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19 Best Solo Travel Destinations in the World

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If you were given the chance to travel the world like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, where would you go first? With 196 countries on the map, you have so many places to visit and see. 

If you’re up for the challenge, a solo trip can be an eye-opening experience. You control the destination and schedule, but you have to plan and book everything on your own.

With your safety in mind, I’ve curated some of the best destinations for solo travelers. Here are some ideal locations to consider for your next solo trip. 

1. Japan

Kyoto, Japan
Credit: Depositphotos

If you’re into anime and culture, Japan deserves a top spot on your should-visit list. The country shares a uniquely rich culture and dishes out scrumptious meals like ramen.

For beginner solo travelers, Tokyo is a good place to start. It’s one of the safest destinations to travel alone because of the friendly locals and its easy-to-understand transportation systems. Just make sure you know a bit of Japanese or use a translation app to get by. 

2. Norway

Vintage-style shops in Bergen, Norway MSN
Image Credit: Michal Šedivý – CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Do you want to see the northern lights? If so, Norway is the perfect spot for you. The country houses locations where you can enjoy this majestic view in peace. 

Adrenaline-fueled travelers who love outdoor adventures like hiking will also enjoy Norway. It offers expeditions in Folgefonna Glacier and the Valley of the Waterfalls. 

3. Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
Credit: Depositphotos

Irish people welcome guests like no other. They like to help tourists and sometimes even tag along as they explore the country. Public transportation also helps people move around easily, with local buses, clean trains, and multiple international airports. 

Don’t forget to visit Dublin and Galway, UNESCO’s City of Film. The happy vibe in both locations adds to the country’s welcoming atmosphere.

4. Australia

Aerial View of Great Ocean Road in Victoria in Australia MSN
Image Credit: ake1150sb/Depositphotos.

The world knows Australians as super friendly and welcoming and the continent as massive and encompassing. The roads and towns on the country’s east coast are perfect for solo trips, as they offer the relaxed vibes you’re searching for.

Its west coast also provides vibrant destinations you shouldn’t miss. Check out Rottnest Island for the most picture-perfect beaches, or visit Perth’s Darling Ranges for a nature escape. 

5. New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand
Credit: Depositphotos

New Zealand is among the best countries for solo travel because of how safe and secure travelers feel. If you’re a fan of the book and its movie adaptation, The Lord of the Rings, the country will continue to amaze you.

The country houses interesting destinations for everyone. It has incredible nature to offer, and the people are extremely friendly. Adventure seekers can bungee jump or skydive in Queensland, while history enthusiasts can explore Arrowtown.

6. Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands MSN
Image Credit: TallyPic/Depositphotos.

The Cayman Islands are an affordable paradise for those who want to try water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. You can even visit Stingray City for a close encounter with stingrays. 

As the friendly locals greet you with their smiles, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease. Get a rental car to drive freely around the country and explore to your heart’s content.

7. Slovenia

Credit: Depositphotos

Slovenia may be smaller than other countries, but it gives off a special romantic vibe you can enjoy even when alone. You won’t have to worry about crowds here, just make sure to enjoy your “me” time.

Visit the country’s capital, Ljubljana, and hop on the local bus or train to see popular lakes. Take a peek at Ljubljana Castle for a little “blast from the past” experience. 

8. Greece

‎Halki Greece
Credit: Depositphotos

When it comes to aesthetics, Greece easily competes with other countries with its postcard-perfect look and lush vibe. Many travelers also enjoy native dishes like moussaka and gyros. 

If you’re fond of island-hopping, Greece offers many stunning islands to explore. Marvel at the aesthetics of Kefalonia, or opt for Icaria if you want some more alone time.

9. Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Monastery or Taktsang Lhakhang in Bhutan MSN
Image Credit: YAY_Images/Depositphotos.

Bhutan, a country steeped in Buddhist ideals, is very safe for solo travelers. The country reopened the Trans Bhutan Trail in 2022, where you can trek through the 249-mile (400 km) road pilgrims and monks walked on. This easy-to-follow trail will make you appreciate its history.

Besides its incredible culture, Bhutan delivers a stunning view of green valleys and lakes. Housed in the Himalayas, it’s the perfect destination for meditation. Just make sure you’re ready for the expensive tourist tax.

10. Portugal

View of Porto, PortOgal MSN
Image Credit: giorgiorossi73/DepositPhotos.

