12 Crazy Laws That California Just Made Causing Residents To Leave in Droves

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When it comes to crazy and weird laws, California won’t disappoint. People of the city of Los Angeles, the second most populous city in the US, are leaving the city in droves due to these outrageous laws.

These laws have caused quite a stir, and many residents question their logic. This article will discuss 12 crazy laws in California that have made residents pack their bags and leave the state.

So, whether you want to move to California or are just curious about its laws, keep reading—you might find something interesting!

1. Women Can’t Drive Wearing Housecoats

woman driving
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In California, a new law says women are not allowed to drive if they’re wearing housecoats. It might sound strange, but it’s true. The idea behind this law isn’t apparent, and many people find it odd.

This rule is one of those unique laws that make you wonder why it was even considered.

It’s causing a lot of talk among residents, with some finding it amusing and others seeing it as just another peculiar regulation they must follow.

2. You Can’t Hunt Moths

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Who hunts moths anyway? Well, in California, you’re not allowed to. It’s one of the wackiest laws on this list. Some people believe it was made to protect the environment, while others just find it absurd.

Nevertheless, if you plan on going moth-hunting, do it in the daytime because it’s illegal after 6 pm. You can’t hunt them under streetlights either, so be warned.

So it’s better to leave the little guys alone and let them fly around in peace.

3. You Can’t Fly Kites High Above 10 Feet

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If you are from Walnut, you may want to think twice before flying a kite. The law states that no one can fly a kite above 10 feet high in this city.

While it may seem an excellent way to avoid tangled strings and accidents, this law is still pretty strange and limits kite-flying fun.

Ten feet is not even higher than the roof of a regular garage! So, how can flying a kite at such a low height be fun? This is what it is – you must follow this law if you’re in Walnut.

4. You Can’t Wear Cowboy Boots Unless You Own Cows

cowboy boots
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Are you from Blythe? If you are, you might already know you have to own two or more cows to be able to wear cowboy boots in this city.

This rule might have been made to ensure that people who wear cowboy boots actually have some practical use for them and are not just following a trend.

It’s also a way to protect the traditional ranching culture, but it’s a bit odd because wearing something is a choice, and not allowing someone to wear something is just taking away their freedom of expression.

4. You Can’t Have More Than Two Dogs and Cats in San Jose

Dogs and Accessories
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Yes, you read that right – in San Jose, you are not allowed to have more than two dogs and two cats in your household. This law was put into place to control the number of pets per household and prevent overcrowding and neglect.

While it may seem like a good idea for animal welfare, it can also be challenging for pet owners who want more furry friends.

Getting a permit for additional pets still makes sense, but it’s quite a hassle to go through bureaucratic processes just to have more animals in your home.

5. You Can be Fined $250 if You Don’t Remove Christmas Lights Before 2 February

Christmas Lights
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In San Diego, it is mandatory to take down Christmas lights before 2 February. If you fail to do so, you can be fined up to $250. This law was put in place to prevent potential fire hazards and keep the city looking tidy after the holiday season.

While it may seem like a strange rule, it’s essential to prioritize safety and cleanliness for the community. So, if you are planning to move to San Diego, California, make sure to take down those Christmas lights on time!

6. You Can’t Wash Your Neighbours Car Without Their Permission

washing car
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In Los Angeles, washing someone else’s car without their permission is illegal. This law was implemented to prevent strangers from entering private property and potentially causing damage to vehicles.

While it may seem like a strange law, it is necessary for privacy and protection reasons. So, if you are planning to be nice and surprise your neighbor with a clean car, make sure to ask for their permission first.

7. You Can’t Carry Bakery Products in Hand or Exposed Containers

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This one is bizarre – if you are from San Francisco, you are not allowed to carry bakery products in your hand or in exposed containers. This includes bread, cakes, and pastries.

The reasoning behind this law dates back to the 1800s when food spills on the streets caused a significant rat problem. The law was put in place to prevent rats from being attracted to any exposed food items.

8. You Can’t Walk an Elephant on the Streets Unless it has a Leash

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Who owns an elephant, and even if someone owns it, why would they walk it on the street? Well, in California, specifically San Francisco, this is a law.

The city ordinance states that anyone walking an elephant on the streets must have a leash attached. So, if you own an elephant and plan to move to San Francisco, get a leash first!

9. You Can’t Whistle for Lost Canaries After 7 pm

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In Berkeley, California, it is illegal to whistle for lost canaries after 7 pm. This law was put into place so the peacefulness in the neighborhood would not be disturbed by whistling late at night.

This may seem ridiculous, but it is essential to respect and consider the well-being of your neighbors, even if it means not being able to whistle for your lost pet after a particular time.

10. You Can’t Walk a Camel

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In Palm Springs, California, there’s a law that might make you do a double take—you’re not allowed to walk a camel down the street.

If you have a camel, you’ll need to find another way to exercise it because taking it for a stroll in public is off-limits.

This unusual rule is one of those quirky laws that add to the unique character of the area, leaving many people scratching their heads and wondering, “Why camels?”

11. You Can’t Host a Bingo Game

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Hosting a bingo game might sound like a fun idea for your next party, but you’d be surprised to learn that it’s actually not allowed in some places.

Depending on where you live, setting up a bingo night at your house could get you into trouble, especially if money is involved.

This law exists because bingo can sometimes be considered a form of gambling. So, before you start calling out “B-12” or “G-55,” checking your local laws is a good idea to avoid any unexpected issues.

12. You Can’t Curse While Playing Mini Golf in Long Beach

mini golf
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There’s a unique rule for mini-golf enthusiasts in Long Beach, California – no cursing allowed while playing. That’s right, if you’re enjoying a game of mini-golf, you need to keep your language clean.

This law ensures that mini-golf remains a family-friendly activity. So, remember to watch your words, whether you miss an easy shot or get frustrated by a tricky hole.

Keeping the atmosphere positive and respectful makes the game enjoyable for everyone involved.

Some Crazy Laws in California

San Francisco
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As you can see, California has some crazy laws that make people leave the state. But this is not it – they still introduce new rules every year! It’s always important to stay informed about the local laws of any place you visit or live in. You never know when a quirky law might catch you off guard. So, next time you plan a trip to California, do your research and avoid any unexpected surprises.

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