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Don’t Buy the Cheap Versions of These 20 Items

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Being frugal is never a crime—it’s actually great as it means you’re smart with your financial decisions. However, not everything you buy has to be cheap. 

It might seem practical to buy the cheapest items, but they’re not beneficial in the long run. The most affordable product may have poor quality, which does not last long.

When you buy something, make sure you can use it for a long time. That way, you make the most out of your purchase. To help you, we gathered a list of products to invest in. 

1. Shoes

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Buying shoes is an investment. While there are plenty of cheap shoe brands available, they usually have a poor price-quality ratio. For example, they can lack sturdiness and aren’t always comfortable.

Quality shoes are priced higher due to the craftsmanship and material cost, but they’re a good investment as they’re comfortable and durable. High-quality shoes can last multiple years and provide comfort as you wear them.

2. Mattress

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While often neglected, quality sleep is a must. As you improve the quality of your room, you might want to add a superior mattress to give you the best sleep possible.

A high-quality mattress improves your spinal health because you can maintain proper posture. Be careful with the type of mattress you purchase, as it’ll depend on your preference. You can choose a firm, medium, or soft mattress. 

3. Appliances

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Home appliances can get expensive, especially since they’re in every part of your home. You might need a fridge for your kitchen or a television for your living room. With that, you might feel inclined to buy cheap. 

However, with appliances, you should never buy the cheapest product available. A high-quality appliance provides better service and longevity. They also give you consistent service as they’re less likely to slow down after a few weeks.

4. Furniture

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Obviously, your home needs furniture. You’ll need tables, chairs, bed, and dressers. With the amount of furniture your home demands, you might want to look for cheap options. However, this is something you shouldn’t do.

Cheap furniture usually means poor-quality materials. You might need to buy more if they break after a few months. We have a high-quality couch, which we’ve been using for the past ten years and can easily use for ten more.

5. Car Seat

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Never buy a cheap car seat, especially a second-hand one. It’s not worth it to risk your child’s safety for a few extra bucks. Invest in top-tier car seats, even if they’re costly.

A cheap car seat might not provide the protection your vehicle needs. While second-hand branded car seats are an affordable option, they’re not ideal. Those hand-me-downs might have already gotten into an accident, so they might be damaged.

6. Lightbulbs

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Incandescent bulbs are cheaper than LED bulbs, but they often result in a higher electricity bill.

LED bulbs are more expensive but more cost-effective in terms of power consumption. These lightbulbs focus on light production rather than heat, unlike other bulbs. I’ve switched to LED bulbs years ago and never looked back since.

7. Tools

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Creating your furniture can help you save money for home improvements. However, if you’re not using the right and quality materials, you might spend more than you can save.

High-end tools allow you to craft the perfect wooden items. You don’t have to worry about its strength and capability as it uses the best materials to complete the job.

8. Knives

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Kitchen work requires you to use plenty of tools and utensils. You need to choose the right kind of knife, and not just in terms of price.

A high-quality knife has a sharp edge, perfect for slicing any ingredient. A poor-quality knife, however, dulls quickly and catches rust. With the finest knife (think ceramic, stainless steel, or carbon steel), you can have a sharp knife for years to come.

9. Batteries

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Although they’re disposable, it’s not wise to opt for the cheapest batteries. Yes, fine batteries are more expensive, but they’re the best choice for a reason. A good battery lasts longer and is less likely to leak.

I once bought a cheap battery, and it leaked through my remote. Not only did it ruin a good remote, but I also had the battery fluid all over me. Now that I only buy quality batteries, I don’t have to deal with leaks.

10. Wall Paint

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The right paint for your house can be tricky to find. Apart from the right color, you also have to choose a brand with great quality. Poor-quality paint gets chipped and fades easily.

Good wall paint has an opaque coating. Some paint brands even repel dust to give your home a cleaner look. It might be costly, but it’ll benefit your home in the long run. 

11. Laptop

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Laptops are generally expensive. While cheaper alternatives exist, you might have to pay more than its base cost after a few months.

Some companies offer low laptop prices because they compromise on battery life. Since cheap laptops quickly drain their battery, you’ll need to charge it every few hours and replace its battery often. Invest in a quality laptop to avoid the hassle (and expense) of constant replacements.

12. Tires

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Tires don’t last forever. It can be costly to replace them, but purchasing cheap tires can lead to some scary situations. High-quality car tires cost more upfront, but they’re worth every penny.

Poor-quality tires can literally put your life at risk. We went skiing last February, and we bought second-hand tires. Once we were not even halfway, one of our tires blew out on the German highway (going 150 miles per hour). It was a pretty scary situation. We could’ve saved trouble if we would’ve spent a few extra bucks on new, high-quality tires.

13. Soap

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Even if soap is consumable, you shouldn’t purchase the cheapest product on the market. Low-cost soaps are usually less concentrated, which forces you to buy more as they don’t clean effectively. With high-concentrated soap, you only need one pump, and your hands are good to go. 

This applies to dish soap, body wash, and shampoo, too—a little goes a long way when you invest in quality.

14. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
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We’ve all been there: You buy the mega-pack of toilet paper because you’ll get a bulk discount. A week later, you realize you need half a roll to get the job done. Even if economical toilet paper saves a bit of cash, they’re less cost-efficient as you’ll use more.

Cheap toilet paper only has 1-ply, which is extremely thin. You’ll have to use twice the amount to get a comfortable thickness. It’s more inconvenient and expensive.

15. Bags

Designer Bags
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A bag is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. But if the latest trendy bags aren’t your thing, prioritize quality bags with durable materials.

Cheap bags can rip quickly, especially with daily use. A quality bag certainly lasts longer. I purchased an expensive yet sturdy bag, and it’s been with me for almost 4 years (with daily usage).

16. Helmet

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Don’t be cheap when it comes to your safety. A helmet keeps your head protected in case of accidents. While top-tier helmets are expensive, choose them to stay safe on the road. 

Budget helmets are affordable for a reason: They use low-grade materials. Quality helmets use sturdy materials to give you maximum protection.

17. Kitchen Pans

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Cheap pans, like knives, should be made from quality materials to function properly. It’s where you cook your food, after all.

Poorly constructed pans are a health hazard. They break easily and have questionable coatings that may flake off into your food. With a high-quality pan, you’re guaranteed quality cookware for years as it’s made from the best materials. 

18. Wi-Fi Routers

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All households need a strong Wi-Fi signal. That’s why poor-quality devices are a waste of money; your housemates or family members rely on Wi-Fi to work, chat, and play.

A low-cost router works but won’t maximize your internet plan. It’s slow, unreliable, and inconvenient. I know I certainly get very frustrated when the Wi-Fi is slow. A top-notch Wi-Fi router, on the other hand, makes sure your connection runs smoothly and efficiently.

19. Trash Bags

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Trash bags are disposable, so most people often buy the cheapest ones. However, budget-friendly trash bags are a mess to deal with.

A cheap plastic bag is flimsy and thin. Even the tiniest movements rip the entire bag apart. I once purchased cheap plastic bags and was disappointed with how my trash was on full display with the see-through bag. Now, I buy recycled bags that are more sturdy.

20. Undergarments 

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Invest in good quality undergarments. Even if they’re for private use, the comfort they’ll bring your body will be worth it. 

Good underwear gives you ease and comfort. A quality bra, for example, provides the right support, which reduces backache and results in a cleaner look. Plus, the quality materials are long-lasting.

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