If you want to try solo travel, start in Portugal. The 2024 Global Peace Index ranks Portugal as the 8th safest country in the entire world.

Portugal has a variety of destinations for every type of traveler. Backpackers are interested in Lisbon, foodies go to Porto, tourists on a budget flock to the Algarve, and surfers are welcome at its shores and coastlines.

11. Vietnam

Credit: Depositphotos

Vietnam brings an exotic vibe and unique aesthetic you won’t see in other countries. Its good food and excellent transport network make the country a great choice for solo travelers. 

Visit Halong Bay, Vietnam’s standard tourist destination. If I can give one tip from my month-long trip to Vietnam, do not skip the Ha Giang Loop. The most beautiful nature in the entire country.  

12. Canada

Toronto Canada Skyline MSN
Image Credit: surangastock/Depositphotos.

Canadians are known for their innate kindness and friendliness, making it an ideal destination for a solo trip. The country’s treasure is its people; use it to your advantage when you travel.

Explore awesome cities like Toronto and Vancouver. If you want an adventure, visit Niagara Falls and the Rockies.

13. Rome, Italy

Colosseum, Rome
Credit: Depositphotos

Rome offers a sanctuary for solo travelers who want peace and tranquility. Locals speak English and offer a welcoming vibe. Public transportation runs conveniently throughout the country, and if you carry a Roma Pass, you can enjoy free transport.

Marvel at the grandeur of the Colosseum and the ancient catacombs beneath it. Check out other sites, too, like the Spanish Steps and the stunning streets of Via Giulia. 

14. Singapore

Singapore bay and merlion statue at night MSN
Image Credit: paulistano/Depositphotos.

According to Global Finance Magazine, Singapore was the 4th safest country in the world in 2023. Besides the excellent index score, it has an efficient public transportation system that takes you from one end of the country to another. Many locals speak good English so it’s easy to ask for help. 

Explore the best that this small country takes pride in, including the gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can even drop by Chinatown and Little India. To avoid trouble with the local law, make sure not to chew gum or eat on the subway.

15. Botswana

Railroad and rapidly developing central business in Gabor Botswana MSN
Image Credit: ambeon/Depositphotos.

Botswana ranks as one of the safest African countries according to the Global Peace Index. It has a low crime rate, so it’s safe for residents and solo tourists. Many locals also speak great English, so feel free to ask for help if needed.

Botswana’s wildlife flourishes, with almost 50 percent of the land area included in national parks. Check out Chobe National Park and the Kalahari Desert to immerse in nature.

16. Italy

‎Cefalu, Italy
Credit: Depositphotos

Italy houses aesthetic and peaceful towns for solo travelers to discover. If you’re on a soul-searching trip, this is an incredible place to visit. Locals in Italy freely assist tourists. 

Go on an exciting town-hopping adventure with Tuscany’s hill towns like San Gimignano and Siena. Check out the ancient route Via Francigena and go on a much-needed pilgrimage.  

17. Croatia

Zlatni-Rat-Beach, Croatia
Credit: Depositphotos

Croatia is among the top 15 most peaceful countries in the world, with a low crime rate and low levels of public unrest. It offers you the peace of mind to comfortably walk outdoors, even alone. 

The country provides tourists with all types of activities and sites to explore. Its nightlife offers cheap drinks. You can visit the Krka National Park and the Plitvice Lakes.

18. Spain

Barcelona Spain MSN
Image Credit: fazon1/DepositPhotos.

Spain showcases some of the most stunning sights you’ll ever see. Seville and Barcelone both seem to be designed for solo travel with an easy-to-navigate transport system. 

If you opt for Sevilla, go the simple route and visit traditional sites like the La Giralda Towers and Catedral de Sevilla. If you want something down-low, visit the Alameda de Hercules Park downtown to watch the sunset. 

19. Iceland

Town of Borgarnes in Iceland MSN
Image Credit: Rhombur/DepositPhotos.

Iceland is the safest country in the world, with a low crime rate, low pollution level, and an excellent public health system. All these factors make the country a great place for solo travelers. 

Nature enthusiasts call Iceland “The Land of Fire and Ice,” considering the country’s rich natural resources, from caves and volcanoes to waterfalls and beaches. Visit Reykjavik, the country’s capital, along with the popular tourist spot Laugarvatn Fontana.

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