10 Dangerous Countries to Avoid at All Costs, and 5 Countries to Visit Instead

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When setting up your travel itinerary, it is always best to stay safe. One way to stay safe is to avoid certain countries that may be dangerous to you. These countries could have war, be dangerous to certain types of tourists, have lots of poverty, or even have a high homicide rate. In any case, it is best to avoid them at all costs. 

If you need some better countries, here are 5 countries you may haven’t considered visiting. They are not dangerous and could make a great story when visiting them. 

1. South Sudan

South Sudan
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A country riddled with civil war, poverty, and political unrest is what describes the situation in South Sudan. The country has had many different military coups, and people have been displaced, with many refugees leaving to go elsewhere. This is one location that should be avoided at all costs. 

2. Syria

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A country with political unrest has left many of the places destroyed by the ongoing conflict. People have fled, and the situation does not seem to be easing. Terrorist organizations have power within the country, and it is not safe for many people to visit. 

3. Yemen

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As the ongoing civil war continues, Yemen is one country to avoid. Famine is widespread within the country. The militants and government clashes have destroyed infrastructure. It is just another unstable region to visit. 

4. Ukraine

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Ukraine used to be a lovely country to visit, but with the unknown of missiles bombing different cities, it can be hard to know where it is safe. The ongoing conflict with Russia is just one thing to avoid if you want to visit this magnificent country. One day, when the conflict ends, make sure to put Ukraine on your list. 

5. Afghanistan

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The lack of security within Afghanistan makes it a most dangerous place to visit. With terrorist groups roaming, lack of infrastructure, lack of stability, and many other things make it a country that is super dangerous. The low level of instability and security is the main reason you leave this country off your list. 

6. Iraq

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Due to the many conflicts that have affected Iraq over the years, it is uncertain how this country will develop. The Islamic State and other terrorist groups are still roaming the vicinity. As some of these groups have left Syria, they are going back to their homes, which leaves many countries vulnerable, like Iraq. 

7. Libya

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When powerful leaders are overthrown, a vacuum is created for many people to grab power. Libya is still suffering from political instability after Gaddaffi’s overthrow. Many groups conflict trying to control Libya. It is best to avoid this North African Country. 

8. Somalia

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Somalia is known for piracy. As the ships go through the Somali Basin, there is the potential for pirates from Somalia. It is unfortunate for this country to have political unrest, violence, and poverty that causes this once beautiful nation to be one to avoid. 

9. Myanmar

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Myanmar was once a country that many people visited. It was a bit cheaper than Thailand, which has similar attributes, but ever since the military coup happened, this country has been the most dangerous place to visit. The military has used landmines, small arms firing within populated areas, and other abuses. It is best to avoid and venture off to neighboring Thailand.

10. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso
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In West Africa sits a landlocked nation called Burkina Faso. It is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to the massive amount of jihadists killing people throughout the country. Lack of medical facilities, political instability, and many armed conflicts make the list of countries to avoid.

5 Countries to Visit Instead

‎Tirana Albania
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Many of these countries should be on your list to avoid, but what countries should you go to instead? Of course, many people flock to Western Europe for Italian food, French cuisine, and Mediterranean beaches, but what about those less visited countries? Here are 5 you should put on your list.

1. Albania

Ksamil, Albania
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Greece is a magnificent country to visit. This is one reason to visit: tons of islands and crystal blue water are off the coast. Albania is basically like Greece, but cheaper and less touristy. The capital, Tirana, has a mix of Ottoman-era architecture with modern buildings. The streets are full of trendy cafes and Albanese cuisine. The infrastructure may not be like Greece, but you can visit many beautiful beaches, see resorts, visit the Albania Alps, and enjoy a great gem on the Mediterranean. 

2. Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Georgia may be a smaller country, but this tiny destination boasts many incredible things. It has fantastic views from the Caucasus mountains, beautiful beaches along the Black Sea, and mouthwatering cuisine. A visit to the capital, Tbilisi, should be on your list, as its old town and history make for a great story. It is hard to pass up this country. 

3. Slovenia

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Slovenia, a once-lost country in the Yugoslovania state, is a beautiful gem. The people are super friendly, and the scenery of the Alps and great lakes, such as Lake Bled, make a great place to visit. The cost of visiting is surprisingly affordable, so make it an adventure and stay for a while. Many may want to visit Italy, but Slovenia is a gem to see and explore. 

4. Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador.
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South America is full of wonderful places to visit, such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. Ecuador is often forgotten on this list of amazing countries. It has the Pacific Ocean with beach towns, the Andes mountains for scenery, and even the Amazon rainforest. The people are super friendly, the country is affordable, and it is recognized as one of the best places for Americans to retire. It is time to put Ecuador on your travel list. 

5. Kyrgyzstan

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Are you looking for a beautiful and friendly nation of people? Look no further than Kyrgyzstan. It is a country full of natural beauty with mountains, crystal blue lakes, and rolling plains that make your jaw drop. The people are super friendly as well. It is a win-win, and hurry before tourism starts to pick up on this Central Asian gem. 

Be Careful Where You Travel

Lake Bled
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There are many countries in the world to visit. Those that are on everyone’s bucket list, and those that should be avoided. Hopefully, this list of dangerous countries and gems can help you create a great itinerary for your next adventure. 

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