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20 Items At Sam’s Club That Are Not Worth Picking Up

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Shopping at Sam’s Club can feel like hitting the jackpot, with its massive aisles filled with everything from groceries to electronics.

But not everything on those shelves is a great deal. Some items aren’t worth picking up, even if they seem like a bargain.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 20 products that might not be the best value for your money at Sam’s Club.

Whether because of price, quality, or quantity, we’ve got the scoop on what to skip next time you’re cruising through the warehouse.

1. Pre-packaged Salad Mixes

Pre-packaged Salad Mixes
Credit: littleny /Depositphotos

Pre-packaged salad mixes at Sam’s Club might look convenient, but they’re not always a good deal. These salads often cost more per ounce than buying whole vegetables and making the salad yourself.

Also, they can go bad quickly, leading to wasted food and money. It’s usually cheaper and fresher to buy the veggies separately and chop them up for your salad at home. Plus, you get to pick precisely what you like.

2. Bulk Spices

Credit: BrunoWeltmann/Depositphotos

Buying spices in bulk might seem smart, but often, you don’t use them fast enough, and spices lose their flavor over time.

When you buy big containers, much of them might go to waste because they go stale before you can use them all.

It’s better to buy smaller amounts that you’ll use up while they’re still fresh and tasty. This way, your food always gets the best flavor, and you save money by not wasting spices.

3. Large Packages of Fresh Produce

grocery shopping
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Buying big packages of fresh fruits and vegetables at Sam’s Club can be tempting, but it’s not always wise. These large amounts can be hard to finish before they spoil, leading to waste.

If you’re not feeding many people or using many recipes quickly, buying smaller amounts is better. This way, you use all your produce while it’s still fresh and avoid throwing money and food away.

4. Electronics Extended Warranties

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Buying extended warranties for electronics at Sam’s Club might feel like a safe choice, but often, it’s not worth the extra cash. Many products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that already covers the basics.

Plus, electronics tend to be reliable; if something goes wrong, it usually happens early on or after the extended warranty has expired. Save your money and skip the extra warranty. Most of the time, you won’t need it.

5. Big Bags of Chips

Credit: Depositphotos

Big bags of chips from Sam’s Club might seem like a great deal because you get so much. But the truth is, they can go stale before you finish them.

These giant bags aren’t the best choice if you’re not having a party or don’t eat chips very often.

Buying smaller bags that you can finish while they’re still fresh and crunchy is smarter. This way, you enjoy every bite and don’t waste any.

6. Pre-Made Bakery Items

Pre-Made Bakery Items
Credit: NewAfrica/Depositphotos

Sam’s Club has a tempting selection of pre-made bakery items, from cakes to cookies. However, buying these can be costly and unhealthy in the long run.

Often, these items are high in sugar and preservatives, leading to health issues down the road.

It’s better to make your baked goods at home using fresh ingredients. This way, you control what goes into them and save money in the long run.

7. Canned Goods

Canned food_TaniaLerro
credits: TaniaLerro/depositphotos

Canned goods are one of the most popular items at Sam’s Club, but they’re not always the best deal. While you may save money per unit, you have to think about the expiration dates.

If you don’t use them before they expire, you’ll waste money and food. Instead, buy smaller quantities at your regular grocery store and use them up before they go bad. You’ll save money and reduce food waste.

8. Name-brand Cereals

credits: depositphotos

The difference between name-brand cereals and generic ones is the price tag and packaging.

Save yourself some money and go for store-brand cereals. They’re often made in the same factory as the name-brand ones with similar ingredients.

So don’t go for bright and flashy packaging. Opt for the more budget-friendly option.

9. Frozen Seafood

How to start a frozen business in Nigeria

Next, we have frozen seafood, a convenient and affordable option at Sam’s Club. However, it is important to read the label and check for added preservatives or sodium levels.

Seafood has a short shelf life, so it’s best to buy it fresh and freeze it yourself. Also, make sure to compare prices with your local seafood market to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

10. Bulk Coffee Pods

pod coffee
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Buying coffee pods in bulk from Sam’s Club sounds like a good deal if you drink a lot of coffee. But think about it. Do you need so many at once? Coffee pods have a shelf life, and their taste can worsen.

