) – $109/night

12. Stunning Historic Church (New York, USA)

Stunning Historic Church MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Stunning Historic Church is an accommodation that was previously a church. Built in 1913, the structure still has some elements of the old church that will give you the creeps. 

To capture the perfect scary photo, include its red doors and spiral staircase in the shot. You can even recreate some scenes in John Carpenter’s supernatural horror movie The Fog.

Stunning Historic Church (4 guests) – $297/night

13. Manor Retreat (Rensow, Germany)

The Rensow Manor MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

The Rensow Manor Retreat in Germany dates back 1,200 years ago. A Danish countess owns the castle and according to stories, it was used by pagans to worship their Slavic gods. Now, it’s believed to be haunted by these gods who were said to remain in the manor after these religious events. 

Visit the manor and explore its massive library with interesting old books. You can also spend time with its host, who can entertain you with tales about the castle’s history. 

Manor Retreat (2 guests) – $136/night

14. Stunning Castle (Vermont, USA)

Stunning Castle MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Irasburg’s Stunning Castle can make you feel like a princess in the Medieval period. The castle, with a 16th-century look, offers a grand aesthetic you will only see in medieval Bavaria, along with the ghosts of the people who lived in it. 

If you want to experience the chill when standing in dark and haunted corridors, this castle offers just that. For something enjoyable, visit the private pond or the fire pit and be amazed at its interior. 

Stunning Castle (8 guests) – $690/night

15. Laura’s Cottage (Georgia, USA)

Interior of Laura's Cottage
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Laura’s Cottage from Savannah takes you back to the 18th century with its classic front porch built in 1799. The story behind this cottage includes the ghost of the previous owner, Laura, who sits in the rocking chair on the porch and opens the windows. 

Since it’s in the Landmark Historic District, you have access to some of the museums on-site. In addition to exploring the paranormal, you can also check out the town. 

Laura’s Cottage (4 guests) – $735/2 nights (inc. fees before taxes)

16. The Haunted Bedroom (Great Dunmow, United Kingdom)

The Haunted Bedroom MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

Talliston’s The Haunted Bedroom belongs in Britain’s Most Extraordinary Homes documentary because of its mysterious vibe. The master bedroom looks creepy, with children’s toys that lay around unchanged. 

Besides its spine-chilling look, this place has unexplainable smells and weird sounds. If you’re brave enough to face these unknowns, staying there works well.

The Haunted Bedroom (2 guests) – $173/night

17. Balcony Loft (Louisiana, USA)

Balcony Loft MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

New Orleans’ Balcony Loft provides guests with a luxuriously spooky mansion to explore. It features elegant furnishings you won’t see in modern homes today. 

The accommodation isn’t actually linked to ghost stories or anecdotes related to the supernatural. However, the building’s facade, from its marble fireplace to the Corinthian columns, is sinister and vampire-like.

Balcony Loft by Bourbon Street (Up to 5 guests) – $377/night

18. The Village (Michigan, USA) 

The Village MSN
Image Credit: Courtesy of the Airbnb Community.

The Village was previously known as the Traverse City State Hospital, which was built a century ago. The structure was turned into apartments as a living space instead of a medical building.  

The accommodation delivers an interesting narrative about the possible otherworldly residents. Previous guests describe the place as hair-raising, which is the total opposite of the host’s welcoming smile. 

The Village (2 guests) – $252/night

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