How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn- 2023

How can we even survive without data? Think about it: almost everything we do with our phones, laptops, and other gadgets is connected to the internet one way or another. In this post, I am going to tell you  How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn.

No matter how you try to economize, you must surely spend money buying data. Sometimes, you find yourself in an awkward position where you can’t buy data, or maybe you’re not financially disposed to buy one for yourself. 

In the course of this post, you’ll learn how to share data from mtn to mtn.

 If you have multiple devices using mtn sims, you’ll no longer need to buy data for all of them; 

You’ll simply share your existing data. Sounds cool, right? I’m going to teach you how to do it. 

How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn

Have you heard of the mtn Data gifting services?

Well is not your fault if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, your mind is probably more attached to more pressing needs.

For the fact you’re reading this, it means you actually do know about the mtn Data gifting services, it’s under these services that you’ll be able to share data from one mtn line to another without hitches. 

Provided you follow the processes I am going to teach you here, I promise you’ll be able to share data over and over again. 

I’ll not only teach you about sharing data alone, but I’ll also equally teach you how to buy data for a friend and how to request data from a friend using the code.

 Stay tuned as I take you through this journey.

MTN Data gifting is a service by mtn Nigeria that allows three major services namely 

   1. To transfer data from your available data balance to a friend or family member who’s also using mtn lines.

   2. To buy data for a friend or other mtn lines.

  3. And finally it equally allows you to request data from friends and family.

Now I’ve mentioned to you the three purposes of the mtn Data gifting services, this post is largely concentrated on the first option which is How to transfer data from one mtn sim to the other.

After we might have finished treating this topic, we’ll then briefly talk about numbers two and three.

How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn


How To Transfer MB From MTN To MTN Line With Code In 2023

Ok, I know by now you really want to know the codes, but chill, there are things I want you to understand before starting your mtn to mtn transfer of Data.

You need to know these things so you plan yourself better.

 I don’t want a situation where you are stranded and you want to complete a transaction only for mtn to tell you that you can’t complete the transaction because of one thing or the other.

 With that in mind, am going to list things you must do to ensure smooth data sharing

Take note of the following

  1. The minimum amount of data you must have in your account before sharing with a friend is 50 MB. If you have less than the stipulated amount, you’ll be unable to complete the transaction.
  2. The lowest amount of data you can share with a friend is 50 MB, so before you transfer data to a friend, ensure you have at least 50 MB in your data balance.
  3. The maximum amount of data that you can share with friends in a day is 1 GB. Once you share this amount, you’ll be ineligible to share any more data until the next day.
  4. You noticed that most times when you buy data, MTN gives you bonuses. I am sad to inform you that bonus data cannot be shared with friends; only the actual data paid for is shareable. With this, for example, if you buy 100 MB and are given an extra 50 MB as a bonus, only the 100 MB can be shared.
  5. Only four data bundle sizes are available for sharing: 50 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB, and 500 MB. This means that you can only gift these amounts of bundles to friends. Remember how we said the maximum you can share in a day is 1 GB? This means that if you want to give your friend 1 GB, you’ll have to send the 500MB twice.
  6. You’re only permitted to transfer data twice a day; after the first two transfers, you won’t be able to transfer again until the next day. So before you share with friends, you have to be sure of how much data you’re transferring.

Thank you for your patience so far. Now that we have seen this vital information, let’s now delve into the codes on how to transfer data from mtn to mtn.

How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn

There are 3 ways you can share data, they are; 

1. To access the MTN data-sharing services, dial *131#. 

You’ll see the data-sharing option on number 7. Click on it to open, and then select 1, which is the option for the transfer of data. 

Once you’ve done that, an option to enter the recipient number will appear. Enter the phone number you want to share data with correctly. 

Options for data amounts will appear: option 1 is for 50 MB, option 2 is for 100 MB, option 3 is for 200 MB, and option 4 is for 500 MB. After that, you send. 

If the transaction was successful, you will instantly receive a message indicating that you completed the transaction. 

For a simpler process, simply dial *131*7*1#; it will automatically take you to the place where you put the recipient’s number, making the process shorter. 

Dial *131* number*data amount# and send for a more direct process.

2. The second process is texting. To complete the process through text message, follow this step. Transfer (make room)Add the recipient’s phone number, then another (space) data amount, and send to 131.

3. And finally, the final process to share data from MTN to MTN is through the MTN app. Simply log in to your MTN app and follow the instructions.

Note: If you have questions on any of Data sharing, you can address it here

Now that we’ve discussed everything about mtn-to-mtn data sharing,  I remember I promised to discuss the other two services rendered by the mtn data gifting services. 

Let’s now briefly discuss how to buy data for a friend on mtn and how to request data from a friend.

How to buy data for a friend

With this service, you can buy data for a friend from your MTN line,

To buy any specific data for a friend, simply dial *131*7*2# on your mobile line and follow the instructions. Remember that you must have enough airtime to cover the cost of the data bundle you wish to purchase.

How to Request Information from a Friend

There are times you may be stranded and need a friend to rescue you. Don’t be bothered; MTN has got your back. You can simply request data from a friend by dialing *131*7*3#. Follow the instructions, and your data request will be sent to your friend.

Conclusion: How To Transfer MB From mtn to mtn

We’ve concluded this article on “How to Share Data From MTN to MTN.” I believe by now you can conveniently share data between MTN lines without any troubles.




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