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Americans Are Tired of Tipping, Here Are 17 Instances Where You Can Skip Tipping

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Tipping etiquette can be complicated. Especially since tipping has expanded fast, too. Where you only needed to top waiters, bartenders, and hairdressers a couple of years back, you’re expected to tip in a lot more establishments now.

A recent study by WalletHub found that 3 in 4 Americans thinks tipping got out of control. 64% of Americans express that tipping should be something you give what you want instead of something that’s expected. However, in certain places, you don’t have to fret over it. 

Keep the change in your pocket at these establishments where tipping is not expected. You may find it interesting that some everyday service locations and self-service meal spots don’t require tips.

1. Self-Service Restaurants

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At self-service restaurants, you choose your meals from a counter without waitstaff assistance. Since you don’t get personalized service, these establishments don’t expect additional tips.

Self-service restaurants are designed for a simple, tip-free experience. You take care of your own meal, so a tip isn’t required.

2. Fast Food Chains

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Fast food chains prioritize fast and consistent service. Customers place orders at the counter and receive meals quickly.

Because of the efficient model, you don’t need to tip in fast food chains. They build these chains for speed rather than for personal service.

3. Grocery Store Checkouts

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Cashiers at grocery stores scan your items and handle your payments. They don’t provide any extra service that calls for a tip.

You pay for the groceries you purchase, nothing more. In grocery stores, tipping is not an expected or established norm.

4. Professional Services

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When dealing with professionals like accountants and lawyers, your fees cover their services. They don’t consider tips part of their income. 

Unlike personal service providers, these professionals bill for their expertise, not gratuity. You pay for their skills when you settle the bill.

5. Carryout Orders

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When you order a carryout, your food is prepared and packaged for pickup without table service. There’s no need for tipping, as staff interaction is minimal. 

The staff at the carryout establishment mainly collect the food you ordered. No personal service, so no tipping is required.

6. Retail Stores

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In retail stores, staff assist customers with their purchases, but most shopping occurs without assistance. Tips are separate from the retail model, as the employees help in your shopping but do not serve you personally.

When you shop at retail stores, tipping is not necessary. You can keep your change.

7. Self-Serve Buffets

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Self-serve buffets are dining arrangements where customers serve themselves without personal table service. These arrangements eliminate the need for tips because they revolve around a self-service model.

As the dining experience is buffet-style, there is no expectation of additional gratuity. However, if the servers clean a lot of plates or add service in another way, you may consider tipping when you think it’s worth it.

8. Gas Stations

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Most gas stations have a self-service model where customers pump their gas independently. No personal service provided means you don’t need to tip. 

Gas stations rely on customer independence and exclude personal service. Therefore, they don’t require customers to tip.

9. Public Transport

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Bus and train fares cover the salaries of their drivers and conductors. Since the service in public transport is standardized, tipping isn’t expected.

There is no need to offer extra cash; simply pay your transport fare and enjoy the ride.

10. Salons with No-Tip Policies

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Some salons keep things simple by including tips in the final price. They include extra costs in your bill to eliminate confusion about tipping after your service.

If a salon has a no-tip policy, the price you see is what you pay, and nothing extra.

11. Certain Delivery Services

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Some delivery services, such as courier companies, include the delivery costs in the price of the ordered item. Their structure eliminates the need for tips.

These courier companies use a flat-rate model. That means your payment fully covers the service, so a tip is not necessary.

12. Electronics and Furniture Delivery

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You schedule and prepay for delivery service for items like furniture. These logistical considerations already account for the cost, which would be tipped without personal service. 

The delivery focuses more on the safe and timely transport of the product, rather than personal service. Hence, tips are optional for electronics and furniture delivery services.

13. Gym Support Staff

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At the gym, gym support staff like cleaners and maintenance workers are rarely in a position to receive tips. They provide the necessary operational services that keep the gym running.

However, they don’t provide direct, personal service to individual clients. So, while you may value their work, a tip isn’t expected or required for the maintenance and hygiene services they provide at the gym.

14. Medical Clinics and Hospitals

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Medical clinics and hospitals charge for specific services that generally exclude gratuity. The professional ethics and standards of healthcare emphasize patient care over tips. 

Tipping in these settings is commonly disregarded. Service payments often go directly through insurance or are pre-established by service rates.

15. Movie Theaters

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When you go to the movie theater, you buy a ticket at the box office or self-service machine and get seated alone or with your group. If you decide to buy popcorn or drinks, this is usually handled by hourly-paid workers who typically do not require tips.

Movie theaters operate on a different service model that does not involve tips. So, you can watch your movies without worrying about extra costs.

16. Airport Security and Staff

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Airport services, including security, rely on their salaries rather than tips. The interactions are mainly procedural, not hospitality-based, so tips aren’t required. 

Such workers perform according to structured roles that don’t involve personal service. Therefore, they don’t allow or justify any tips.

17. Government Employees

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Government roles, like postal workers and DMV clerks, perform public functions, and tipping is not a part of their compensation. They get paid according to regulated pay scales and not by customer-based services that might involve tipping. 

Most of these roles have rules against tips to guarantee unbiased public services. They work for the public good, not personal service; hence, tips are unnecessary.

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