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17 Beautiful Places That Pay You to Move There

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Imagine living in a place that welcomes you with open arms and pays you to move there. Countries worldwide roll out programs that offer cash incentives and unmatched support to anyone ready to embark on an exciting new journey.

Various factors drive this global trend, such as the need to combat the decline in rural populations, attract skilled workers, and infuse local economies with diversity. Some countries recognize that internal growth may not be enough to replenish their old populations or revitalize their economies.

With many options available, we have curated a list for your convenience. Here, we feature places with programs that ease your transition to a new home.

1. Greece

Samos, Greece
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Greece experiences a steady decrease in its population. The country aims to attract residents to stabilize and boost its economy. Although no official national scheme exists, several Greek cities compensate residents for residing there. 

For instance, the island of Antikythera disburses nearly $530 monthly for the initial three years, which amounts to around $19,100. However, this program primarily focuses on families rather than individuals.

2. Chile

Historical site in Santiago Chile MSN
Image Credit: MaciejBledowski/DepositPhotos.

Chile offers the Startup Chile program to attract entrepreneurs to South America. The initiative provides funding which ranges from $14,000 to $80,000. 

The amount depends on your business’s phase, whether it’s launch or growth. The Female Founding Factor initiative makes even more funding available for female-led businesses. Participants also gain access to co-working spaces and receive a two-year visa.

3. Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan river in Saskatchewan, Canada
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Saskatchewan, Canada, has a unique incentive program for individuals considering relocation. Under the Graduate Retention Program (GRP), graduates from approved post-secondary institutions can benefit from a substantial tuition rebate. The rebate amount can reach up to $20,000.

The incentive is provided to attract graduates to live and work in Saskatchewan. To be eligible, applications must be made within seven years of graduation. The GRP incentive then comes in the form of a tax credit when you file.

4. Legrad, Croatia 

Zlatni-Rat-Beach, Croatia
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In an attempt to counter population decline due to urban migration, Legrad, Croatia, now offers houses for just 1 Kuna (about $0.16). However, significant renovation efforts are likely needed. The Croatian government contributes $4,000 towards renovation costs, which illustrates a concerted effort to revive the village. 

Eligible participants must be under 40, financially stable, and possess a college degree. A commitment to register as a resident in Legrad within three years is a crucial eligibility criterion. It binds beneficiaries to the village’s future.

5. United Arab Emirates

Dubai Skyline United Arab Emirates MSN
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a major global business center, which offers long-term visas to investors, entrepreneurs, and select professionals. With its tax-free living appeal, the UAE seeks to draw international talent and companies to enhance economic diversification.

The country’s corporate tax framework benefits growth, imposing a 0% rate on mainland licensed businesses’ incomes up to AED 375,000 (around $102,000). Any income beyond this threshold is taxed at a competitive 9% corporate tax. This advantageous tax policy underscores the UAE’s dedication to broadening its economic landscape.

6. Sicily, Italy 

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Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest island, faces a declining population. The country offers houses in towns like Sambuca di Sicilia and Troina for as low as $1.21 to inject new life into the community. The strategy aims to restore and enhance the island’s cultural vibrancy.

New owners must finance the home renovation. They must also secure the state with a $6,000 deposit, refundable after renovation is done. The town of Petralia Soprana joins the effort as they offer $5,420 to those who settle there permanently.

7. United Kingdom

Big Ben in London England MSN
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The United Kingdom has incredible natural beauty and dynamic urban centers that attract people worldwide. The country aims to resolve its significant teacher shortage, with recruitment reaching just 59% of its target for the 2022-2023 period. 

To attract educators, England provides a £10,000 bonus (around $12,500) to those ready to move. Candidates must hold a teaching qualification recognized in England and agree to teach there for a set duration to qualify.

8. New York, USA

Empire State Building in New York City MSN
Image Credit: ventdusud/Depositphotos.

The USA, specifically cities like Rochester, New York, tempts newcomers to settle there with up to $10,000 in relocation incentives and up to $9,000 in additional homebuyer grants. This enticing grant aims to draw individuals with full-time remote work to boost the local economy through residency. 

To qualify, applicants must secure a full-time remote job, be over 18, and relocate to Rochester within six months of approval. Rochester focuses on thriving industries such as manufacturing and health imaging and seeks to attract professionals in these sectors.

