How to use Keystone Bank Transfer Code For Mobile Banking [2023]

With the Keystone Bank Transfer Code, there are no more worries about always going to the bank before completing simple tasks. This article will guide you on Keystone Bank USSD Code for Mobile Banking.

All of your account management and transfer will be completed using your phone at your convenience with the keystone bank transfer code.

Keystone Bank Limited has remained dedicated to providing all Nigerian citizens with a seamless and excellent banking experience via USSD Code *7111#. The Keystone Bank Transfer Code for Mobile Banking is *7111#.

It’s a quick, safe, and inexpensive way to conduct business. 247 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service does not require an internet connection.

You may transfer money, top up your phones, and check your account balance with the keystone transfer code.

These codes are compatible with many mobile phone networks, including Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel.

You must use a phone number registered with Keystone Bank to make these transactions. This means that if you have a keystone account, your phone number must be linked.

What Are The Benefits Of Keystone Mobile Banking

Keystone Bank has implemented a USSD service (*7111#) to enhance financial inclusion as part of its overall strategy.

This service allows all Keystone Bank customers to do financial transactions at their convenience, irrespective of the type of mobile device they use. Keystone mobile banking is speedy and secure. Not only that, but it is also simple to use; anybody can operate it.

  • It is simple, quick, and straightforward to use, putting convenience at the client’s fingers. Roaming is possible with the USSD application. While a user is not connected to their home
  • Network, the USSD program can still function.
  • There is no need for an internet connection because the GSM network controls everything.
  • Keystone mobile banking is accessible seven (7) days a week and twenty-four (24) hours a day.
  • It relieves you of the burden of standing in a queue at the bank.

How to activate Keystone bank transfer code

Follow the steps below to activate the Keystone bank transfer code on your SIM card:

  • Dail *7111# from your phone
  • Try a transaction from the menu (for example, press 1 to select ‘check balance’).
  • The option to register will now appear.
  • Select the ‘Register Option’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Enter your birth year.
  • Create a Transaction Pin for yourself.
  • The registration process has been successful.

How To Send Money Using Keystone Bank Transfer Code

You make a money transfer from one Keystone Bank account to another Keystone Bank account. Type *7111*Amount*Account Number# to make a payment.

For instance, to send N5000 to a particular account, dial *7111*5000*3052529796# on your phone. To finish your transaction, follow the directions displayed on your phone screen.

However, you will need to enter your 4-digit pin to complete your transactions. The transactions would not be successful if you did not enter the four-digit pin.

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How to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank to Other Bank

Follow the steps outlined below to transfer money from Keystone Bank to another bank.

  • Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number# from the phone number associated with your account,
  • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction and confirm it.
  • For example, dial *7111*10000*1234567890# to transfer N10,000 to a specific bank account in Nigerian.
Keystone bank transfer code

Keystone Money Transfer Charges and Limit

Commonly asked questions include: How much does sending money through keystone bank? The fee for a basic bank transfer is between 30 and 60 naira.

Keystone bank account transfers are less expensive than transfers to other banks, such as Unity bank, UBA, etc.

Using Keystone bank, money transfers are limited to a daily limit. You can use your keystone mobile banking account to send money up to 100,000 naira.

Beyond that, you will need to visit the banking hall and get advice from a cashier.

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How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance Using Your Phone

In the comfort of your own home, you may quickly check your bank balance. Check your bank balance by dialing *7111*1#.

There is a charge for this service, and you will receive an email with your account balance after it has been processed.

Checking your bank account balance is less stressful now that you don’t have to visit an ATM or the bank. This service usually comes with a 20-naira cost.

But use a phone number associated with a Keystone Bank account.

How Can I Buy Airtime With Keystone Bank USSD Short Code

Remember that you may always top up your account with more airtime if you run short. It is fast, safe, and secure. Depending on your preference, you can recharge your phone or buy airtime for someone else. His will be Keystone Bank account from your Keystone Bank account

Using your cellphone, dial *7111*amount#, and you will be able to recharge. To buy N500 airtime credit, you can dial *7111*500#.

Dial *7111*Amount*Phone Number# to recharge someone else’s phone with 1000 naira. For example, dial *7111*1000*1234567890#.

How to Open An Account With Keystone Bank With USSD Short Code

Opening an account online also has its negative side. When you open your keystone bank account online, endeavor to go to the bank to upgrade or complete all other details.

In addition, if you open a savings account without submitting your bank verification number (BVN), your account will be temporarily frozen until you provide your BVN. So this is also another disadvantage.

So, if you haven’t already done so, you should do so now at any bank.

  • Dial *7111# and wait for a response from the system to open a Keystone bank account over the phone.
  • Choose one of the options. If the phone number has not yet been linked to a keystone account, you will be presented with a fresh set of options.
  • To create an account, reply with 3.
  • Please enter your BVN if you forget your BVN, dial *565*0# on the phone number associated with it to retrieve it.

Your unique keystone bank account number will be delivered to your mailbox once you’ve completed the registration process.

How to Open a Keystone Bank Account Using Mobile App

You can also use the Keystone Bank mobile app to open an account.

  • With your android phone, go to Google Playstore – Search for “Keystone Mobile” in the search bar.
  • Click “Install” to download and install the Keystone mobile banking app.
  • After downloading, open the app on your phone or tablet to begin the process of creating an account.
  • Go to the “Open Account” option.
  • Open your keystone bank account by following the instructions.

How to Open a Keystone Bank Account Online (website)

  • On the company’s website, you can open a keystone bank account here
  • Upload a passport photograph of yourself.
  • Provide your BVN code. You could retrieve your 11-digit BVN by dialing *565*0# if you forgot it.
  • Other information, such as your first and last name, birth date, gender, email, address, and state, can also be included.
  • By checking this box, you confirm that you understand and agree to the terms of this agreement.
  • To finish the keystone online account registration, click “Generate Account Number.”
  • You will receive an email and a text message with your unique keystone savings account number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Who is eligible to make use of this service?

MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile customers enrolled with one of the four mobile network companies.

2. Can I use this service while traveling outside of the country?

If your phone number is roaming, you can conduct transactions within and outside Nigeria.

3. Does this service work on any device?

In this case, yes.

4. How safe is this service?

Keystone Bank’s first focus is always the safety and security of its customers. If you want to complete a transaction, you’ll need a PIN that only you will have access to.

5. Does this service Support more than one account?

Yes, the service is immediately linked to all of your retail accounts with the bank, allowing you to choose which account to use when making a purchase.

6. Will I be able to register for and utilize the *7111# service if I am not a regular user of Internet Banking and the Keystone Mobile App?

Yes, it is possible. However, we encourage you to enroll in all of our channels to get the most significant benefits from our digital products.

7. Why am I locked out?

If you input your PIN incorrectly three times, you will be permanently locked out of this service. You must seek help from the bank. What happens if I misplace my smartphone?

Please dial *7111*911# from any phone as soon as possible.

 Follow the on-screen instructions to close all of your Keystone Bank accounts, or call the bank  at 070020003000,

You can also send an email to or come into any of our branches.

Summary of Keystone Bank Transfer Codes

Transaction TypesKeystone Bank Transfer Codes
Bank Transfer*7111*Amount*Account Number#
Airtime for others*7111*Amount*Phone Number#
Airtime for yourself*7111*Amount#
Bills Payment*7111*2#
Check Account Balance*7111*1#

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