If you’re not drinking them fast enough, they might not taste as good later. It’s smarter to buy just enough that you know you’ll use while they’re still fresh and tasty.

11. Oversized Condiment Bottles

credits: belchonock/depositphotos

Grabbing those huge bottles of ketchup or mustard from Sam’s Club might seem like a bargain, but it’s not always the best move. If you’re not using tons of condiments regularly, they can take forever to finish.

Over time, the taste and quality can drop before you even get to the bottom of the bottle. Buying smaller sizes ensures your condiments always taste fresh, and you don’t waste space or money on more than you need.

12. Generic Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies
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While it’s good to go generic regarding pantry items, the same can’t always be said for cleaning supplies.

Some store brands have lower-quality ingredients and may not work well or last longer than name-brand options. It’s important to read reviews and research before purchasing generic cleaning supplies in bulk.

13. Multi-pack Water Bottles

water bottles
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Picking up multi-pack water bottles from Sam’s Club might look like a smart choice for staying hydrated. However, if you think about it, it’s not always practical. These big packs can take up a lot of space at home.

Plus, reusable water bottles are better for the environment and your wallet in the long run. You’ll cut down on waste and save money by not constantly buying new packs of water bottles.

14. Large Boxes of Snack Bars

snack bars NewAfrica
credits: NewAfrica/depositphotos

It’s cheaper to buy a big box of your favorite snack bars, right? While that may be true regarding cost per bar, it’s not always the best option.

If you won’t eat all of them before they expire, it’s better to buy smaller boxes or individual bars.

This way, you can enjoy the freshest taste and avoid wasting money on expired or stale bars.

15. Bulk Candy

candies woodkern cropped
credits: woodkern/depositphotos

Like snack bars, buying bulk candy may seem like a good idea because of the lower cost per unit. But if you’re not planning to host a party or share with a large group, buying smaller portions is better.

Eating too much candy can lead to health problems, and buying in bulk just encourages overindulgence. Plus, you will soon get bored of the same candy, so buying smaller portions and switching up your treats is better.

16. Pet Food in Massive Bags

dog food
Credit: Depositphotos

While stocking up on pet food is a good idea, buying huge bags may not be the best choice.

Firstly, these big bags can be difficult to store and take up a lot of space in your home.

Secondly, if your pet’s health needs change or they develop food allergies, you’ll be stuck with a large amount of food that no longer suits their dietary requirements.

So, buy in moderation and keep your pet’s health and storage space in mind.

17. Office Supplies

Credit: Depositphotos

Sam’s Club has great deals on office supplies, but do you really need 100 pens or a dozen staplers?

Unless you’re running a business or have a large family that constantly needs stationery, buying smaller quantities is better. This way, you won’t be drowning in unnecessary supplies and can save money by not overbuying.

18. Pre-cut Fruit and Vegetables

cut fruit
Credit: edu1971/Depositphotos

It’s common sense not to buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables if you have the time and ability to chop them yourself. These pre-cut options are usually marked up at a higher price when you can easily do it at home.

Plus, these pre-cut fruits and veggies don’t last very long due to their exposure, so it’s better to buy fresh and cut them yourself when needed.

19. Individual Soda Cans or Bottles

credits: scratchet/depositphotos

Buying individual soda cans or bottles might make it convenient to grab a quick drink. However, if you often enjoy soda, it can get expensive and create more waste.

In contrast, getting a multipack from a place like Sam’s Club can save you money and reduce the number of trips to the store. It’s a more intelligent choice for both your budget and the planet, especially if soda is a regular treat for you.

20. Big Packs of Paper Towels

Toilet Paper
Credit: Depositphotos

And lastly, paper towels. Buying the biggest pack available may seem like a good idea, but think about your usage and storage space before doing so.

If you live alone or in a small household, it may take months to go through that giant pack of paper towels.

Consider buying smaller packs or opting for reusable cleaning cloths instead. This saves you money in the long run and reduces your environmental impact.

Not All Deals Are a Good Bargain

Bargain Hunting
Credit: Depositphotos

Not everything you see in Sam’s Club is a good bargain. Consider your needs, usage, and storage space before making bulk purchases. Remember to also compare prices with other stores and always check the unit price to ensure you get the best deal. Be smart and strategic with your shopping, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your budget.

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