9. Austria

Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria MSN
Image Credit: photorezacpavel/Depositphotos.

Austria proposes the Red-White-Red Card Program, which offers third-country nationals from non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss areas the opportunity for fixed-term residency and unrestricted access to the labor market, whether as an employee or self-employed. Participants can work for any employer within the country.

The program facilitates a visa for living and working in Austria and promotes integration into the Austrian economy. Austria’s abundant job opportunities create significant opportunities for citizens from developing countries. This initiative stems from Austria’s need to sustain its industrial and economic growth within the country, with many employers offering relocation bonuses to pay you to move there.

10. Iceland

Town of Borgarnes in Iceland MSN
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Iceland presents a unique opportunity in the University of Iceland’s Start-up and Entrepreneurship Centre. The initiative offers an environment for students and staff to work on their innovative ideas within the country free of charge.

The nation’s robust infrastructure and rapidly expanding economy create an ideal business environment. This program aims to develop a lasting entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iceland.

11. Alaska, USA

Anchorage, Alaska
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Alaska draws new residents through the allure of the Alaska Permanent Fund, a unique initiative set up in 1976 to distribute the state’s oil revenues among its people. Each year, residents receive dividends just for making Alaska their home.

The payout each individual receives fluctuates, reflecting the fund’s annual performance. These dividends serve as a direct share of the state’s natural resource wealth. This financial incentive positions Alaska as an attractive destination for those considering a new place to live.

12. Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland MSN
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Switzerland, particularly the Albinen village, had a population decrease of less than 250 people. To combat this, the local government offers substantial financial incentives for families willing to move there. 

Upon relocation, adults receive up to 25,000 Swiss francs (approximately $27,000), and children qualify for up to 10,000 francs (around $11,000). However, applicants must either be Swiss nationals or hold a permanent residency permit. They must also commit to purchase and reside in a local property as their main home for at least ten years.

13. Vermont, USA

Burlington, Vermont Skyline
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Vermont’s Worker Relocation Incentive Program offers a financial incentive to encourage workers to move to the state. The program provides grants of up to $7,500 for new employees who relocate to Vermont for a job within the state. It also extends to remote workers who choose to move to Vermont while working for an out-of-state employer.

This initiative is for all occupations and is used to address labor needs across various sectors. Potential applicants and employers stand to benefit from this support, making Vermont an attractive place for both work and residence.

14. Portugal

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Portugal intends to boost its inland regions through the Emprego Interior MAIS program. It offers direct financial support to workers who move to the countryside to work. This support amounts to $3,106, with an additional 20% for each member of the household (up to a limit of $1,552). There is also support for the cost of moving, up to a limit of $1,035.

The program encourages relocation to Portugal for its commendable work-life balance and high-quality living standards, appealing to remote workers. To qualify, applicants must commit to living in the approved region for at least one year.

15. Minnesota, USA

Mall of America in Minnesota MSN
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The Harmony Economic Development Authority (EDA) in Minnesota encourages new home construction and renovation with a cash rebate program. Participants building new homes or remodeling rundown structures are eligible for rebates from $1,500 to $20,000. This initiative applies to both specific model homes and custom-built residences.

Applicants face no restrictions based on age, income, or residency, making the program widely accessible. Rebate amounts vary and are determined by the added taxable value the property brings to the town. The program wants to boost community growth by increasing Harmony’s housing stock and is available until funds are depleted or the city concludes the initiative.

16. Ponga, Spain

Asturias, Spain
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Ponga Village in Spain actively seeks new residents to increase its population and offers financial incentives for those willing to move there. The town awards up to $3,300 to families with children and up to $2,200 to single individuals or couples without children.

Additionally, the village grants an extra $3,850 for each child born to a family in Ponga. People must agree to live in Ponga for a minimum of five years to qualify for this offer. This initiative aims to boost the local economy by enlarging the community.

17. Oklahoma, USA

Tulsa Oklahoma
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The Tulsa Remote program in Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides $10,000 cash and additional benefits to attract remote workers to the city. This initiative seeks to enhance Tulsa’s vibrant community and contribute to its economic growth. 

Eligibility for the program requires that applicants are 18 years or older, able to work in the US, and can move to Tulsa within six months. Beyond the monetary incentive, the program also offers access to coworking spaces, fostering a collaborative environment within Tulsa’s thriving professional scene. 

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